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  1. Hi Fox Womb, welcome to BoBs! Every faction needs forts, so I am sure you will fit in every faction :) As I am a member of Eslandola, I know we would welcome you with open arms! We already have a decent fleet and our settlements need more protection as we are in war with a NPC faction :)
  2. haha, not sure about that, I am sure I have seen watchtowers who are only half the size
  3. Hahahaha I do Everyday, I say to her how much I love her and how beautifull she is I really should have given that ship another name
  4. Those details on the facade are so fabolously beautifull! One of those builds I instantly show to Margot Too bad it is for the wrong side
  5. Great use of colours Kai!! It has a majestic feeling over it! The tapistry is very neat :D
  6. Cool facades! But may I advice to add a little bit of interior in the buildings? For this MOC, it is not that necessary as it is licenced as medium commerce (the commerce is the action on the streets, however, I do miss some tradewares). Those little elements does not have to be complete interiors with thousands of details, but just some elements showing the function of the building. It will improve you as builder as well :)
  7. This looks like a cut-out of a bigger and heavier fortress. Excellent job!
  8. This is mind-twisting :D Great job with the colourfull atmosphere!
  9. I love how it show the development of Lavalette! Great story and amazing pictures :)
  10. Awesome interior scene but shame on you!!! How dare you to know me for ages and still using such a scandalous way to make your shields attached to the wall! Well, we are humans after all, mistakes can be made, so for making your future MOC's even better, here is a tip: Damaximus/Maxim I Wall Decoration Shield Technic, on Flickr (note: there is an alternative for the arch, which results in an even better result, using 2 "1x4-plates" stacked on eachother and two "1x1-plates" underneath creating a small gap between those "1x1-plates". I really should update that tutorial with this... ) You are welcome! Back to the MOC: great job with the kneeling!
  11. Isn't the grey blurry thingy the rowboat where the 3 protagonists are in? I have to admit that it would surprise me not seeing the spooky shark in the set, considering your arguments (movie trailer, fitting perfect in this set, ...)
  12. No Captain anymore? :D
  13. Somehow, the forts in Trador (Crown & MAESTRO) and Elysabethtown (MAESTRO and myself) are not licenced by the crown, so I find this an interesting question :)
  14. Some more pictures of the residences And a few more detail pictures: I am very happy with the nametags on the buildings