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  1. Nearly there with my mod background, are there any rules pertaining to mining and weapons? Is it ok to use custom printed minifig parts or BA weapons? The crew is starting to multiply! :) one more bricklink order order to come and my palm trees will be ready to plant! :)
  2. Are the Sea Pirates still recruiting? Permission to board? If so I will update the thread with a new sig fig shortly- Captain Tyrus Krask a freed men turned pirate raider!
  3. contest

    What a really fun and inclusive Contest! Congrats to the winners and big thanks to Brickwarriors and Bob for hosting!! Top bombing ladies and gentlemen!
  4. Another Classic MOC! You;ve captured the character wonderfully. I am really enjoying the whole series!
  5. real life and work crushed me over the last year. I've started to get back into messing with figs but I used to have a proflic fig build rate but now I struggle to post every other month. I have a lot of lego but desperately need to sort. I have two mocs on the go at the moment but I'm finding it difficult to get a flow going... I think its mainly the lack of sort that hurts me. Not for the want of building but time is my main consideration.
  6. It looks like her dress has an undervest so no problem the blood covers it nicely :) I really do like what you did with Sam to get the fantasy kit in.
  7. Now that is a fun mecha and you have executed it brilliantly the use of a friends pilot is also PURRFECT!
  8. I thought the books were great despite my reservations which is mainly how he handled the end but no spoilers here- it certainly helps to have read his entire back catalogue though or you may miss out on some of the smaller details. :). I'm doing a brick built door - and I saw it as more of a gateway. I'm toying with a forced perspective to get it done but it's a tough trying to get the details correct. I'm doing the lobstrosity scene and have got groundwork done on the beach and creature but that's most of it so far! I build at such a stupidly slow pace! I have really enjoyed your MOCs and it reminded me how good the books were. Odetta was a mean mo fo!
  9. These are great mocs with good photography! I love the series but was also disappointed with how the books kind of fizzled out. I have one gunslinger moc in progress myself. The doors used to captivate my imagination. I tap my throat to you Sire. Never forget the face of your father!
  10. Here are my votes! Really tough to choose! A: 1-4-5 B: 3-4-6 C: 1-2-8 D: 8-9-10 Extremely tough choices in all categories! I needed at least two extra votes per category Well done to all involved!
  11. Nice to see someone doing a space squad! Their outfits look pristine which just goes to show they know how to handle themselves!
  12. This team is not to be messed with! My favourite is the lady on the left - Ivy looks ready to rumble I love the backstory for Sam and Alec is cool too (nice combos)
  13. These are very cool! I love that wheelchair/steamroller! SMASH!
  14. The team look like they are in trouble! The backdrop is particularly nice and +1 to Sir Doobies comment!