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  1. We obviously need to work out @Itaria No Shintaku's prior predilections so as to surmise further what would excite him so...
  2. OMG @just2good, what a serious can of exogorths you just opened up! :s ...or should that be asteroid? ;)
  3. That is hilarious :) bravo!
  4. *tragic sigh* (pun intended) I would love a more significant DC playset too @just2good, beyond the very important but multitudinous batcaves. But I guess with the Hall not featuring prominently in any current media the chances are slim to none. One day...
  5. Any chance for a Hall of Justice?? I have no idea if that building is in the new DC cinematic universe. It seems a bit too triumphant for the grungy tones thus far :( But that's all I could see myself buying for that price :/
  6. Thanks @Kevii23! That's my kinda hint :D
  7. Ah @Scarilian... :) Two hours ago we were being taken to task for not accepting the stone cold facts presented by Brickset on the existence of a third Spider-Man Homecoming set, despite the fact that we had all worked out a while ago that @Delta Customs was a more reliable source. Now the unreliability of Brickset is presented as a reason to still believe in the possibility of a third set, given they are flip floppers. It seems we will believe what we want to believe, does it not? I sincerely hope you are right, in spite of the facts that I see. More Lego is always good - so keep dreaming :)
  8. Well will you look at that... For some reason Brickset has edited their set lists TODAY and now Spider-Man: Homecoming only has 2 sets and Thor: Ragnarok has 2 as well, eh? Does that satisfy you @Scarilian? It's nice to see which site is the tail and which is the top dog, hey @Delta Customs? :p
  9. Thanks @Captain Britain for clarifying what we do indeed know! It gets very difficult when posters come in and blur their own speculation with facts. The fact is that we don't know if there's a third Spidey set, and assuming that there is and then speculating what is in it, and not clarifying that you are speculating without any source whatsoever, in a post that purports to be about clarifying things, is quite unhelpful. I don't mind the odd bit of theorising, but at least be clear to all that that is what you are doing.
  10. I cannot see them skipping the Milano. As much as AFOLs love variety and new material, kids are going to want the iconic good guys main ship (and maybe a few adults who missed the last one). The new version doesn't need to be better, it just needs to be available because it will be the ship kids want.
  11. Hehe, GoldenNinja got ninja'd ;)
  12. Didn't CM4Sci just grab an extra DCPI by mistake, the $110 one? If you eliminate that price from the post the prices match Darth Caedus' prices exactly.
  13. Gorgeous
  14. *Standing ovation clap* Epic. It's been such a privilege to watch and enjoy this journey. Thanks so much for the ride :)
  15. I'm not sure this is the right topic to ask this but, does anyone know which store is getting the 76056 Ra's Al Ghul exclusive set in Australia?