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  1. Do you already have a horizon express? A second one would make a great complete train!
  2. If they make it so hard to collect them all, why should we even bother? I only buy second hand opened bags anymore, and even then only minifigures I really want AND will use for display. I miss the excitement of opening the bags, but I hate buying a pig in a poke (which results in having too much minifigures except for the ones I want) or the feeling being watched standing in the toy store examinating all those blind bags. I'm not sure if I'll buy one of this series, but I'm fond of the bulldog! I hope he'll be once in a regular set (like the chihuahua now has been), but I won't set my hopes too high, as for example the seagull isn't released anymore, even not in the upcomming Old Fishing Store.
  3. When could we expect an official anouncement for the Old Fishing Store? Its release is expected in the fall. Is that around September?
  4. Your cathedral is a piece of Lego art! I like how you achieved to give a grey building so much detail. The stained glass windows brighten the construction. Is it possible to remove the roof to see the interior?
  5. If they won't sell them in the Netherlands and Belgium, I'm done with the CMF's. The price increase alone was already bothering me. €3,99 for blind bags
  6. Very nice build! The futuristic look, the curves and the colors, it's perfect!
  7. I'm not sure if it belongs here, but: When I went to the LEGO Shop page, the collectable fisherman was fishing for LEGO boxes. Together with the printed tiles depicting City sets, there were tiles printed with Friends and Classic sets. The City set tiles are included in City Square, but is there a chance the other tiles allready exist or will be released? Thank you very much!
  8. Just go for it! It would be a pity not to buy a modular because you missed the first ones. You might regret it! You don't need the first ones (that are partly recycled into Assembly Square by the way) to appreciate your collection, that you even can supplement with your own MOCs if it interests you!
  9. I must warn you: collecting modulars is indeed addictive! I simply could not resist completing the whole series, although I don't own the original CC, MS and GG. You can save money by making some modifications and substitutions, so you don't have to pay those crazy prices. Making my version of the Town Hall wasn't easy and I ended up buying an original one.
  10. Impressive reconstruction! Well done! Are there interiors too?
  11. Fantastic build! Very nice how you depicted the struggle of nature versus architecture. Nice how you populated the diorama with little animals and Islanders. Could this be the place the upcoming Jungle Explorers are heading to? Won't you publish it on Lego Ideas? I'd buy one for sure!
  12. As much as I love new specific moulded animals, I feel nostalgic about the original bird mould that took just another print or color for different species. I hope for another bird mould. Again one not too specific, that can be used and printed for different small birds. In Lego City Undercover there were Lego pigeons, but I guess that mould is never made. A shame, as they would fit perfectly on Assembly Square!
  13. Glad you like your Palace Cinema too! On to your next modular? Mind you, it's addictive! I wasn't sure to buy the Palace Cinema, but I was impressed when I had build mine. I'm thinking about making an interior for the modular.
  14. Wonderful station! It looks so realistic! It requires no imagination seeing the 10194 Emerald Night train waiting for departure in you station! Do you plan to build it in real bricks? It would be nice to see it populated with minifigures.
  15. Very beautiful modification! The interior is very nice too, there is a lot of space in the mall. I really like the light colors you have used, but I have to say because of those colors it doesn't remind me of books. Nevertheless it looks very good and modern!