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  1. Nice build and story!
  2. Really nice stables! The Coyle family now are considering raising horses on Tiberia as well.
  3. Aiden Coyle who has seemed to be absent for many months has been spotted in Arlinsport wearing an official Corrington uniform at the construction site of some building that is rumored to be residence for the queen should she travel to the colonies. Progress on Fort Arlin remains slow as building materials destined for the fort were lost at sea.
  4. Thanks! Once all the island names are decided on, I will add them to the map as well.
  5. Stormhaven now has a town map. Those who have built there, let me know if the locations of your builds need to be moved.
  6. Very nice!
  7. Nice addition to Stormhaven! I like how you built the boardwalk across the marsh. Hopefully soon I will build more of Stormhaven but first I need to get another entry built for the expedition up river so that we can discover some of the island's secrets.
  8. Brilliant scene! Nicely done!
  9. This is probably my favorite ship posted in EB in the last few years. Excellent work!
  10. Nice build and story! That roof looks good with the walls, I'll have to try it myself sometime just with the roof extending over the sides.