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  1. I'm really fond of the color scheme of this carousel. It makes such a happy scene. It would be nice to have a carousel in my city, but LEGO is releasing so much great sets lately I can't keep up anymore. There are some tough choices to make. Does anyone know if there are pictures around of this carousel combined with the modulars. Regarding the dimensions and pictures with minifigures it looks the carousel is even bigger than some modulars, so I guess the carousel looks way oversized compared to them.
  2. Just like in the modulars the bricks with holes are placed nine studs from the edge of the baseplate and with 10 studs between them. On another picture I even saw the connectors are present in the set. It looks like the bricks with holes are placed directly on the baseplate, so I guess it's possible to connect the set with the modulars. On the other hand, there would be no continuity of the modular sidewalk and the water level will be above the sidewalk level due to the black bricks under the water tiles. I really like the set, but I don't know how it could fit next to the modulars due to these restrictions. It doesn't look this is ment to be a standalone set due to the modular aspects. Could we expect a new line of modular buildings within this theme?
  3. I think it's odd there's no minifigure in this round that I really like. It must be the first time in the second stage I have this feeling.
  4. Such an atmosphere! So many details. Impressive! I didn't dare to hope the interior would be so detailed. Even though I'm vegetarian, I want to have this fishing store!
  5. That was the site I used to order them, but I didn't dare to advertise on this site. They deliver fast. Don't forget a sealed bag (on the Lego site you can find them) costs €3,99 from now on. So I didn't mind buying a euro more for being certain I'd get the one I want.
  6. Since they aren't available in Belgium too, I have ordered the ones I wanted (veterinarian and connoisseur) online.
  7. Fantastic build! I like your design a lot more than the official Fairground Mixer. I would like to have one, but I don't think I could reverse engineer it. I love the cute and colorful spaceships!
  8. Nice colored and very detailed coffee shop! I like the poster with all those eyes!
  9. Great mall! You must have put a lot of work into it. I'm impressed by the video! I love the aliens on the side! I hope you get another PC soon so you continue your hobby!
  10. Fantastic park! I really like how modular it is! The fencing is great too! Are the corner modules build on 48x48 baseplates? It must be fun to fill the park with minifigures! It's also a great picture with the row of houses next to the park. What a city! I would like to make myself one too, if I only had the place for it!
  11. Fantastic level of detail, the color scheme is great and there is so much variation in depth. I cannot imagine Lego creates a better one. This is the best Police Headquarters I've ever seen!
  12. If you send me a PM with your email address, I'll mail you the file. I can't figure out how to add the file here, it seems only images are allowed. I have to say there are some modifications in my Cafe Corner: - most importantly, there was some modification done in the structure around the doors to use modern Lego 4*6 doors. - I replaced the dark blue bricks by dark stone grey bricks, because it was too hard to find the dark blue arch. - modern Lego windows replace the older original parts. - I replaced some turntables by 2x2 tiles with one stud on top, because you can't find the turntables in the correct color. - Because of my personal taste, I changed the CAFE sign on the sidewalk with dark stone grey tiles and changed the furniture on it. On that side I also modded the wall so the middle window isn't a door anymore. If you want I can add the original bricks for that wall to the LDD-file.
  13. Do you already have a horizon express? A second one would make a great complete train!
  14. If they make it so hard to collect them all, why should we even bother? I only buy second hand opened bags anymore, and even then only minifigures I really want AND will use for display. I miss the excitement of opening the bags, but I hate buying a pig in a poke (which results in having too much minifigures except for the ones I want) or the feeling being watched standing in the toy store examinating all those blind bags. I'm not sure if I'll buy one of this series, but I'm fond of the bulldog! I hope he'll be once in a regular set (like the chihuahua now has been), but I won't set my hopes too high, as for example the seagull isn't released anymore, even not in the upcomming Old Fishing Store.
  15. When could we expect an official anouncement for the Old Fishing Store? Its release is expected in the fall. Is that around September?