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  1. As I stated on Flickr: Absolutely smashing. I've seen a lot of city layouts, but this beats them all. Keep up the good work, and, above all, keep clicking those bricks together!
  2. O my god, you're right! Ah, now you've spoiled all the fun! Yes, turns out I mistook them for a 2x3 angled tile.
  3. And it comes in a left and a right version. Hopefully, this will lead to other colours in the future, like with the 2x2 corner tile. Useful part.
  4. We love it. Ours as soon as it is released. Does that look like a new angled 2x3 tile in tan, on the carousel floor? Visible below the frog and the other animals. I don't recognise it.
  5. This looks fabulous. Looking at the size of the minifigs in the picture, the set does not look particularly small to me. I want it. I shall buy it. No matter what. It's mine. Mine, I say!
  6. A: 5-6-12 B: 6-3-4 C: 8-6-9 D: 3-9-7
  7. Well, if that's it... Meh. Keeping part of the figs a secret is a nice idea in general, but it better be something special in the future, in stead of ending in an anti-climax. It's all a matter of opinion, of course.
  8. Cheers, WhiteFang! We can't wait for these, there are so many great figs in this series.
  9. This looks brilliant, it really does. Great colours, lovely fa├žade and I think that black glass roof is terrific. Keep clicking those bricks together!
  10. Ah, that's why my search on "Kristel" on the page returned no results Keep up the good work.
  11. Well, it reminds me quite a lot of Kristel's Coveted Clutch, so unique it is not, especially the first floor, I feel some credit might be due. But it looks really nice, and congratulations on your first moc.
  12. Brilliant design, droomangroup! Would love to build this. Seems like the zip file is empty, though.
  13. The humble plumber doesn't stand a chance here, but I still voted for him, because I feel it's a terrific fig. I mean, Roman commander's really cool and everything, but can he fix a leaky sink?
  14. Well, it's open now. Deadline is May 12th, 2017. Quite interesting, this one!