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  1. When I go to my cart, that button doesn't appear. The only button that shows is "Empty Selected Carts."
  2. Is there a way to transfer items from my cart to a wanted list?
  3. I've designed my moc on LDD, and I've gathered all the parts on Bricklink(my first bricklink order). However, it seems like I can only fully purchase the parts individually. Is there another, easier way to purchase?
  4. I don't know... It seems like LEGO Minecraft is running out of material. Also, $250? Yikes!
  5. Really nice job with this!
  6. Holy ship...
  7. I understand that, the color scheme doesn't bother me. It's just so devoid of detail or interesting features...
  8. That would make the set a great selling point for me :)
  9. I like most of the minifigures, and the Ultimate Battle for Asgard looks pretty cool. The arena, on the other hand, looks extremely boring in my opinion. I really like that giant wolf... Another interesting thing I noticed is the Sakaarian guard. A little nod to Guardians?
  10. Man, this is really accurate! Fantastic job!
  11. I've added my own bio.
  12. Ummm... Okay...
  13. Okay, I was a bit confused!
  14. I understand that aspect! Originally I was gonna have a super awesome sniper dude, similar to my profile, but I realized that would be a tad bit unrealistic Thank you!