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  1. Battlepacks up from 14.99 € in 2015 to 16.99 in 2016 ; small sets ( Hoth, J Interceptor, Freezing chamber, Droid escape) from 29.99 to 34.99 € ... Speaking of Lego SW inflation.. ; that is between 13 & 17 % (while "real" inflation is around 1.5) I don't know what they are drinking or smoking @ the Lego BeNeLux HQ, but I would like to try the same stuff..
  2. My kids are disappointed... when I showed them some weeks ago the prelim pictures of the Mighty Micros they were excited though; finally some "real Lego" super hero sets / figures, and we all know it is mainly about the figures, within pocket money reach! But this was not what they expected.. to AFOLS those figs might look cute, funny, a fresh approach,.. my 10-ish year olds find them just stupid.. Another won battle for the bootleggers I guess..
  3. Thanks Robianco... , I will have a look. I did not know you could look there for specific (type of) parts, thought you could only search based on setnumbers. I did not find that practical for searching loose parts, unless of course you realy need a replacement part for something in a set.. From the few times I checked this B&P I also seem to remember that they never had printed or minifig parts available..
  4. Some funny and cute ones... but that ice elf would be real army builder fodder if it existed in ABS..
  5. Where? S@H PaB?? I was there, looking for something yesterday, but don't remember having seen any unusual pieces..
  6. Decool seems to be quiet lately, I haven't seen anything from them after their excellent AoU waves.. Any news from them? They are / (were?) my favourite bootleggers of figs for making display frames to decorate my kids rooms.. ( don't want to spent my real Lego budget on that..)
  7. Don't lose hope.. limited screen time never stopped Lego from producing SW sets.. (B-wing ; V-wing; T16 skyhopper ; ...) Not only the minifig count made that list unbelievable; also the amount of location / vehicle-less sets.. True, Lego does make the odd scenery only set from time to time, but that list had like 5 or 6 of them.. We better move on, the kid who posted that list received more than enough attention already..
  8. 15 minutes of forum fame, I gues.. Seeing that Takodana set, adding that, a FO battlepack and the 75103 Transporter to Rey speeder I already have, will fulfill my TFA needs I think.. Most new key figures seem to be there in those sets.. Actually seeing the movie might change my mind, but at the moment I don't feel tempted to get another Falcon (just to obtain grey hair for Han), a Red Ribbon TIE, or the love child of a Z95 and a X-wing..
  9. it has a speederbike in it, no? so clearly it must be a SW BP...
  10. A long time since I played this CMF guessing game... so why not send in a list too.. And since it is still pure speculation, why not mix a bit of wish list in it as well? So, here are my 16 nominees.. 1) busker ( with acoustic guitar or violin and hat to collect coins) 2) marching band member (with instrument) 3) professor ( "Einstein" style ) 4) woman in classic Greek / Roman attire (muse, goddess,...) 5) terracotta warrior (historical or zombified/monster version) 6) electrician (with screwdriver and lightbulb ; dual face: normal / electrocuted) 7) flamenco dancer or "Zorro" style figure (black ; red hipscarf, black flat hat..) 8) green alien with dome helmet ( think: Mars attacks) 9) alchemist / medieval scientist.. 10) firefighter (m/f) 11) schoolgirl (uniform / pigtails) 12) movie director 13) woman in victorian or 1700's dress (with hat or umbrella) 14) gondolier (striped shirt, strawhat) 15) flying adventurer / rocketman ( style "the rocketeer" or nod to Ninjago skypirates) 16) (air)hostess as said, a couple are rather wishlist.. some are almost sure to happen (if not in series 16, then in another future one.. others will never see light of day..)
  11. mmm... many times you proved to be a valid source of information j2g, but this time I have my doubts... did you consider that Lego is an european company, and thus works under CET? .. and have you taken into account that we switched back from daylight saving time to standard time a couple of weeks ago???
  12. Must be a mistake by that shop... 71011 is series 15, no? And we allready have seen a list ( an some pics who seem to comfirm it) of those... not SW related at all..
  13. No, .. apart of the appearance on the movie poster I haven't seen a clear pic of the character, but the Lego version seems to be a strange crossbreed beteen Yoda and Sebulba.. :-/ Maybe Lego made an accurate reproduction, but to me it looks as a further step in the alienation of the minifig.. a trend that is going on for a couple of years now already.. And I fear that the (long awaited) Ugnaught is a bit of the same... shifting the borderline between minifig and action figure again a bit..
  14. My kids realy like that Darth Brabo.. any chance there will be spare posters available at the event?
  15. ... and people who lived in Belgium during the 50's, 60's or 70's are surely reminded of the Tigra girl, the image of a cigarettes brand. Apparently the woman who modelled for this was, years later, found murdered, ...a crime that never was solved... scary story.. Unknowingly, Lego realy did step down from their "moral highground" here... Still a nice figure though..