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  1. "Then he shouldn't be calling it 'conscription'", Eric hissed. "I remain in favor of option 2. Provide the poor with housing and teach them valuable skills. Then let them work out their own future from there."
  2. Eric swaggered into the villa, a sharp smell of sea salts following his wake. Having heard there was a vote on a proposition, the tall Nord took a seat and listened to the options presented by Blackgull and Heinrich. As one by one the other members of the Alliance voiced their opinions, Eric rolled his eyes then shook his hand. He waved away their voices with his hand as if he was dealing with children. "Option two is clearly the only right option.", the Nord said with a commanding voice. It didn't take long before his trademark wolfish grin appeared on his face. Eric stroked his beard and started speaking. He stood up from his chair, greatly increasing his stature and presence. "Conscripting the masses? Ha! The mere thought itself is foolish. Your solution for the Hovels is to take away the people's freedom by forcing them into service? Never have I heard such nonsense! Sure, they'll have something on their hands those few years in service, but they'll return to a run-down neighbourhood right after that. Doing service is not a long term plan and is only beneficial to people such as yourselves. Teaching them some actual skills they can use in life and providing a decent roof over their heads, that's something worthwhile. The Hovels will be renewed and we will be seen as the providers of that renewal instead of oppressors taking away people's freedom to fight our fights for us. We will be their heroes instead of their slavemasters." Eric glared at Blackgull and scoffed. "Tss, conscription." In truth, the Nord couldn't really care less about the situation in the Hovels, nor providing strangers with a roof over their heads. The idea of supplying the Bonapartes with cheap manpower and thus greatly increasing their fighting strength, however, was something Eric just couldn't let happen. The House of Blackgull was already strangling the seas enough as it is. Strengthening the Bonapartes would be a nightmare come true.
  3. Oh yeah? Are there any new northern characters that have sprung up during my absence? I'm not planning on getting entirely into the game again, life's too busy for that now. I saw the Alliance update and just wanted to pop in here and see what's it all about. I'm sure Eric has his own vision on the matter . I also saw the Grogmas gift ideas for Eric and it's so cool to see people still thinking of gifting him, even though it's been ages since I last posted here. Really awesome .
  4. "Believe me, lady, I don't need pointers from dragons," Eric replied, purposely misinterpreting the Elf's words. "Besides, I could show you a thing or two myself, be it on the battlefield or beside it. See you around." "There's nothing better than some good ale, though. Where are your parents, anyway? Are you native to Eubric or Uland?", Eric asked while drinking some more of his own mead. He then continued to explain in a boastful manner, "A Basilisk is like a gigantic snake. A landwyrm that gnaws through the heart of this land. It springs from the earth when you least expect, trying to eat you alive. Its fangs drip with deadly poison and its gaze can turn a man into stone. The battle I fought was hard, but I endured and I slew the beast."
  5. Eric sniffed and eyed the newcomer suspiciously. He didn't quite like being interrupted in his conversation. "No, we haven't. Chances are slim I would've remembered, though, ..." The Nord indicated Ezeran demon belly by pointed and circling his finger at it, "...even with that thing you have there."
  6. Once the ale had been brought, Eric shoved a pint towards Petaldan and raised his glass. "Bottom's up, young one", the Nord said and drank his beer. Wiping his mouth and beard with the back of his hand, he chuckled at the young Knight's remark. "Bad guys can have shiny weapons as well, at least if they are smart enough to upkeep their equipment. The world isn't as black and white as you might think, unge" "Anyway, am I a hero? Yes, I have dabbled in the activities of a hero. I've slain many great beasts, such as a Basilisk and the Queen of Sirens. On many occasions, I also got the girl at the end. So ja I am a hero. My name is Eric, from the North. I am a Vindicator of Njordon, King of the Seas. What is your name?"
  7. The doors of the Hall were pushed wide open and sunlight bursted in. With his usual swagger Eric the Nord re-entered the Hall after a long time. The Hall might've forgotten about him, but he had not forgotten about the Hall's free drinks. With a trademark cocky grin and rolling shoulders as he stepped Eric made his way through the Hall. His eyes went from left to right, scanning the faces of those currently residing in the Hall of Heroica. There didn't seemed to be any sight of Kheyli the Barbarian who Eric had met the last time he was here, nor was there sight of his friends, be it Jon, Hybros or Lawrence. Instead there were a lot of new faces, but none seemed to interesting. In fact, one even had a really ugly mug. Like he was dropped on his head as a baby and then stepped on by a mammoth. Eric chuckled slightly as he imagined the scenario. The Nord then caught eye of Jinnipher the Moon Elf. He couldn't quite remember if he had seen her before or not. She looked alright. More pleasing to the eye than most here. Eric stroked his beard and winked at her, then motioning a kiss her way. Chuckling he continued his way to the bar. Suddenly, the Nord stopped his stride and stood still, baffled for but a mere second. He blinked in disbelief, but then smiled wide. He hightened the speed of his step and marched straight over something he had not seen before. At least not in the Hall. Not in the South, anyway. At a table, sipping a glass of water sat a small child cleaning his shield. With a more joyful aura to him than was usual, Eric sat down at the same table. "Hail, little warrior", he said and then nodded towards the shield, "smart move, taking good care of your equipment. Your parents taught you well." He turned over to the bar and in a booming, but not aggressive voice shouted: "Maid, ale for me and the unge here!" Eric smiled as he waited for Scheherazade to bring the beers. The small child made him think back of his own youth in the North. Back home, when all was well. How proud he had been when he first received his sword. And how much more proud his father had been once Eric had drawn blood with said blade.
  8. I haven't been active these last few months, but I do pop in sometimes to see what's going on. I felt I needed to log on to congratulate you on the 5 years anniversary, Sandy. As many others have said here, you did a terrific job during all those years, managing a lot of Heroica stuff on your own. I hosted 1 small quest and another botched one and I already had my hands full with that, so yeah, I tip my hat to you for your effort . Thanks for the incredible experience, I had a blast playing here and being part of a bigger world .
  9. Introducing Vendrick, the hipster guard:
  10. Eric walked into the Hinckwell Villa once again. His loss here left a bitter taste in his mouth, but at least he had lost from a friend and not some idiot member of a House. The Nord didn't stay for too long, merely purchasing a Cornucopia, an investment which left him with 1360 Gold afterwards.
  11. Eric strides into the Marketplace, ready to spend some coin. Eric buys: Conspirator upgrade (from 18 to 20): 390 Gold 7x Mead: 105 Gold 2x Smelling Salts: 50 Gold 2x Nostrum: 70 Gold 4x Grand Potion: 40 Gold Total spent: 655 Gold Eric has 1860 Gold left (2515 - 655).
  12. Eric nodded and drank the rest of his mead. "I like a drink, but I have business to attend to first. Maybe some other time." "See you around Kheyli the Hunter", the Nord bade farewell as he got up and left the Hall, going to the Marketplace.
  13. Yeah, you're right . I'll just leave it as it is and pay full price. I should've paid more attention !
  14. I've been waiting for Monk Pretzel's answer to Eric's request about upgrading Conspirator for some time, while in fact you answered almost directly after I posted. Somehow I completely missed or overlooked your post, Pala . Sorry for not having replied (sooner) to your post . I'm guessing it's probably too late to accept Monk Pretzel's offer ?
  15. Eric smiled, "I never said nature wasn't good or that it was bad. Neutral is the word I used." He shrugged. "It has good things and bad things, but overall it's indifferent." "The accent didn't give it away already?", the Nord chuckled, "I am Eric the Northman. I come from many places, but Värtland is my one and true home."