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  1. I like the elongated fuselage behind the cockpit. It really flows well with the low profile wing design, and the red canopy oozes Sith appeal.
  2. Wow, great job replicating the vintage look. Not my style at all, but I can see you really nailed the concept you were going for. Classic, blocky LEGO. I still have my old school Sith Infiltrator on the shelf.
  3. I like it too. The build looks really sleek and sturdy. Air racing is a lot of fun to watch and I would love to see modified starfighters racing like this one.
  4. This looks great! I especially like the engine details and the muted color scheme. Also try to see if you can deep link the images so people don't have to use links. You'll get more responses with images.
  5. What a great set! I can't wait to get one.
  6. What a beautiful build. I would feel perfectly at home in this hot rod shop. The tools and equipment are very realistic!
  7. I really like this build. Instantly recognizable and proportional to the real thing. You could theoretically use the same basic design for a Challenger too. I would like to build one, but maybe mine would have a body color roof. On the subject of colors, Mopar had some great options back then; red, yellow, pink, orange, purple, a couple blues, and greens. Wow, so many possibilities.
  8. This is a great detailed build, and I like the custom figs too.
  9. Wow, these are really good looking! I think I like the 55 most of all, but they are all good really. Would be perfect for battle pack sets.
  10. You all don't seem to like the new walker that much. I really like it quite a lot, and plan on buying several. I didn't buy enough of the last AT-AT, and now they are prohibitively expensive NIB. It looks like it has extra armor on it's legs and seems to be bristling with guns.
  11. Hey cool. Somebody has already made something. Good job, and I am sucker for alt-builds.
  12. Beautiful fighter. I really like the curved fuselage and that bright color!
  13. The sculpt and print detail on the Death Trooper is the best in this set. One vote for Death Trooper! Also Krennic looks just like him though, so he's a strong second place.
  14. Fine job on this mod. I wanted one of these when LEGO was offering it. My order came up with a stupid police helicopter instead, so I scrapped the order. Maybe with the online instructions we can build these Beetles in different colors then.
  15. High fantastic indeed. I just love the colors and NPU all over. What a beautiful figure.