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  1. All right, I'm convinced - I've just purchased the instructions from M_longer's page. It looks awesome, this will be a fun build. Thanks for this excellent piece of work, M_longer!
  2. Hmmm, 'not for inexperienced Lego Technic builders'. Do you mean this MOC or this set in general (the A and B models) ? I'm only just getting back into Lego. Currently I'm working on finishing my Saturn V. After that, I thought I wanted to try some Technic, so I ordered this set and I was already thinking about buying this C-model manual. But is it perhaps too much for a newcomer? I've just looked at the online manual for the A model and there sure a lot of steps! Is it also correct that all parts seem to be in one huge bag instead of being divided over multiple ones?
  3. Still working on mine. I've almost finished the second stage, there really are some crazy techniques on the top part. I wanted to get an idea of the final height, so I tried connecting the first and second stage. But it wouldn't work, pieces just kept flying off when I pushed down the second stage to connect it. Some pieces were colliding. Only very slightly, but just enough to cause trouble. Turned out I misplaced some parts in an earlier step.
  4. I've started building mine, just about to finish the first stage. It still has some exposed parts, but it already feels so sturdy.
  5. I'm going to start building it this weekend! My first big set, and at first I was thinking about mixing the bags for the challenge - but I'm really reconsidering now after actually seeing all the bags.
  6. Purchased and already built the General Grievous buildable figure. It was a lot more interesting to build than the Kenobi and Kylo figures I also purchased at the same time. With all the joint-type parts in the legs it actually took a while to get it to balance properly.
  7. From a local auction site. A consumer-to-consumer type thing. The Lego store indeed showed mid-end July shipping dates
  8. While waiting for my Saturn V to arrive (that's what got me interested in Lego again), I decided to purchase a small Star Wars set: the Darth Vader buildable figure. A nice and easy set, and I think it looks pretty cool. Next on my list is the Falcon I think.
  9. Well, I just purchased one! Should arrive in a few days. Don't have the time for building it yet though. But at the end of this month I have a week of vacation, can't wait!
  10. Thanks! This indeed looks like something that could easily become addicting. I've always been kind of 'fidgety' with my hands, so Lego seems the perfect answer to that. I'm already looking at some other sets. Some of those Star Wars ones look really nice. But first, this Saturn! I really hope local toy stores will have it in stock.
  11. It's this set that got me interested in lego again (and also how I found this community). I haven't played with it since I was a kid, but I am really thinking about buying this set. It looks so awesome and the Apollo project always fascinated me.