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  1. Since I won't have time to make a serious Cat C entry I am keeping my fingers crossed that my sigfig will appear in the winning story (After a few crazy Lego weeks, culminating in the annual LUG event, I have promised my wife to let her have some more time for her hobbies for a while now... glad I managed to enter 2/3 categories here at least!)
  2. Very nice build overall, bit those arches are stealing the attention
  3. Nice interpretation of my thin facade build To be honest, it looks better in Medium Dark Flesh.
  4. Fantastically nice fort! I tried to work out a design for a fifth of a star fort back in Challenge II, but got frustrated with the angles and ended up with a simpler design. I'd love to steal a few techniques from here for future builds Especially the clever transitions at the corners using wedges was nice, as it could easily pass for intentional slits to fire down at attackers along the wall. Also, making the tips of the bastions 90 degrees seems to make a lot of the building easier.
  5. Very nice ballista, but to me the tree steals the show a bit
  6. My entry for category B, for the Resistance/Alliance: Barqan Fire Wagon
  7. Kaliphlin is known for its abundance of oil, and in Barqa the alchemists and craftsmen joined forces long ago to make this into the fearsome weapon known as "Barqan Fire". It is most commonly used on board warships, but smaller horse-drawn war machines have also started to be made for use in land combat. Unfortunately they are not very reliable yet and are not without reason feared almost as much among the Kaliphlinites themselves as by their foes. In this siege workshop in Barqa, a completed fire wagon is ready for transport to support the war against the Spire. The soldier doing the final adjustments to the pumping mechanism has however unknowingly built up way too much pressure in the cylinder... Siege workshop in Barqa Accidental release of the Barqan Fire... Accidental release of the Barqan Fire... Closeup of a Barqan Fire Wagon Closeup of the fire pumping mechanisms ready to be mounted on new wagons Siege workshop in Barqa Fire! (Photographed with only the blacklight) It was a challenge to get the lighting good for this build, getting enough blacklight to give a good fluorescent glow but not too much so that the rest of the build turned all blue... Here is the photo setup, where the speedlight was fired at maximum power and mix of light was regulated by how long the exposure time was after the flash. Typically I used 10-30 s.
  8. 95 % finished now with a siege workshop, but my wife is out of town until the challenge deadline so finding the time to finish and photograph the build between working and taking care of both kids will be a challenge if it's own
  9. Fantastic magically-looking structure! I also really like the scary legs coming out of the ground I do however agree that the ground could have benefitted from a tad more detailing.
  10. Nice ground and excellent minifig posing! What are those torsos...?
  11. Excellent elven architecture, there are way too few Avalonian builds like these otherwise It is the shaping of the buildings I'm particularly impressed with, and the landscaping is stellar as usual.
  12. My sigfig has been rendered with a fleshie face before. But it's a bit hard with the yellow ears, so it's easiest to give him a helmet then.
  13. For any storylines involving the Kaliphlin High Council or especially the City of Barqa, you are very welcome to use my sigfig Gideon. He is a half-elf, but if you lack the hairpiece an Eomer helmet is also fine for his battle outfit. Clothes can vary, but he always wears some amount of dark red, and proudly displays the Kaliphlin lion on his armor or shield (which can differ from this boring round one I used in my intro waaay back). In the turmoil of the Kaliphlin civil war the normally peace-loving City Council of Barqa has boosted the ranks of the City Guard and to face the new threat created a Barqan expeditionary force, and appointed Councilman Gideon to be the commander of that force. (Preferrably Kingdoms Lions soldiers with dark blue arms and dark grey PoP helmets. However in these times of need uniforms and armor might vary if you lack those parts, but try to stick to a red-dark blue color scheme if least red). The sizeable force of the Aslanic Order's garrison in Barqa might also join any military action taken by Barqa. (Basically any Kingdoms Lions troops or similar will be ok as these I think) Finally, the Barqans might also deploy siege engines or field pieces spewing the deadly but "slightly unreliable" Barqan fire on the enemies. (Think Greek Fire or modern napalm, and it is best portrayed by chaining old dragon flame pieces where the small pins can be fastened in another flame piece, like I did here:
  14. Don't take my word for it... I have zero insight into the thoughts for Book III. But what I'm assuming is that as long as an entry doesn't contradict any explicit challenge V rule and wins the popular vote the story is pretty much up to the builder, and that the leadership has to take that story into account when shaping the start of Book III
  15. I think that is up to the writer and the voters who decide what will be the canon...? Last time at least the winner of the final challenge of Book I (ZC) really set us up for more war