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  1. Beautiful. I love brick buses. The color is a great choice.
  2. What great builds, especially the service center and the bike shop. The diner would also look great in a town setup. I would like to see the custom built cars close up. Can you make a video or something?
  3. I got my prize too. Thank you so much CopMike and TLG and other EB staff. What a great raffle again.
  4. Ah well, there's nothing wrong with a right good swooshing now and then. I say let it all hang out and run up and down the street with your "models" swooshing the whole way. LEGO deserves to be appreciated in the very best manner.
  5. Oh, come on. Do Voltron LEGO, Voltron!!!
  6. Wow man, this is quite impressive. Reminds me of this tv show I saw once where a guy built a kit car in his house and when he finished he found he couldn't get it out.
  7. Well, going by that pic, maybe the Shocker fig will have dual-moulded arms or some really intricate printing. Looks like he might need new hands, too. I hope they don't try to push those stupid Chima/Ninjago/Agents fists for him. That would explain why his fig wasn't ready for reveal yet.
  8. I don't get all the hate toward the Spider-Man sets. That van set is especially good. I love all the figs already and I can't wait to see Shocker. I wouldn't mind a fleet of those vans for my collection. Maybe the bank set is not as good, but it's Ok for what it is.
  9. Saw the movie today with my little girl and stopped by the store after and got six LBM minifigures. Nurse Harley, Eraser, Catman, Commissioner Gordon, Mime, and Pink Fairy Bats. Very good quality on the prints. Looking forward to the Bane and Two-face sets now. They look so good in the pics.
  10. Why is everyone on this page so interested in one piece? Is Mymaker also Albert from the Brickshow blog? I am not a fan of the channel, but the blog is pretty good. I am looking forward to the photos.
  11. As a kid I wanted King's Mountain Fortress, Imperial Trading Post, and Eldorado Fortress. Those were crazy expensive even then. Needless to say, I have never had any of those. When I returned from the DA, I discovered I had missed some really good sets like the UCS Star Destroyer and the First few modulars. No chance of affording those now. At least not genuine LEGO ones.
  12. This is great! I really like the turntable for the Batmobile. I also like the way you made Wayne Manor above. It really sets the mood, doesn't it?
  13. Yeah I want the real one too. I agree it's a little too big, or maybe way too big. You have the right idea for making it smaller. I keep wondering how it will steer though with the center axle. I don't think that would work without both front and rear counter-steering. Still a fan of the splitting function though. The whole Bat-family can fight together.
  14. Well now I'm glad I skipped the Speedwagon. The Ultimate Batmobile is an instant buy. Just shot up to number one on my list.
  15. Ha, Ha! It definitely makes me laugh, so yeah it works well. Love the color on th car. This is the best Jokermobile yet.