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  1. The one with 42066 got yoinked, here's everything else:
  2. Very nice engine. The only thing that I would suggest is to make the pistons with yellow half bushes to make them more apparent, as right now they sort of blend in.
  3. That would actually be a nice feature, and explain why there are no scock absorbers visible, because they are hidden on the real bike. But, I'm not getting my hopes up. See 42056 for why. Also, we haven't seen anything about those commerative bricks. What do y'all think they could be? I'd like to see something laser engraved, but even better would be a chromed 40z gear, which is one of the few Technic pieces that's been around since the beginning, and far more evocative of Technic than a brick. Also odd is that any kind of commerative thing is not mentioned on the boxes, but that's probably because the boxes aren't finished. Finally, I would think Milan/Grohl would be the designer of the jet, which should mean a great model, but we instead have something that looks really off. I mean, if it can't look realistic at least it should look good, right? Oh well, I haven't seen enough of the jet to pass any judgement.
  4. Just to inform you, ZBLJ on this forum came up with that idea initially. It's great that so many people are coming up with solutions for their tires.
  5. So far, so good. Is the engine going to have moving pistons, or no?
  6. Let's not derail the thread with a debate about Lego's policy towards military vehicles, while it merits discussion, I think that should occur elsewhere. I'm not trying to mini mod, but still. I find it very interesting that we've had several users look at the same picture, and draw completely different conclusions. To me, that indicates we don't have adequate information. Also, the picture is really not that good, but I can make out 1 set of arrows, indicating PF landing gear. However, this is probably not final, as there are two levers on top. That indicates at least 2 motorized functions, with each lever controlling forward/reverse, and the battery box switching only one way.
  7. So, I found a jet that 42066 looks like: Picture this, but in light blue, black and red.
  8. Why is 42066 among a bunch of other, unrelated sets? That aside, the proportions are really off, and overall it looks unbalenced. Other than that, the picture is too small to really get anything else.
  9. Yeah, I'm actually going to retract my statement. I looked closer at the pictures, and there are some yellow axles.
  10. And now, here's some opinions: 42057: I'm surprised, this little thing is actually more like an autogyro, rather than a helicopter. it has a 2 cylinder engine, which is probably controlled by a knob on the other side, and spins both rotors. Surprisingly, the rudder assembly is actually controlled by a linkage, a feature i was not expecting it to have. Sadly, the red angled connectors on the side are #4. It is primarily white. 42058: This is the stunt motorcycle, and is yellow. Not a whole lot to say, although it looks to have two wheels, although it is hard to tell because of the fact that part of it is cut off at the back. Of note is the fact that a 3l transmission drive ring is used as a muffler. 42059: Stunt truck. This appears to be the same light blue as the dragster from this year, and incorporates the color in a number of panels, including the smallest angled ones, as well as the wheels. So, it's Light Azure, good news if you like that color. 42060: Little orange truck and little orange excavator. Both are kind of ugly, but is to be expected. I'm surprised that this is only a $20 set, allegedly. I can't tell what the truck has as a hood piece, it might be just stacked beams. 42061: Not mentioned in the original list, this number was given as the Container Transport, which is slightly odd. It's a telehandler, with a telescopic boom that utilizes the parts from 42043. There appears to be a few new parts, like a new connector with axles on either side, like one introduced this year, and a new 1L worm gear to mesh with the rack. Also has 4 wheel steering, which is probably not multi mode. The cab uses the 5x7 ellipsis pieces, which are rather uncommon. Primarily red. 42062: There was some debate as to whether this model was a reach stacker or a container truck, it turns out to be both. The reach stacker is orange, and the truck has a white cab, and a blue trailer. The set has two containers, both of which are light grey. Also in light gray is the outer part of the telescopic parts from 42043, which makes me quite happy. Interestingly, the arm on the reach stacker is extended via a linkage mechanism, rather than a worm gear. Oddly, there does not appear to be any mechanism to raise the arm, which might just be obscured. Finally, the grabber uses a bunch of small pneumatic fittings to latch on the container. 