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  1. Finished the real build recently! I had it set up at an event yesterday and took this picture.
  2. Many thanks! :)
  3. Thanks for the replies! Indeed, as you can see they only added the side panels to the vehicle!
  4. They're pretty similar, no? ;) Thanks! :)
  5. Thanks everyone! If you're interested in the LDD send me a personal message please.
  6. Many thanks! The clip you see holds the cupola ring, the actual hatch then connects to the cupola ring and opens to the left. Yep three figures can sit inside. Yep, it's a few studs longer than the official model but the same width.
  7. I'm sure everyone remembers the Imperial tank which had some screentime during the ambush on Jedha in Rogue One. The TX-225 GAVw (Groud Assault Vehicle, wheeled) "Occupier" is a tracked vehicle produced by Rothana Heavy Engineering, used by Imperial forces as a patrol and transport vehicle. It has a crew of three (Commander, driver and gunner/technician) and armed with six Dymek MK 2e/w laser cannons, two pairs in the rotating turrets on the sides and one pair fixed in the front. I originally wanted to slightly modify the official Lego set but when I saw a close-up of the tracks during the movie I was really excited as a tracked SW vehicle combines both my interests, Star Wars and WWII-era armored fighting vehicles. With the availability of some detailed images and a cutaway (really useful!) from the new Rogue One visual dictionary I then decided for a complete rebuild instead - with a three man crew and all details included such as an accurate interior and opening hatches. The actual tank used in the movie was based on an Alvis Stormer flatbed, of which the only major modification was the addition of side panels covering the tracks. Photos of this AFV were also really useful as an addition to the reference material.
  8. Thank you, I've certainly thought about some rock formations but haven't included them yet... who knows, maybe in the future I will expand this dio. :) Thanks! Yes the speeder bike is my design.
  9. When I think of snow, I think of a completely white landscape. There's nothing to see for miles except a single reindeer walking in the distance... slowly making his way to Echo Base. :)
  10. Many thanks all! That's indeed what I was going for. :)
  11. Many thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like it. :)
  12. Hello all, For many years making a diorama from the battle of Hoth has always been on my wishlist. With the recent influx of minifg-scaled AT-ATs one more excellent than the other, I was once again inspired and started my own one. :) Needless to say, it turned out so great much a diorama soon followed. Like all my projects, I started designing in LDD and then got all the parts I required. Designing and building time was approx. 1 year, with lots of smaller projects in between as well. The diorama consists of 8 (4x2) large baseplates and includes a Rebel trench, shield generator, turrets and blaster cannon foxholes. A snowspeeder is flying over ready to engage. The empire is represented by an AT-AT, AT-ST and a large number of snowtroopers with an E-Web blaster cannon. The AT-AT also includes an accurate interior, with a troop area, speeder bike garage and more! Everything was built as close as possible to the source material. Troop capacity is 36 from the 40, unfortunately 4 seats had to be removed to allow space for the neck anchoring in the hull. Additionally there is a 5-man crew (commander, 2 drivers and 2 deck officers). In addition, lights are built into the AT-AT, cannons and turrets! Here are the pictures; I apologize for the background as they were taken at a local show my LUG held. AT-AT with full interior. The model can stand on its own without further support. The legs and side panels can detach for "easy" transport, but it requires two persons to set it back up again. Snowtroopers and AT-ST Snowspeeder Rebel trench Let me know what you think! There are a few people who deserve credit: All in the Reflexes, who shared his AT-AT hull LDD file here on EB. I used this as the basis for my AT-AT, strengthened and modified the exterior and then added the interior. Larry Lars for his excellent snowspeeder design, which I slightly modified. LiLmeFromDaFuture, from who I used the AT-ST legs and feet. I also based by shield generator design on a MOC I saw here on EB, but I forgot who was the author. Anyone?
  13. Good luck! I did this myself a year ago, it's simply a wonderful model. I just wanted to warn you about something that you may not be aware of. I assume that you're going for 100% authentic and correct color parts, judging from the other orders you made. It's regarding the 10x10 dish. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago quite a few fake dishes were offered on ebay. They're original Lego parts, but the print is not. These are very hard to distinguish from the original Lego ones and it's not uncommon for these fake ones to be sold as genuine. The one you have pictured is a fake one, sadly. See: http://www.bricklink...e.asp?ID=962259 If you thought you purchased an original dish, you should definitely contact the seller and ask him to fix this.
  14. A nice tree just waiting to be decorated...