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  1. @Bodi I dont entirely agree with the classes Legostone proposes... The biggest of the two vessels is class 7 Max (she has the same amount of guns as Margot) The other one would be a class 5 imho (just like you proposed yourself). One small side note, your story was how about the Oleon vessel passed by the Garvey vessel without a single shot fired. Which is good, otherwise there would be war now between Oleon and Garvey. So for acquiring that beautifull vessel, you will have to come up with a very clever explication to avoid hostilities between Oleon and Garvey...
  2. Funny :p Kraaken and Kraken is pronounced completely the same in Dutch :p So I can't help because I don't know how those two sound in English. But I think the way the Dutch people say it, should be the most correct :p The word "kraken" in Dutch means "to break (something)"
  3. To be honest, I am very happy with the feedback I received of Garmadon as now I can place a bit more why I did not win the challenge... The feedback of other players was very positive, but how the public see sth is different as how judges look at a MOC (greatest example is Eurosong ). In other words, based on the public opinion, I was kinda sure I would have ended in top 3 in this challenge, but after hearing the arguments of the jury, I can see why not and what I have to do to win the next time I put so much money, time and effort in an entry...
  4. Is there a way we can get feedback about our entries for this challenge?
  5. As member of Nar Eurbrikka? I guess that only participating for the Black Sun gets you the BoBS reward (as the goal is to have non NE-members particpating for Black Sun for this one challenge)
  6. @Bregir: I hope that is not the case for you!
  7. This is an amazing entry Pr. Thaum!! I really enjoyed reading it and the way you MOC'ed is just too funny! Congratz! :)
  8. Dear Kwatchi, As Capt Wolf pointed out, sometimes the story and the list don't add up. Your fellow Sea Rat Jacob Nion showed another missing link a while ago as well, so don't hit on us for asking how the Cardinal was recaptured and don't say the official result is holy as your own team mate pointed out a flaw in it... The missing description popped up when I was writing a summary for the Letter of Marques and that's why I asked to Legostone if he knew more... I think it his fullest right to want to know how exactly the Cardinal went missing and who captured it... It is true I asked a lot of questions after the first time I read the results, but once they were answered, I could live with it. And as you may have noticed, every Eslandolan player who was involved in this battle has already congratulated the Sea Rats for this tactical masterpiece they did... So don't we like the result? Ofcourse not, our whole fleet has been decimated. But are we still whining about that? No... It was a fair game, we knew there was a risk and we got money enough to rebuild our fleet... And that's also what already happened as Legostone sisterlicenced the Cardinal when the results were published. All he wanted to know is who exactly captured the original vessel...
  9. Great effect with the light brick!! I also love how you did the small waterfall with the shades of trans blue!
  10. Great story Gedren! Fun to read :) Glad to see Tolan made it home safely :)
  11. Not only you disappoint us by giving thieves access to your ports, you also made me click on "reveal hidden contents", without anything to appear! This will not be slightly forgiven! And dressing some poor pirates in green so you can accuse us of attacking an Oleon port, how dare you! Feel free to hang them on the gallow, we have nothing to do with them! Nowadays everyone wants to be Eslandolan... Fakers... Anyway, excellent collab and a pleasure to read!
  12. This is a wonderfull and massive MOC you created! I can assure Milah that we have nothing to do with those accusations of Eslandolans invading Cascadia! Even our tourists are always asking permission first to the right authorities... We do miss some tourists though, maybe those Mardierian bastards killed our citizens so they can accuse us
  13. Congratz on such an impressive build! I am sure you can build it in RL as well, but I fear one will have to spend a lot of money to build this IRL :p Anyway, you never disappoint with your LDD MOC's, so keep on KBB! :)
  14. Challenge 5E - A Belated Party (Part 2 of a collab together with Sir Stig). - Pro Eslandola
  15. Amazing part one by Sir Stig Part two: After the discoveries in Breshaun, Jan Zwartbaard went asap to Trador. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was easily convinced to sent at least an exploration party to the New Haven region. Jan Zwartbaad could use the AQAR to sail to New Haven. The 50 gun vessel would be a safe head quarter for exploration. Once arrived at the beach, they set up a small camp ashore, manned by 40 soldiers. 50 soldiers stayed in the AQAR and 10 soldiers went exploring the jungle together with Jan Zwartbaard and a few Tenotclaxcan warriors. Zwartbaard hoped those natives would be helpfull when encountering new tribes. The jungle itself kept surprising Zwartbaard. So many wonderfull colours and animals. Luckily he was not a Corringtonlander or he would have been distracted all the time figuring out the newly discovered fauna and flora. Sometimes, he looked around him as he was sure they were being watched, but he could not see other humans. Part three: If the calculations were right, they would be in the middle of the island now. They would discover a lake soonish. And indeed, a few minutes later, they arrived at a complete new world. What they saw was not a flourishing village, but a destroyed and razed settlement. Upon arriving, he could not find a single living soul. Jan Zwartbaard ordered his soldiers to search for any clue they could find. It was at this point his Tenotclaxcan friends were helpfull as their well-trained ears heard some silent noise under one of the burnt houses. They quickly headed to what used to be the biggest building, discovering a small entrance to a hide-out. The natives they saw inside the hide-out were frightened and refused to come out. Jan Zwartbaard understood that they were too late. Mardier already arrived first and burned down the village in their struggle to find the treasure. Jan Zwartbaard ordered to give food to the survivors. Accepting his losses and not looking forward to report his defeat, he decided to stay a bit longer here and ordered his men to start building a campment in the village. 2 Soldiers went back to the shore to get 20 more soldiers and some supplies and materials. The more food they gave to the natives, the more they came out of their hide-outs and out of the jungle. Due to the actions of Jan Zwartbaard, the natives became friendly and with the help of the Tenotclaxcans, some sort of communication started. It was a surprise when the Tenotclaxcans understood the words of the natives and vice versa. It appears that the village they discovered is the capital of the Azclaxcans Tribes and they are relatives of the Tenotclaxcans. It were indeed orange wearing people who raided the village when they found out there was no huge amount of gold stored in the houses. They probably went to the next village, so the natives fear that their neighbours will have had the same destiny. After hearing what horrible deeds Mardier did, Jan Zwartbaard announced they had to go back to the known world to ask for back up and more resources. He appointed one of his sergeants in charge of 20 soldiers who would stay on the island to help rebuilding the other villages together with the Azclaxcans and some of the younger Tenotclaxcans who have no wife at home who would be angry because they would be really really late for dinner. Just when they said goodbye, the prince of the Azclaxcans, Prince AzTe Hek, asked permission to his father, King AzTe Nek, to accompany Jan Zwartbaard. The King not only gave permission, but also handed out a golden bracelet filled with precious diamonds to Jan Zwartbaard. That’s why Mardier burned the village down, they didn’t find anything as it was hidden as well! With the deepest bow he ever could do, Zwartbaard thanked the chief and started his journey back home together with prince AzTe Hek and a small MAESTRO party. Deep in thoughts, he figured how MAESTRO could secure the future of those natives. It would be a matter of time before other factions will visit the natives. He took a last glimp over his shoulder to see the Azclaxcan King waving goodbye. Some more overview pictures Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! Congratz to everyone who participated in this challenge and the other challenges! It was a wonderfull Book 1 and I am looking forward to Book 2! I have to thank the Eslandolan members for their activity through book 1. I am very happy I choosed Eslandola as faction as we were an united faction, even when divided in multiple trade companies. Go MAESTRO! Go Eslandola!