42063: As I suspected, the BMW motorcycle is one of the missing set numbers. It looks to have full suspension, a shaft driven rear wheel, and a boxer engine. Color is black with some blue parts, and it has saddle bags made out of 5x7 frames. A notable recolor is the 3x5 bent panel in smokey transparent plastic, which will probably be a sought after part for creations. 42064:That's some ship. Lots of dark blue, with a red hull bottom, and white cabin. The hull has many parts not previously in dark blue, including the 3x13 wheel arch panels at the front, as I speculated it might have, as well as the 3x5 bent panels, and the smallest 2x5 panels, which I am quite happy about. The cabin has lots of 3x5 bent panels in white, although the windows are stickers, disappointingly. In front of the cabin is a green helipad, which might have look better in light grey, although some real ships do have green landing pads. Behind the cabin is a simple crane, presumably controlled by the knobs on top of the cabin. Also included are a couple of small vehicles, an orange submarine and helicopter. At the very least, the ship should have small wheels to roll on, but if it has any propellers remains to be seen. 42065: Well, I'm surprised. It is an actual racer, on tracks. Colors are lime green and white.(That distant sound you hear is Sariel having a fangasm.) Disappointingly, it appears that Lego decided to replicate an RC car kind of vehicle, without making it RC. There is an IR receiver right in front of the spoiler on the back, so that probably means that it will be standard IR control. Although, the antenna does not quite look right, so there is a possibility that the actual model has a radio receiver and remote, and the preliminary version only has some mock ups/stock photos of standard PF parts to use. Also disappointing is that the model has no suspension, and is likely direct motor drive. Still, something that I am really curious about is what kind of battery box this model uses, as the standard AA one would be quite large, and visible in a model of this size, but none can be seen. Also, there is no indication as to what motors it will use. My money is on L motors. There are some interesting recolors, including 4L axles with stop in black, and large track sprockets in LBG. Finally, overall it looks like the red and yellow axles are NOT going to be going away, which depending on your opinion of them could be a good or a bad thing. Sadly, in all of the pictures, there is not one of the jet, but I'm not surprised, as that is the 1H flagship. The ones that interest me most are 42064,42061, and 42062. Ones that I'd like parts from are 42059, and 42063. I'm kind of indifferent to the smallest ones, and 42060 is kind of ugly. I'm really on the fence with 42065, I don't really have enough information. There might be something interesting about it, there might not. I'm not getting my hopes up, but would be very pleasantly surprised if it had a rechargeable battery, and a new RC system. Actually, I can post a link , but not embed the actual photo.
  11. What? Pictures? We have pictures? Or maybe we don't, the links have expired. Please tell me somebody saved them. I'd like to look at what the sets are like. Edit: Pictures!
  12. Not exactly, it's more like they'll be built under a Chinese brand, but Volvo is partners with that brand. I don't understand why they decided to change the name, as Volvo has a good reputation, and a relatively obscure Chinese company would not have that. Honestly, I would think that they'd just move production to China, and slap Volvo badges on them. But, that's a whole other debate. Personally, I'd like to see both backhoes and graders, regardless of whether they are branded or not.
  13. Drawings? What do you mean by that? I don't think I've ever seen a concept drawing of any kind for Technic. Can you show us an example of what Nexo Knights stuff you're talking about?
  14. I know it's par for the course with creator style sets, but lack of steering is still kind of a letdown. Maybe they couldn't get it to look right, or maybe the way it's built in the original submission is insufficiently durable? I dunno, it's a great set, but not really my style. Also, I'd have to agree with the lamenting the lack of chrome. For a set like this, I just can't see chroming, even like the parts in 41999, adding too much to the cost. There are probably other reasons, though. As always, I like how fair you are with it, talking about what you like and don't like, and who this will and will not appeal to.
  15. So, its a V-tail, like this: