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  1. Hey cool. Somebody has already made something. Good job, and I am sucker for alt-builds.
  2. Beautiful fighter. I really like the curved fuselage and that bright color!
  3. The sculpt and print detail on the Death Trooper is the best in this set. One vote for Death Trooper! Also Krennic looks just like him though, so he's a strong second place.
  4. Fine job on this mod. I wanted one of these when LEGO was offering it. My order came up with a stupid police helicopter instead, so I scrapped the order. Maybe with the online instructions we can build these Beetles in different colors then.
  5. High fantastic indeed. I just love the colors and NPU all over. What a beautiful figure.
  6. Looks great! This is also where they filmed the third Indy movie. They called it "something" grail temple. Regardless, I was always fascinated by the genius engineering being carved into the rock and not just built up with stone. Not that it would have also not been impressive, too but this place is really something special.
  7. This is gorgeous, man. I am a little envious of you and your King size ISD. It really does look like the studio model. When you get the ventral hull finished, maybe you could do a little pan shot or a 360 to get the full effect. Also, it looks a lot better in the more natural light.
  8. I like the part where he drops it. It's strangely satisfying to watch the beautiful smash and all the pieces flying everywhere. Is it sick and deviant? Perhaps, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.
  9. Great job on this model. Perfect system scale and it's nice to see an H.E. with proper drivers too. That is the main reason I never bought those sets. Tiny wheels are wrong for this type of steam engine. Yours looks really good.
  10. Although I really like the Duros and Vader figs, I have to say Boba Fett is the best minifigure on the list.
  11. Brilliant build. This looks like something non-FOLs would put on their Pinterest. Post it everywhere and you might be famous.
  12. Wow, nice builds. I understand Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest places in Asia. I would very much like to visit there.
  13. The car looks perfect and I really like that you made the light scanner in front. Yeah, I can still hear KITTs voice in my head.
  14. Loving the details along the rooftop and windows, but especially above the door. Using the worst view of a basic brick as a decorative focal point is brilliant. It almost changed my perspective on anti-studs and it really works well. The interior looks like it's packed with details and those bold colors were a great choice! I really like your style.
  15. Good looking rig, I like the general design. Might I be so bold as to also suggest bigger wheels and consider a snot build for just the front of the trailer. See, many semi trailers from the '40s and '50s had curved noses on the trailer for better aerodynamics.