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  1. I've just checked year 2 credits. Rosario Dawson is credited for doing voice work.
  2. The "exclusive item" is random year 1, wave 1 fun pack (Bad Cop, Unikitty, Benny, Cyborg, Wonder Woman).
  3. Here is Ultimate Batmobile after spliting:
  4. I saw the movie on monday and I loved it, however it left me slightly dissapointed in the sets (nevertheless ordered Mr. Freeze Ice Attack yesterday). I felt that most of them lacked... something but The Ultimate Batmobile is just perfect. Great vechicle, light up Batsignal , and awesome minifigure selection: 4 main heroes (including Alfred who I wanted to get from 2006), Wicked Witch and her flying monkies and one of the most obscure DC villains. Price is a little hard to stomach but there is enough time from now to June to start saving for it.
  5. EDIT: Nevermind, found it.
  6. Yep, you unlock it after beating story pack.
  7. Maybe it's lantern pad that can currently only be used by Supergirl.
  8. They look good. Also Yondu and baby Groot in same set? Yesss!
  9. New trailer: Words cannot describe how excited I am.
  10. If you use Venkman, Stay Puft or Slimer to enter the world quests and nearly all interiors are unavaible.
  11. That Calculator face is bootleg level of bad.