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  1. Very nice MOC, very smooth, maybe a bit too clean but I love it !
  2. You mean those legs ?{"color":11}
  3. Nice figs, where did you get the white/black legs ? And someone know which figs have black/white legs (for scout troopers) ?
  4. Well, if by purist you mean accurate, you have the NN14 from Brickarms, which is the more accurate
  5. Simple but thank you, I'll order parts and see what it looks like
  6. Any idea, how update Juno's head ?
  7. Yes it's because I made a mistake, as Fenom said, this one come from Brickforge, unfortunatly I can't find it on Brickforge website. I found some on eBay (ex: ) but that's it.
  8. Oh my bad, sorry I was sure that i have seen some picture of this Boba with printed arms
  9. Slave One UCS version but the new version in the Desert Skiff has also the printed arms
  10. It's Brickarms Fett blaster only available in their Blasters Pack and the printed jetpack is from Arealight Custom Work (they have also the blue version for Boba/Jango)
  11. Thank you for the picture, on your picture, the whole thing looks good but on Arealight's Flickr the side view shows indeed a thick jetpack. I'll fall back on CaC option, even if it's without printed elements.
  12. Thank you :) I never noticed Arealight has custom backpacks, some people have Clone Army Custom's backpacks ? They seem sweet And someone has tested Arealight's printed jetpacks for Boba ? I fear that it might be too thick
  13. Nice update ! Where did you get those backpacks and pauldrons ? And I daresay the weapons come from Brickarms (Is a way to buy Brickarms star wars weapons without buying the whole pack ?)
  14. I'm cool, don't worry, sorry if my words seemed rude, I didn't mean to.
  15. Well, take a look at thos images, They clearly show a flat section (the blue part) and curved sides. In addition the sides are in 2 pieces.