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  1. Okay. Take your time, your reviews are always worth the wait.
  2. WRONG! 42030 does have suspension, but not steering on the axles. Most wheel loaders, and the real Volvo L350f have pendular suspension, with the front axle fixed, and the rear axle pendular. That kind of suspension is more for keeping wheels on the ground than absorbing shocks, hence the large, low pressure tires. Also, I don't think Anio would count articulated steering when talking about this, I certainly don't. Also, I'd say 42030 gets a pass, since it has a realistic suspension setup, whereas 42070 has no such excuse. I can't believe that Uwe Wabra designed both 8258, which was great, and 42070, which is an overpriced turd. Also, both models use almost the same amount of pieces, yet 8258 looks much better, and more finished.What's going on here? Is there something we're missing? Also, I find it ridiculous that 42070 has so many obvious gaps, and yet the front axle is built in a way that is weaker and wastes parts. Another asinine detail, there is excessive color coding, yet Lego sees fit to remove the bag numbering. What the heck?
  3. Hey @Jim, are you ever going to post the reviews of 42068 and 42069? Or, have you hit a snag of some kind, or else have life intrude?
  4. That's not a good thing...
  5. The CVT sounds like a good idea in theory, but I think in practice and in terms of realism you'd be better off using a definite 2 speed gearbox, as done by @Sariel in his Brickshelf gallery. Also, I think your gearbox is not actually a true CVT, but an implementation of an automatic gearbox. Again, it's a great theory, but I feel it adds needless complexity, and it ends up being more of complexity for the sake of complexity. But, if you really want 2 speeds, Sariel again has a much simpler automatic gearbox, or a much stronger remote operated one. By the way, I'm not trying to be down, but I've built stuff like this, and it sometimes doesn't work the way you want. Also, not having these mechanisms interconnected could be a problem in a skid steer vehicle.
  6. Maybe you could use them for some kind of KERS unit like on F1 cars.
  7. This review is excellent. The set, on the other hand, is poor. So much color barf, and so many missed chances to make it better.
  8. Put a roof on it. I've never really been into convertibles.
  9. I always thought embedding them was frowned upon, but linking was okay. @Jim, would you mind clearing this up?
  10. Whoops, I did not know that. I edited my previous statement to reflect this. Can you link to some other stuff he leaked in the past? We don't know if CM4SCI was banned for leaks or for something else, so I can't say. By the way, it is a little bit frowned upon to discuss why a member was banned, so tread carefully.
  11. I find this whole list to be turbo suspect. Unless Sir von Lego comes back and clarifies where he got this, I'm calling BS. I'm surprised nobody else has called it out as possibly being fabricated. This early, and from a relative unknown, I think everybody needs to take this with a grain of salt: Yup, that will do. Edit: As has been pointed out, Sir von Lego is actually a well known leaker that I was not aware of. I apologize to him for doubting it, but my point stands. Until we get an actual list, I have my doubts. Also, if he knows about this stuff, why don't we have a full set list? It would be pretty nice to have.
  12. I think Lego actually hyped up the set way too much, and to an audience that would know better. It looks nice, but I saw one in person, and I couldn't help but be underwhelmed. It looks nice, and that's about it. Also, @allanp, the gearbox is not that much different than one a fan would design, because in spite of it being in a set, it still needed modification to work properly. And, 42056 could have easily had more functions. But, at least int the case of rear wheel steering, Porsche nixed it, for some reason known only to their moronic lawyers and marketers. Then, the suspension is primitive and inaccurate, and you spend most of the build on bodywork. If Porsche had wanted a good looking model car, they should have just made it out of standard bricks. Technic is supposed to be about making a model that looks AND functions like the real thing, and Lego should have stuck to their guns with that. I just hope that 42056 does not set a precedent of sets that look good, but are overpriced and light on functions. In the end, I think the expectations weren't too high, because Lego encouraged that, and then there was hype backlash.
  13. Maybe, maybe not. I feel like 42053 had an awfully high part count given the functions. Also, if the above were true, 42070 would have more parts. I dunno, maybe the price point given to the designers is different from the one the marketers think they can sell it for. Or, maybe the designers phone it in to add parts to get a model to a particular price point, although lack of parts hasn't stopped Lego from putting things at different (higher) price points. Although, I feel like this thread has degenerated into pointless speculating, because Lego is doing things we don't like for reasons we don't understand. Some of us try to rationalize, some gripe, and I honestly kind of miss it. In years past, there wasn't this much griping, and I can't tell if it's because of lower quality, or higher expectations. But, honestly, looking at what Lego did last year, and this year, I think they really dropped the ball. I'm also majorly let down by the fact that there isn't any kind of 40th anniversary contest like the You Design It, We Make It contest, as this would have been the perfect opportunity.
  14. Since it's been revived, I found some pictures of a 5 axle tower crane that failed in an epic manner. Bad proportions, not enough room in the superstructure, critical structural flaws, and not enough parts.Oh, and so much color barf.
  15. Oh right. Also, why are almost all of the 2017 sets only showing up in the US in August? Do Americans really not buy Technic?