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  1. Meh, at most they make me excited for the other sets
  2. I was thinking, the Joker mouth is extremely crude compared to the other, more slick designs. Maybe it's something akin to Good Cop/Bad Cop with the marked out face, and it will actually have some weird metafictional in-movie explanation.
  3. Am I the only one who finds the use of axes to build a tree rather ironic? It's a beautiful tree, though!
  4. This is very well done! The stairs joke was genius. [spoiler] Every time I see a Martha joke, I feel sad for the BvS writers; They meant so well... [/spoiler]
  5. I like it. The sticker (sadly) on the wall is just perfect, the big doors remind me of Arkham City and the minifigures included make for more familydrama than the average GoT episode. If only Batman came in all his bare chested , Neil Adamsy goodness... I only fear for the price here in Belgium...
  6. If Coulson was ever to come back, this is the best time. With the avengers having some...err... team problems, finding out the guy who died to bring them together is alive still, is some nice extra fuel on the fire.
  7. "Superhero landing!"
  8. A very simple fix for the astromech droid is just removing the 2x2 under the one with the one stud and the two 2x1 tiles for the droid's feet. Sure, it'll be stuck harder, but it looks miles better and doesn't change the height of the wings!