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  1. ^ OH MY GAAAWD, is that the new UCS Falcon?! On a more serious note, I really like the new print on Kylo. I felt like the plain black robes of the previous figure didn't convey his outfit well enough, so the addition of the thin grey lines is very welcome.
  2. TFA C-3PO, easily. The assassin droid is very plain, but I do like all four figures.
  3. The Ghost
  4. The Grand Inquisitor has to be one of the best figs of that year. He came with 3 new moulds at the time, one of them being his obscure helmet (that's dual-moulded as well), which they could easily have left out without hurting the figure design. I thought Lego was going in a new direction with detail for SW minifigs, but it has only gotten worse since. For instance, now we have major Clones in an expensive set that are under-detailed and don't come with their signature helmets.
  5. Shadow Stormtrooper. Though Ventress is a close second.
  6. Republic Gunship