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  1. Purist Harley Quinn [size=1][img]https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1632/23888631523_b28f6150ea_n.jpg[/img][/size] Parts used. Zombie cheerleader hair Red from lone ranger torso CMF monster witch tights and boots Harley Quinn face (possibly arkham asylum bought from bricklink) fleshie arms, Lone Ranger baddie revolver, black hands
  2. The Hole Puncher Used in the Buggoid Conflicts - Deployed in numbers, it's primary purpose is to be airdropped into hot zones and clear the way for the more specialized two man teams used to clear hive-worlds. Armed with a 50. cal turret auto turret, it's earned the nickname "the holepuncher". [size=1][img]https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1489/24489241676_d16dd31836.jpg[/img][/size]
  3. Hi All I've been building small star wars mocs lately. I usually restrict myself to mainly figs. I've always disliked lego speeder bikes so have made couple of my own variations. They are quite different builds but both despite being built on the same frame. There seems to be a mini fad on these lately... [size=1][img]https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1569/24515437725_8f284c512f.jpg[/img][/size] And here is the minifig scale one. [size=1][img]https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1443/24515443995_49a18b6433.jpg[/img][/size]
  4. Hi All! Thanks for the positive feedback. I was fighting a tight deadline with only 2 evenings to build. I was going to do a brickbuilt head but ran out of time. @exotrius - The arms are in proportion to the legs, I thought the head was about right but I may revisit it later. I tried trans blue/blue 1 one colour heads too but they didn't look right at all as they had no detail. I went with this one as it gave her discernible eye balls. :) ash - I got the tubes in one of the new nexo knight deluxe sets.
  5. [img]https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1681/23789085863_f5337d2750_z.jpg[/img] She strides through the great Urtican temples and out across the wastelands, through settlements near and far spreading the Ulrican dogma. She speads word of the great awakening and sings the songs of the defeat of the Mighty Black beast Orcinius. all the while lamenting the great cost to the phocites and the Ultricans. Now and since the threat of man had loomed large, casting a shadow across the lands and peoples of the North, and yet a greater threat has risen. The Elken are an even more dangerous foe as unlike the puny but numerous humans, they have no fear of winters icy embrace.. -------------- Atiqtalik is an ultrican priestess, she carries a blade forged from the tears of Narwhal sea witches. Her shield is the spell screamer which swallows spells up whole and then spit them back out with even greater venom back at the caster.