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  1. Actually, I really nominate 8002. Seriously, it is not easy, and if you do it wrong, it does not work. The really unfortunate part is the rubber bands, they're the kind that degrade. It does have some neat parts, which is why I'm glad I didn't get rid of it.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Now, what should I make? I'm a little bit disappointed in the choice of contest, but there ain't a whole lot to do. Thing is, how do you define "Motorcycle"? Maybe in 100 years, the line between motorcycle and car is rather blurred.
  3. I nominate 8455, or 8868. So many pneumatic hoses, and they don't quite do what you want. But, that's not really hard, and, in my opinion, if you have trouble assembling sets, you might not be ready for Technic. I have zero trouble no matter the set, but I may be an odd case since I built a UCS Star Wars set when I was like 8. See, Lego sets are designed to be okay to build. And, honestly, with all the simplification of the instructions, and color coding, no adult should have any problem. Now, building a MOC of your own is different, or even building one with instructions, which range in quality from almost official to borderline unuseable.
  4. I'd say build what you want. I don't build for popularity.
  5. All the information we have is that the Porsche is the first of a series, and nothing else. We don't have any sort of timeline or anything besides that. But, given that we have had a certain group of c-err, bootleggers copy the Porsche, Lego might not have wanted to show off another supercar, if it were to happpen this year. I personally think Lego might be waiting until 2018, as they probably would have had a listing, or something. Also, I still have my doubts about PF 2.0. Firstly, the new connectors, and smart motors make zero sense for Technic sets. I don't get the new connector design at all, but I think that kind of stuff is more along the lines of the next Mindstorms stuff, rather than PF. Also, 42070 makes zero sense as a debut set, unless of course it is not actually the flagship, as was rumored some pages back. So, we effectively know nothing, and people are just asking dumb questions.
  6. 1.Yes, yes you can. I've had some difficulty getting two SBricks to stay connected, though. 2.I have not tested this. 8 L motors is probably not workable. 3.I think so, but I've never tried this. You may have to consult their forums. If you're using this for your BattleBot, I'd suggest running the L motors through switches, rather than a channel on the SBrick.
  7. In 71042 Silent Mary, we see some recolors of Technic parts. #15461 is now in reddish brown 71042 Silent Mary by The Brothers Brick, on Flickr And some parts in pearl gold: 71042 Silent Mary by The Brothers Brick, on Flickr
  8. I feel like if that were the case, it would happen with sliders too, but it does not. Anyway, even if it were PWM, the joystick center should still give zero, as that's the home position, right? Also, I thought the Servo PWM was sent out differently, over the control wires.
  9. Somewhat oddly, I have this buzzing problem with other motors, not just M motors. Just about the only motor I don't have this issue with is the servo motor. So, maybe we have a problem with the joysticks not actually shutting off power. I dunno, I will be in touch with their support, and will update if anything comes of that.
  10. Well, I recently took the plunge, and purchased a few Sbricks for use in my creations. In order to test the setup, I connected some motors, and used a profile I threw together. The setup I used has 2 SBricks being controlled by my device at the same time, and my problem is that, with one of the SBricks, I have two M motors hooked up to it, and when I activate them, they run just fine, but when I let the joystick return to center, the motors buzz, almost as if the SBrick is not fully shutting them off. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the SBrick, or not, as it is one I tested before, and it had trouble with controlling my other motors. Is there a setting I am not aware of that would fix this? Has anyone else had this issue? Update: I tested it, and it seems to be an issue with the brick, although, in a bizzaro twist, I don't have the problem with sliders, only when those channels are controlled by joysticks.
  11. Are you wanting a sketch if what the Hammerhead could look like as a real concept car, like what Crowkillers did for his Vampire GT? This: If you want something like this, I could do it for you. I'm pretty good at simple vehicle sketches.
  12. Keep at it, I think you could make it work without modified parts, as these videos show. Or, you could employ a better custom solution, with some 3D printed parts: I'd say if you're willing to do custom parts, don't drill out turntables, use something like this instead, and make it really good.
  13. Very nice, this is how the set should have been from the start.
  14. It will come in purple in 42069 later this year, but to be honest, that probably won't help. By the way, what creations are you talking about? I've only ever seen the fenders used in one MOC.
  15. Oh well, just a suggestion.