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  1. This is absolutely incredible! The roofs and stonework are so well done!
  2. Thanks for the review! Lewa is definitely my favorite of the new Toa. I actually really like both the custom shoulders and shins, but I'm biased since I've always been a fan of those vorox armors. I also really like the heavy use of silver, and the mask, while not my favorite, looks decent on the model. The combination also looks very impressive with the wings! Do the wings set off his balance?
  3. Your werewolves are incredible figs! Love the use of the star wars Dewback and the Harry Potter dragon! The river is super nice too!
  4. Love the use of those wolfpack figs! Nice build, I think the tree is my favorite detail!
  5. Thanks for the warm - errr... I mean... cold welcome guys!
  6. Well... Life happened... But after a ~5 month hiatus, looking forward to getting back into the guilds!
  7. That scaly texture is so nice! Cool use of the claws too!
  8. I'll try to get something together.
  9. Category B
  10. Red Skull and Darth Maul team up to take down Captain America! It's a match made in heaven, two red heads... Perfect team! Daul and Hydra block the Captain, while Red Skull takes to the skies in a fancy dancy Quinjet. ANGRY FOR 50 YEARS! Yup, so that's my entry! Thanks for lookin!
  11. Yeah, the smoke is fantastic!
  12. Ooh, how'd I miss this? Luckily I started a build a few days ago that should fit... So for B I could show Hydra and a star wars villain working together to fight Captain America? Or would it have to be a specific Marvel villain?
  13. Love that color scheme! Awesome build!
  14. Dang, awesome build!