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  1. Great job! Really love the use of the containers as the front pillars and the atms. I would agree with the others on the drainage pipe, maybe do something like the Parisian Restaurant has on the backside. Overall a really good job especially since you weren't really planning on making a full building.
  2. Very nice work! I had planned to do an all black version of my modded Arctic Roller in the near future and I think seeing yours just makes me want to start on it asap.
  3. This is really fantastic. I'd tell you what parts I like most but I like just about everything you did. The use of windows for railings, just damn, looks awesome.
  4. Looks like the car came out great and fits the style of your building quite well. Good job!
  5. I think both of these setups are really great but I find myself way too brick/plates/tile poor to implement either of them. My solution is to use road plates but build all my modulars 4 studs closer to the edge of their baseplate than the standard. This way the sidewalk blends into the tile covered road plates without being extremely large but big enough to feature planters, benches, bus stops and still having at least 4-6 studs of walking/bicycling room.
  6. Thank you very much! The outdoor patio is definitely my favorite part of it. Thank you! Thank you! My daughter absolutely loves the Disney minifigures so I try to use them whenever I can.
  7. Finally got around to finishing this thing after I took a break to finish my Artic Roller Mod. Here are the results: 20170213_131504 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170213_130746 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170213_130947 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170213_130915 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170213_131152 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170213_131255 by David Kerkes, on Flickr
  8. Thank you. I haven't yet, not really sure if I'm picking it up yet or not. Maybe if it's on sale I'll grab one and see what my mind comes up with. I tried a few approaches with the grill piece I mentioned up above but didn't end up with anything worth sharing yet. Might try using a standard 1x2x3 arch window with the mesh grill in it and see how that looks next. That's how mine started and for a few moments I almost abandoned ship as my car was in pieces and I had now idea what I was doing but I just kept tinkering until I had at least a framework of what I wanted it to look like.
  9. Thank you very much! Yeah I really like the way it came out, still planning on trying the old school grill to see how that looks but will probably require some adjustments to the bigger headlights.
  10. It's funny you mention that cause I consider this my President Business car. I think a few shots in the Flickr album have him sitting in it.
  11. Here's a link to the underside Not a great photo but I think it should work.
  12. Wow, this is a really great representation of the real thing. And all of that Medium Nougat, drool....
  13. Oh very nice job! Just a thought that I had after I finished mine, have you tried using 30147 as the grill piece in front? Without the front fender it should be able to fit and still have the larger headlights around it. I have a few coming in next week that I was going to try since I don't use LDD. Anyways, thanks for sharing and I appreciate you linking back to my post.
  14. I'm glad you really like it :) I'll try and take some pictures tonight of the underside.
  15. Thanks! I love older cars so once the Arctic Roller came out I just saw the potential of it. This was my first car mod so it took a lot more time than I imagined trying to rework the back end to be stable and still follow the natural curves of the front fender. Thanks! I was actually in the opposite boat where I had no Batman or Penguin and I just saw a lot of potential for the car. At some point I want to come back and rework it again to be more like a Panther DeVille with the black/white tones and make it a bit shorter but wider to fit 2 minifigs.