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  1. Thanks! And thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. We're really excited that the PFx Brick will become a reality! J
  2. We just launched an updated campaign for the PFx Brick! You can check it out on Kickstarter here: We took the feedback and results from the previous campaign and made some changes. The biggest being a lower base funding goal, which should be more achievable. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for all the information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! J
  3. You can also try downloading it directly from my website. Here's the direct link: Thanks! Glad you liked it! J
  4. Cool, thanks for sharing our project! Was meaning to post about it here at some point, but you beat me to it. :) If anyone has any questions/comments about it, don't hesitate to ask. J
  5. So, it only took me, like, 11 months, but I finally put together instructions for this model. :) Huge thanks to autoreverse and Ben Gee (don't think he's on here) who both sent me reverse engineered digitial versions of their models, which motivated me to (eventually) put these together. I redesigned it quite a bit for these instructions, to make it more accessible for people to build. I also made a lot of structural improvements, so it doesn't fall apart when you blow on it. :) The instructions include an alternate design for the feet, but it's easy enough to use the original Piraka heads if you have them or can source them. I also simplified the design of the head, mostly getting rid of the taper towards the nose, to use less uncommon parts. I definitely prefer the original design on both counts, but I realize not everyone is interested in hunting down uncommon parts. Those who are motivated can easily figure out the original designs for both. None of the core mechanism has changed. The building instructions, parts list, and more information can be found on my website:
  6. Cool, what a great idea for contest! :) J
  7. Great review! For anyone interested I'll also be posting instructions for more extra mazes in the coming weeks, as well as a mod for balancing up the tilt mechanism, over on my website: J
  8. Not using this method, but I've been experimenting with escapement mechanisms lately. I'll probably take a stab at building a clock in the near future. Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you like it. J
  9. For Valentine's Day I built this clockwork style heart. The left side spins continuously, either manually with a crank on the back, or with a motor attached. It drives a piston which intermittently pushes a gear on the right side. I also put together building instructions for it, which you can find on my website: http://jkbrickworks....clockwork-heart The video shows it in more detail and explains how it works. J
  10. Thanks! There is a release date, unfortunately I can't tell you when it is. J
  11. Thanks dude! I'm obviously pretty excited about it. I'm planning to do a bunch of stuff around the release, including a review of the set and comparison between the official release and my original submission. I'll also be designing a bunch of custom mazes and putting together instructions for them. Should be fun! J
  12. I received a bunch of requests for full instructions for the model, and I've finally finished them. So, for anyone interested, you can find them in the original blog post for the model here: http://jkbrickworks....netic-sculpture J
  13. Yup, it's a pair of these pieces: http://alpha.brickli...?P=32056, don't have any pics of how they connect on hand. J
  14. Very nice! Thanks for showing the interior shots. It's always great to see how things are built! J
  15. Cool, well done! Nice render! I really liked the Discovery and Leonov, sadly they were taken apart years ago. I've often thought it would be cool to rebuild the Discovery with the updated parts palette, and maybe at minifig scale... Hard to believe it was almost 15 years ago when I built it! I'm still working on the full Sisyphus instructions, and with the holidays coming I probably won't be able to take a look at the horse again until the new year. J