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  1. Nicely done! The island and clouds are particularly nice.
  2. Beautiful and it fits perfectly in Stormhaven's style!
  3. That should be Wolfhaven... In other news I've been having trouble with Firefox and Chrome giving my laptop the blue screen of death so have been using only Microsoft Edge which seems immune to the problem. However it will let me visit every page of Eurobricks except for BoBS which it always declares is experiencing difficulty. So I'm back in Firefox posting this hoping my computer doesn't crash again. Ska sent me the map originals but ironically as soon as I received them, life's pace picked back up and I've yet to finish another island. I'm out of town this weekend and with the Holidays just around the corner, progress on them is not looking too bright until after the new year. One bright speck on the horizon is however that Fort Arlin is practically finished just needing a few final touches and a place to display it for a photo shoot. 80 x 80 studs is somewhat challenging to move around....
  4. I was hoping to build something more elaborate but as usual the deadline crept up on me faster than I could deal.... Here is what comes to mind when I think of snow:
  5. I might have a bridge build for this...
  6. Here is the map for Ferro Azure. Let me know if there are any changes you want me to make:
  7. I will post the detailed maps for the challenge 2 islands once Skaforhire finds the time to convert the original fractal terrains and send them to me for placing the geographical features and other landmarks. I could use the ones we have from the minimap but the originals are a lot more detailed in shape so I think it is best to wait for them. In the meantime, I have updated the Nellisa and Cocovia maps on my Flickr account and can work on another Sea of thieves island tonight. Any suggestions?
  8. Nice! Great idea!
  9. This is really nice!
  10. Some nice fig posing here!
  11. Some great photos here!
  12. Nellisa: I wasn't sure about all the locations you had marked. I'm assuming Goncho and Montario are native towns. I can mark roads but I'm not clear on their locations.
  13. Those links are perfectly what I need for each island. I'll probably do Nellisa next then.
  14. Nice ship!