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  1. Impressive. I'm really looking forward to see this in brick form. Congrats, awesome display!
  2. NEWS

    I noticed the passenger train has somo cool looking headlights, if you can fit some led lights there this is definitely a win. I was really apprehensive about the nose piece but i really like it.
  3. NEWS The last wagon of the cargo train seems to be carrying some kind of animals indeed
  4. NEWS

    I think he says "similar to the HE" in terms of shape or appearence (i.e. a high speed train). I doubt they would launch a regular passenger train with a motor and two carriages only. it'll probably have the same structure as the 7938 passenger train IMO (two engine wagons and one passenger wagon).
  5. NEWS

    "Also on display was the new white bullet train and new train station, £99.99 similarly styled to the Horizon Express. Station is sold separately, out in 2nd half of the year.." London Toy Fair Report:
  6. NEWS

    The 7937 train station has already disappeared from Shop@Home..
  7. Your mods are good but your socks are awesome my friend!
  8. Lake town chase is the best set IMHO, due to the fact that it is the most unique build of the wave, a boat and some buildings VS. lots of grey stony structures that make this wave rather boring..
  9. Hi everyone, I've read in a LUG forum that we might have some train news in the second half of 2014. I've also noticed that on Brickset's Price Comparison the availability for 7938 and 7939 intermittent (right now, amazon UK has no train sets available - directly sold by Amazon). Could this mean they are slowing production of these sets, and planning to launch new ones?
  10. Somehow I feel Lego is finally catching the train with this theme. Thanks to Grogall and his freaking Palantír!
  11. I only collect regular sets. They're less expensive and have more play value, I think. I love to see how they recreate small ships and scenes with few bricks and pieces! If you have a kid I sugest you get regular sets. I don't have kids yet but I plan to build a "legotheque" and for that, I want them to have as many different pieces and ships and scenes as possible (I also collect LOTR and Hobbit to get castle / pirate pieces)!
  12. awesome details, loved the roof :)
  13. the small houses were my favorite detail!
  14. you shouldn't be posting Lego stuff in the Blu-ray / DVD discussion forum, mods will be angry. (another wave, hell yeah!)