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  1. Nah, you're miles ahead of that... thing that is the Orochi. I'm thinking more like a Gumpert, or a Koenigsegg, or maybe a bit of bug eyed rally car. The headlights really need to look angry for a sportscar. Also, fun fact: the Mitsuoka Orochi was designed by a blind man, which may or may not explain a lot.
  2. Oh please. Have you actually worked on a car, or for that matter, a bicycle? I cannot count the number of times I have needed a hammer to get things to fit correctly, but I digress. Or, watch a video of a mining excavator being assembled. The pins that hold the arm together are like 15cm thick, and require much hammering to go in. But, I'm not going to derail this thread too much. Have you ever considered looking at this frame from the other end? As in, you currently have the frame in the middle being a weird number of studs wide, but what if you changed the mountings at the ends of the frames?
  3. Please, can you tell us how to put LDD into developer mode? Also, I look forward to seeing this. I just hope you are going for the somewhat older Model S grille rather than the new one, which looks kind of derpy. Sadly, I can't add images due to being on a phone, but I think the pre-2016 models look best.
  4. Honestly, the only things I consider cardinal sins in Lego are cutting pieces, and using glue. I hate people who glue sets, because that completely misses the point of Lego, while other things we on the Technic forum do not. I once heard about some moron on ebay who was offering glued sets, and when confronted, she said that she glued all of her son's sets and he still had them. Congratulations you idiot, you have completely missed the point of Lego, and ruined all of your sets. There is no good reason to use glue at all in Lego, unless it is an official Lego display. Hearing about that moron just filled me with rage. It's not a cardinal sin, but I also don't agree with painting pieces some of the time. If it's to get a piece in a color it is not produced in, that's fine. If it's recoloring a piece into a color that it is available in, that is not okay, and is slightly stupid. Honestly, I feel like most of the problem, with those two threads the OP mentioned, is that 3D printing or modified parts are the first solutions people come up with. I don't think you should pursue solutions like that , as a crutch/cop out. 3D printing is a good idea to supplement Lego, but should not be the first solution you go for. Also, I have no problem with drop in stuff like SBricks or Brickstuff lighting, as that is little different from actual Lego parts, even if it is not made by Lego. Although, I must confess, I have considered modifying parts, but not new ones. I have a bin of various broken parts that I keep if I want to modify something, but I would never do that to new parts.
  5. Why do I see 42070's B model as being a grader? It just seems to fit. But, knowing Lego, and considering the uninspired A model, the B model will be just as much of a copout.
  6. Here's one. You know google image search is a thing, right?
  7. Oh come on, this is 42070. One can hardly expect it to be a quality model. Also, it's not a tow truck. Even rotator tow trucks have a towing fork or arm at the back, which 42070 lacks. Lastly, this set is the ultimate argument against RC sets. It has everything that people who dislike RC sets dislike, and then some. Poorly finished design, lack of functions, and mostly boring assembly. Also, for $270, why is it not fully RC, with a motor to run the switch mechanism?
  8. Curse you! But, who'd you have to bribe to get those? I mean having pneumatics parts, in black or gray, in official sets, and not super rare prototypes.
  9. The grill is a rather complex shape, and is almost shield shaped, and tapers in at the bottom. If you're having problems with shaping, I have some advice. Sometimes in lego it's better to imply a shape than to have a straightforward replica. For instance, using stepped bricks when a curve or diagonal is not possible. So, if you gradually step in the grille, it will look tapered. Also, the current hood is way too short. On the real truck, it is much higher. But keep it up, a Lone Star is a very difficult truck, and you've got a solid start.
  10. I saw a topic like this on a Transformers forum I frequent, and I think it might be a good thing to have here as discussion. The question is what are your grail, dream, and regret sets and/or parts. Here's what each thing means. Holy Grail: A set that exists, and that you want to add to your collection, but have not been able to acquire due to rarity or other reasons. Or, a set you desired for a long time, but have since acquired. For example, mint in box 8880, a particular variant of a set, etc. Dream set/part: This is a thing that does not exist, but you would very much want. Example: a particular replica set, a machine/vehicle that has not been made in Technic, parts that have not been produced in a particular color,etc. Regret: Can be any regret, be it buying a set, not buying a set, selling it, passing up on it in stores, anything. I'll start with mine. Holy Grail: At this stage in my life, I am more interested in parts rather than sets, although I have found that for certain parts, it is better to buy a used set then buy the parts individually. For the longest time, I wanted to get one of the RC sets that include the buggy motors, and still kicked myself for not buying one when they were on shelves. But, I persevered, and finally got the sets. One of my big things was not following up on somebody local who had them for sale, and that bugged me for so long. Then, it was some particular pneumatics parts, but I got lucky there to. Dream Set/Part: I could fill literal pages with this stuff, as there is so much I want that does not exist. As a short answer, I'd really like gray or black pneumatic cylinders, and an 8x8 Mercedes Zetros with a crane, and full suspension. There is certainly more, but this is what I'm putting in for now. Oh, and how about a 9 axle crane set with x outriggers, at 42009 scale? Regret: I have a few. Not getting the RC sets when new. Not following up on somebody local who had some. Not getting 8275. Not getting 8455, even though I did get 8454. I'm sure there are others, these are just the ones I remember most. I haven't ever sold any Technic set, or regretted buying one. So, those are mine. What are yours?
  11. You've got a good start, but the grill doesn't taper like the real one. Maybe move the bottom parts of the grill in?
  12. Where'd you get that statistic? Unless you have a source, I'm calling bullpaddies. And what's to say that Lego didn't design the new one at the same time as the Porsche? That is, of course, assuming that Lego is even planning a release of a supercar this year. If they were, you would think that there would be some sort of announcement. But given that there is a bootleg porsche floating around, maybe not. I'm sure the bootleg is making both Lego and Porsche's lawyers weep bitterly.
  13. It already scoops up. The bottom of the chain arm is the digging side.
  14. Awww,42054 has a little sibling.
  15. Very interesting, do you have some pictures of the wheels disassembled?