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  1. Sup, it's been a while since I've been on EB but anyway... The new pinhole with axles on the opposing sides would make a great steering and suspention hub. Not to mention a tonne of other possibilities. The new wormgear should in theory be able to drive double bevel gears since it has a larger diameter than the 2L worm gear and since the fairly new outrigger gear strip is the same dimentions as a 12T bevel gear.
  2. Excellant review for an excellant set. I better get building this one!.
  3. Hi, So I decided to use the space left over space from the original model to fit some motors and a battery box in. I replaced the drivers bag with the battery box then plugged an XL motor into the bottom and plugged a servo motor into the bottom too to steer the wheels. I have yet to link the other side of the steering motor to the steering wheel but so far it looks pretty good!. Here are the photos. I tried to make the mod as less invasive as possible so there are about 57 parts left over that will just go in my parts bins. Here are the results so far: I put the bag inbetween the two seats by using the two spare holes on the back end of the rear 3x11 black panel.
  4. different to say a lego 4884 way of doing it, or just putting the spring directly on the side of the top and bottom wishbonesinstead of putting the top of the spring on a seperate chassis.
  5. Yes it's the same but I've never seen it done quite like this before.
  6. I just finished box 1 and I think this is the best technic set ever!. The new hubs and wheels are great and the gear shifter mechanism is ingenuius. The suspention is also intersting and gearbox. not to mention everything else it can do.I think that they have added as many features as they could, cause lego designers have to consider many things in designing a product. They priced it at £250.00 here, which is a little high but there was only one on the shelf in my kego store. The arocs had slighly more parts and was £200.
  7. Try this but without the mods, in order to seperate to get the body off of the chassis. check here too:
  8. Well, don't say I didn't warn you's! (if this really is delayed).
  9. Didn't the 42000 rims have the 6 holes or am I getting confused.
  10. That is a unimog rim with a 42000 tire on it.
  11. I wonder if those new gearshift parts can be put right next to an 8/24 tooth gear, as an axle joiner without it catching on the teeth, if the gear is placed at the centre of the gearshift piece. Would be useful for very specicalized scenarios, for example, you need a 13 lengh axle but they dont exist so you must connect two 6L axles with this part, having 1L between the two 6L's, AND you also happen to need an 8 or 24 tooth gear beside it too (6+6+1=13L)
  12. I'm not sure if that was sarcasm That won't quite work, cause of the time zones and jim is in the same country as where the TLG HQ is. so if TLC found out they could just stop supporting this forum and doing other stuff which is bad. if everybody had everything when ever they wanted it there would be no fun, cause that would wear off.
  13. Ok, a 1x1 liftarem is too thick so just push the black parts into each side of the drive ring until they stop, there is just enough room for the drive ring ti mesh with the idler gears. Here is a mockup of what I had in mind, though you'll have to make it into a useful geartrain, this doesn't really 'do' anything how it is inn the pictures. More Pictures here Or you could just wait 2 days for the set to come out :)
  14. No need to break the notches off the 3L driving ring, just push a 1x1 lifftarm into each end of the driving ring, works just fine unless im missing something.
  15. I have just realized that it uses two of these in black for the end of the first half of the boom arm. I was under the impression that this part was retired.