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  1. Too bad I need to start packing my Lego now for the move to a new house and won't have it back until we move in at the start of October. (I think however that right after the move is also not very appreciated by my wife if I dive straight into challenge crunch-time building :wink:)
  2. Thanks! (The jars are old Scala flower pots in salmon color and the palm leaves are sand green dinosaur flippers)
  3. Thank you for the kind words! My jungle temple is included as the 32x32 build in Phred's entry which is the collab this was built for. The entry even got it's name from my build
  4. That easily fits into Kaliphlin! But the flags make me confused I love the contrast between the barren rocks and desert sand and the intense growth along the edge of the water. The flesh plates at the boundary between the rocks and the sand worked surprisingly well too! (Seriously Huge Investment Plate 8x8 trans-medium blue btw...? Or lucky enough to get them in a LUGbulk when they were in production?)
  5. Very nice boat and swampscaping The Dwarven helmet worked great as an ornament too!
  6. Fantastic entry with a great story (I especially love the twist at the end) and masterfully illustrated! For this kind of story your approach with all those small builds worked very well
  7. Found a particularly interesting book among all the unread books in my bookshelf that I think might end up being some Easter holiday reading
  8. I seem to recall that the High Council is also supporting the Resistance. A truce would therefore be in place between HC and the Desert King as they are supporting the same side in Nocturnus, even though it is not supported by everyone on the HC side and especially not the Order of Aslan and Lord Kral who are not forgiving that the Resistance sided with the Desert King.
  9. Ok, so maybe a plausible situation then is that Bishop Sheyer and the rest of the temple leadership in Barqa has broken free formally to be able to side with Barqa against the Spire? Maybe even declared themselves to be a different religious movement of Aslan...? (But story wise it would of course add another layer to the intrigue if the leaders of the Order still are pulling the strings )
  10. I was assuming that the sizeable presence of the Order of Aslan in Barqa lived on, albeit that their military strength might have been significantly weakened there too because of the losses in the Civil War. But as Barqa never was conquered by either the DK or Ulandus, the established institutions there should live on even if they too might be shaken by the unrests in Kaliphlin. My thinking was that in these times of trouble even more of Barqas inhabitants have turned their hopes and prayers towards Aslan and that the Order's priests would have a great time spreading their religion? (High on my build priority list for quite a while has been and still is "HSS Religious: Aslanic temple in Barqa" to complete that category and Barqa's recognition as a city in HSS :wink:) So should I consider the remains of the Order in Barqa still loyal to the Order's central command structure under Lord Kral or is it a rogue splinter organization no longer obeying the commands from Lord Kral...? The tension between the Order of Aslan and the Nocturnus Resistance makes for interesting plots at least, since the leadership of Barqa supports the Resistance Or should I revise my picture of the religous state in Barqa and assume that the Order has formally withdrawn from Barqa? That in turn would of course leave interesting opportunities for whoever would like to take over the shepherding of (or exploit) the pious followers of Aslan among the common people of Barqa
  11. Great entry! I love the role the Barqan fire played in this! My favorite builds in this series are otherwise the desert cliffs and the grayscale landscape. I also really like the use of the CMF king parts, I picked up a few when they were in stores to use as Swiss Guard inspired troops some day The only thing I'm not too fond of is the use of custom parts for the king, since that makes it hard to use him in the canon if this excellent entry would win. But the Aragorn fig from the Black Gate set would work ok I guess.
  12. Since I won't have time to make a serious Cat C entry I am keeping my fingers crossed that my sigfig will appear in the winning story (After a few crazy Lego weeks, culminating in the annual LUG event, I have promised my wife to let her have some more time for her hobbies for a while now... glad I managed to enter 2/3 categories here at least!)
  13. Very nice build overall, bit those arches are stealing the attention
  14. Nice interpretation of my thin facade build To be honest, it looks better in Medium Dark Flesh.
  15. Fantastically nice fort! I tried to work out a design for a fifth of a star fort back in Challenge II, but got frustrated with the angles and ended up with a simpler design. I'd love to steal a few techniques from here for future builds Especially the clever transitions at the corners using wedges was nice, as it could easily pass for intentional slits to fire down at attackers along the wall. Also, making the tips of the bastions 90 degrees seems to make a lot of the building easier.