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  1. @Phred Is it possible that @Professor Thaum isn't in the account summary yet?
  2. Well that's one bloody entry!! What I love most is the switching of minifig parts to portray clothes bading in blood! Building technically seen, I would have suggested to raise the water around the legs by at least one plate. Now it looks like the Eslandolans are running above the water instead of in the water
  3. Again an epic KBB build! When forgetting the story (how can one be so anti-Eslandola?), I really enjoyed every aspect of it!
  4. Great job guys!!! My first reaction was the same as @Bregir (about the money and time), but even if I had it, it would still be an incredible job creating this. Congratz with the result!
  5. Thank you very much for building such a beautifull vessel for Eslandola! Too bad it is already lost Absolutely great job on your beasty! I really hope to not counter it in my life :)
  6. They did something similar and you can buy it now in their shop I really don't want to see such a big vessel like they did the IFS... The Carribean Clipper is all those bluecoats deserve. Puny Oleonanders... Personally, I hope they revive the Armada and natives first before doing another round of bluecoats and redcoats. TBH, I really don't see why there is not a contineous Pirate theme just like Playmobil has.... I think you can buy 5 different Playmobil Pirate vessels in a toy shop right now...
  7. After his failed mission protecting the Mardierian princess, the Royal Mardier Guard is now captain of a platoon on a remote beach. He still is wearing his costume though...
  8. Cat B - Let's Go to the Beach - For Eslandola!
  9. It are busy times for Lord Maximilian Damaximus. Given the rank of Commodore, he was in charge of hunting down the blockaders with a fleet of 16 (!) vessels in order to clean the area around Isla de la Medio. On his way to Trador, he stopped at the most Southern part of Isla de la Medio so the troops he transported could disembark. They knew there was a wooden pallisade along the coast and that resistance would be fierce. And as the cannons on the mainland had a longer reach than those on the vessels, the fleet could not simply provide the necessary firepower. Luckily the rowboats were provided of some mini-cannons. Corporal Brickwall Princeton was very eager to revenge the death of his good friend Brickwall Jackson. He just finished his heroic speech when a bullet hit his arm. Unlucky for our hero, there are crocodiles in the water. Corporal Brickwall Princeton didn't die directly from a Mardierian bullet, but his death wasn't less idiotic (and a bit more painfull). Anyway, I am sure another Brickwall will raise up soon for another revenge! Meanwhile General Samu Whitedragon rallied the forces. Some Eslandolan soldiers were very eager... Meanwhile the atmosphere in the Mardierian camp was not so optimal. After his failed mission protecting the Mardierian princess, the Royal Mardier Guard is now captain of a platoon on a remote beach. He still is wearing his costume though... A lot of piew piew piew and kaboom later, the Eslandolan forces secured the area. Go Eslandola!!! -- Thanks for watching, C&C always welcome! The vessel will have a next live as Class 1A Coastal Patroll Vessel in the future.
  10. I will have the same problem :/ part of my build is showing an attack against Eslandola, but it will be clear that it is pro-Eslandola
  11. Congratz Terraversa for this wise decision! Congratz to both Ayrlego and Gideon for their amazing entries :D
  12. As KBB pointed out, they have a beef with Namere where they allow their fleet to capture Namere tradevessels. You may call it what you want, but this sounds as being in a war for me.
  13. Oleon really is a faction with two faces :p Legostone already donated a vessel to the RNTC and the auctions of Eslandola are open to anyone. But oh my god, the world ends if he is interested in buying an Oleon vessel :p I think his offer was royal enough though. Oleon blames Eslandola for their aggressive (?) behaviour, but when capturing a Namere tradevessel, the officials are nowhere to be seen explaining this act of aggression. And I can go on :p
  14. I do understand your logic Bregir, but that would mean that Kodi should not be allowed to use this vessel inside Bobs as it is presented somewhere else. The vessel hasn't been posted in BoBs (yet??), so once it is posted here, Kodi can create whatever story he wants about that vessel. if you see it as Kodi selling his service for refitting a vessel like the one he painted, and the captured licence of another player is a vessel that fits the requirements, I could see it working (as said, Kodi only showed us a drawing of a non-existing vessel in the world of BoBS, a vessel without name nor fame)
  15. Yeah the equipment of Swintoc is kinda outdated lately :p it could be that Swintoc bought some of your leftovers :p