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  1. Welcome to Corrington!
  2. Perfect! Now I don't have to import stone for my future project and gold is always welcome. Now I can get to work building those mines...
  3. Does @SkaForHire still roll the mine outcomes? I'm awaiting news of the two setups I did on Serentia.
  4. Category A, against Mardier: Love at first sight
  5. Previously: A spy on board the Black Marlin, for whom, nobody is yet sure of, strikes at Captain Silas McShea while he is sleeping. Luckily, Captain Silas McShea is able to survive the attack and defend himself. As the sailors come to his aid, the spy cuts the ropes on the captain's boat, jumps overboard, and rows away. The Black Marlin chases, but soon abandons the chase and sails to Kings Port to get the captain's wounds tended to. Presently: Captain Silas McShea stands in the shade of a giant palm on one of Kings Port's coastal streets, longing to be back out on the seas. The Black Marlin has however sailed without him on the current trade run as Aiden Coyle insisted that remain in Kings Port until his wounds are healed. His thoughts are interrupted by a man's voice. "Excuse me good sir..." Silas turns around and comes face to face with a beautiful woman dressed in Terraversan finery. Their eyes remain locked until the man standing next to her speaks again. "I am Sir Renaldo Barrientos and this is my daughter Isabella. It would be our pleasure for you to join us for dinner this evening." Silas takes Isabella's hand and with an extravagant bow as he plants a kiss on it. "It is an honor to make your acquaintance, Lady Barrientos. I will be most delighted to join you for dinner this evening." Sir Renaldo seems a bit taken aback by the evident attraction but Lady Isabella seems quite amused and laughs quietly. "Yes, yes," Sir Renaldo speaks up when he has regained his composure. "We will be eagerly awaiting your arrival for dinner." He takes his daughter's arm and turns to go back into the city. Lady Isabella smiles at Silas as she leaves. Sir Renaldo had hoped Silas would help him get his daughter to safe place away from the trouble that was brewing in Terraversa but he had not anticipated a romantic solution. But perhaps it was for the best. Silas was a very successful captain and Corrington appeared to be destined for an age of peace. Even the tensions between its long time enemy Oleon had seemed to ease. Dangerous times required Sir Renaldo to make choices he would not normally consider. As long as Isabella was safe and happy, that was all that mattered.
  6. Fantastic! So many great designs, but that Android Woman design is perfection....
  7. After looking at the zoomed in pic, there seem to be a lot of nice details. I probably will buy the entire series.
  8. Thanks, but to be honest, all I'm doing is putting the map pieces back together again. Personally I'm happy to have plenty of unclaimed land on the map and I think it makes sense IC for it to take a while to get colonized. I am curious however about the new named islands. Are they new NPC nations or have they been claimed by the four player nations?
  9. What?! You haven't heard of the great Arlintina canal, one of the greatest feats of engineering to date? Arlintina is such a Corrington name so it figures Arlintina is just as technologically advanced. The scale is in miles so 1 mile would be approximately 1.6 km.
  10. I'm positive there are but the explorers are traveling east to try and circumnavigate the world. Once the exploring function is put into the game, we should be able to sail north or south to try to discover new islands if we wish. Edit: Note that there is also a land mass/masses south of The Lowers that has not been mapped yet.
  11. An updated map of all rumored lands has begun to circulate among the sea captains of the Prio Seas. Whether it is accurate or not is a matter of speculation.
  12. This is a beautiful ship! Well done!