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  1. Hey look, the pullbacks are up as well.
  2. At this point, we don't know. It shouldn't be much longer until there is information. After all, often times some of the 1H sets appear in December.
  3. Very nice, although the boom kind of bugs me. it is either too empty, with no diagnols, or too big. But other than that, it is nice.
  4. Okay, it looks like, now that we have price information, I was raging about 42065 being overpriced because I assumed it was $100, based on something inaccurate. Now, if the price is $60, it's actually a fair deal. I still dislike the simplicity and the lack of L motors or a new IR receiver, but at least it is actually a reasonable value, given that the PF parts alone are worth $45.
  5. The problem is that it's not reasonable. If it were a $70 set, it would be a good price, but it's $100, for a 300 part set. Like I said, it is way overpriced. And, this is a Technic set, it's not just about playability, it's about technical challenge. Just get your son an actual RC car, and a $50 set. Both would be better. I'd just get the PF parts separately, and then get a set with tracks, like 42038. I don't know why so many people like 42065, you could get the PF parts on their own, and then buy a larger, and better set for the same price. It's far and away overpriced, even considering the PF. If it were like $60-70, the simplicity would be more forgivable. But not for $100.
  6. Hello everybody, I've uploaded all of the pictures we have seen thus far to my Brickshelf gallery: Not really a whole lot to add, except that thankfully, we only have chocolate brown 5L axles with stop. But still, do we really need color coded parts in Technic sets? especially when the chosen colors clash with everything? Anyway, on 42057, we have the initials LKJ, and on 42062, we have NBK. Do we know who either of these two might be? Whoever NBK is, he must be OK with 420. (Man, I'm surprised that made it under the radar. I hope that doesn't lead to a recall.) Anyway, a lot of basic stuff, but at least the small sets have an excuse. However, there is no excuse for 42064 being so simple. This is Technic, not City! Also, 42065 gets me in a special way. A Nerd Rage way. So yeah I've got Nerd Rage over the fact that this..thing exists, occupying a slot that could have been taken up by a far more worthy set. All we get is the most basic chassis and body work, with M motors for propulsion that directly drive the sprockets, and a standard battery box. No L motors, no suspension, no interesting driveline, no AAA or rechargeable battery box, no actual RC, no interest whatsoever. Also, why choose a tracked vehicle, when you're already limited in terms of parts? Why is it so expensive, yet so primitive? the 4958 Monster Dino had roughly twice the number of parts, yet retailed for the same price. Even if you consider the cost of the Power Functions, the set should only cost about $75 dollars, not $100. And, that's considering if it cost Lego retail prices to put in Power Functions, which is not how it works. I can't believe that this thing exists, at this price point. Maybe if it used L motors, and had a rechargeable battery box, it would actually be pretty nice, but it doesn't. It is just the most basic possible PF vehicle, slapped with a $100 price tag. And, because of the inherent limitations of the stupid IR receivers, I don't think it will do well even in the 9-16 year old demographic. Because it's fast, they'd want to take it outside, which you can't do, because of the receivers. I don't predict that that many kids will be asking for it, because they will think it's not really a Technic set. But, I don't have to buy it. And now that I've got it out, I feel much better.
  7. I'd actually say, even if the issue has been resolved, is to not use olive oil, but graphite. It's a dry lubricant, so it won't trap grit, and it's easy to apply.
  8. Um, no. That part shown above is just a placeholder for LDD, and you would be quite disappointed by the lack of structural integerity, as none of those parts are actually connected. Sadly, the part you are after is too small and specialized to build out of bricks, so I'd go for either the newer variant, or find a cheap set on Ebay that includes them.
  9. I'm not seeing it, I think it's more of an optical illusion. What's really disappointing is the sticker windows.
  10. How can you be so sure? We did have the designers state that the Porsche was the first in a line. But, we have nothing to go on for 2H sets, period. Anything talking about them at this point would probably devolve into a wishlist with no basis in reality. So, the possibility is open, but so is the possibility of a space shuttle, or [insert model you really want to see here.]
  11. My dad and I were discussing this, and we think that it's a shipping container full of parts, or sets, that was left in a depot and salvaged. However, I don't really buy it. Lego would not ship assorted parts in this quanity, and what are the odds of a random Lego seller on Ebay finding this? Also, stock photos of an item you want a million bucks for? Really? Are these people out of their mind?
  12. Have you any idea what kind of torque a dragster puts out? I think that hobson coupling can't actually handle that much torque.
  13. Oh wow. That is amazingly complex, nice job. I am honestly a little bit frightened by all of the drive lines crisscrossing the body, but it works, and you made it work. I look forward to seeing more things from you.
  14. I've got something for you: I just offset the steering axle, it should still work like this. Now, you have a couple of mounting options. You can use either of the two towballs in the rear, or add another structure in the center, or just about whatever you want/need. LXF: link
  15. Finally, I have a use for this GIF! I shouldn't have to explain the joke, but here it is: