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  1. I think the 42038 should have had those wheels originally. the tracks dont even mesh properly with the sprockets if you look closley at them, so I tend not to be that interested in tracks. Anyway back to the topic, I think the 42070 could have had the loading bay area (if that makes it any clearer) filled in more, it is kinda patchy but does have some useful parts and clever functions. The boom is only a 1 way boom but this means it is stronger when lifting things I guess. Looking forward to building these!.
  2. Sounds like a good idea
  3. Is that a gearbox changeover catch 3L in light bluish grey? holding the handrail bars vertically.
  4. Yes, I have two, I got them from bricklink. We must preserve old parts that are no longer made, i.e don't throw them out in the track or damage them!
  5. Hi, I have had this problem many times before, to fix this you must try the following versions of adobe flash: NPAPI version ActiveX version PPAPI version To do this goto and select one, one of the above under 'step 2'. When the LDD installer does not complain about flash player it means you have installed the correct version of flash player from the above list. Ensure that the correct Operating system is also selected under 'step 1'. For example I have firefox yet for some reason only the activeX (Internet explorer basically) version of adobe flash worked with LDD so it's hard to say which version is right for you, so just try them all one after another then uninstall the un-needed versions of flash. Note that in my case firefox needed the NPAPI version yet LDD needed the activeX version so I had to have two versions installed. please ensure you check if you browser needs a separate version of flash player before uninstalling it. Yes, this is annoying Good luck.
  6. Ok so I open steam just now and see that there's updates for lego worlds available, since it is no longer it beta. However when it updates I get an error from steam saying my platform is unsupported. My platform is x86 so this error is a load of nonsense. Whats the point in it updating for it to then be unsuported. Are they talking the piss or something? I've already lost my game data before because it's too useless to restore a backed up gamesave. It's had the same stupid bugs ever since it was put on steam. It's been ages since they've bothered adding updates now I cant even play it!! The game worked on Windows XP before today, when I bought it, it was for the intention of actially PLAYING it when it came out of beta.
  7. I think thats good cause you can learn by building it. Which is rare nowdays but not so much more recently with technic models. So I'd prophesy learning how the gear box works.
  8. I just saw it update now, cannot see any new parts yet but at least it's like a reminder that TLG still cares about it.
  9. The problem is, releasing too many new parts detracts hat Technic and indeed LEGO is about, its about building a part of a modem, or of parts. and sometimes with large models its about building a part of a part of a modem, out of parts. Sometimes they release specical parts when something is perhaps too small, finley detailed or too specialized of purpose to be done using pre-existing parts. This sometimes means the model is larger than yu were planning because a certain function needs more parts rather than fewer more specicalised parts so that is a good reason to request newer parts, as long as they actually are needed and not just wanted. I also know that the new sets are not as advanced as say the Arocs, or bucket wheel excavator but maybe we've been spoiled and now they sort of need to make simpler new sets to reduce their costs for a little while. The sets are not that bad for 2017 though, I don't even think I've fully made use of the newer [arts as it is!, which is another important reasn why its good not to have too many new parts - Because it doesnt teach you t think in a geometric way, which is what LEGO is about. Can anyone give any insight to if that purple tracked truck has front suspention and/or inner-tracks sprinfgs as the main shock absorbers..
  10. Cool creation, does the pull back bit (I dunno what its called) lock into place when pulled back or do you just hav e to keep it pulled back with your hand until you let go?. I would be interested in the locking mechanism if there is one for a simular project of mine.
  11. Hi, Before in LDD you used to be able to change the sides and bottom color of a 1x1 tile relative to the top color but I cannot renember how to do this, does anyone have any idea? I recall that I had to surround the tile in question with other tiles of a different color to get it to work Maybe it would be cool to merge this with the LDD tricks thread if its indeed a trick and if somebody renembers how to do it.
  12. I'll rebuild the front axles engine, etc and post it in this reply soon. I think using pnumatics for the outriggers is a good idea but was more wanting to try the challenge of using mini LA's but made more stable, like in the 42009.
  13. Hi, I modded the mercadees benz arocs so that it has steering and suspention and drive on the two front axles as well as acenter diff between the two, RC steering, and a drive motor for the wheels. The flat 6 is in the same place roughly and the gearbox motor is roughly in the sam place too. Now I'm trying to add the same sort of outriggers that the 42009 has, but to the mercadees benz arocs, I ALSO am trying to have the steering axle going through this assembly to the rear wheels as well as a centre differential underneath. the outriggers. This sounds like a lot yes but the pnumatic pump can be moved to the back and there is new connectors now to make more compact assemblies. The gearbox would still have two clutches, the only difference, is the pnumatic pump is connected to the same output as the turntable, which frees up one output for the small linear actuators of the outriggers. Does anybody have any ideas on building this? I have been trying but I cannot seem to put my ideas into actual assemblies. I think it is a good idea to use the black 12tooth 13L gear strips like in the 42009 because the arocs outriggers are much too cumbersome. I did manage to fit a centre differential under the original arocs outriggers which is good. The purple axle is for the tipper, the green axle is for the turntable , the orange and brown axle are for the outrigers.
  14. I think it is just trans-clear, but just has a grainy texture on the plastic, I've seen this before on lego system slopes some are smoooth some aren't
  15. I'm making a pistol from lego technic but rather than using unreliable rubber bands, I want to use springs which are placed over axles. The parts which need springs are: The firing pin The magazine And The latch, which keeps the firing pin pulled back, (the trigger releases it). The problem I have is, although I have seen stepper mechanisms such as in the lego technic porshe gearbox, those are rotary, not linear. I would need a linear mechanism in order to lock the firing pin when the slide is pulled back (I.E when the firing pin spring is compressed). Is there a way this can be done in lego technic? Here is a diagram of the slide and firing pin. The grey parts are the firing pin and (simulated) spring and the black parts are the slide.