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  1. It is definitely Legends. About the Fighter Tank, I really like the use of a black bucket handle as a control yoke. As if that wasn't enough for cockpit detailing, it also has one of those printed control panels above the yoke. It is a lot flatter, proportionally, to the last version (in addition to being a lot smaller of course), which I like. They nailed the look of the 'face' on this one. The repulsors are not as thick so the accessories can't be stored inside, rather clumsily on top. Stud shooters are integrated fairly well though, they look like grenade launchers. The 2008 version had the dual laser cannon on top. This one has no gunner's position or turret. In the (far) future, they could release the beam turret version, or the one with Imperial markings.
  2. Even if this year seems lacking in terms of sets from ANH (with only a slighty updated Landspeeder and a UCS Falcon which might be ESB themed), we have to remember it's also the 40th anniversary of SW in general. In that case, I think Lego has delivered quite well with the set selection, even if it could be a little better (especially in the minifig selection department). With the addition of the Jedi Starfighter with Booster Ring from AOTC, there is now at least one set available per major subtheme, including all 8 episodic films, Rogue One, The Clone Wars, Rebels, Legends (Republic Fighter Tank) and, whether you like it or not, their own Freemaker Adventures. I'd say that's pretty impressive because there's something for everyone, though most remakes this year are more redundant then ever. The polarising May the 4th R2 build is at least very representative for ANH and the franchise as a whole.
  3. There are pictures of the backs of the boxes and plenty of additional pictures for the summer sets on this site. I'm intrigued by the build of the Tracker I. It looks like the lower part of the interior features three compartments with space for lightsabers, a prison cell for Rowan with some sort of ejection feature, and some kind of ladder that appears to lead to the cockpit (but not really). The droid apparently hangs in the cockpit, behind one of the canopy windows. The second and third windows opens up to store the handcuffs and blaster like we saw at Toy Fair.
  4. Even though it probably wouldn't be too difficult to modify the figure, it's nice to see that the official set has a way to switch between the Stormtrooper Commander and a regular one. The pauldron is easily removable and instructions are provided to rebuild the weapon. I'm definitely getting two of these. Pics for the other summer sets and the backs of their boxes are also up on the site. Too bad the stand is not removable from the Speeder bike, but it's still very nice.
  5. I guess it was a bit hypocritical to call minifigures approximations and then criticize the fact that she uses a piece made to resemble her species, but I'm still disappointed by the lack of a new mould. The approximation thing was more about the squarish style of the figs in general. Han Solo got a new and more accurate mold for his hair and it looks great on him, more realistic but still stylized enough. You can't really compare something major like the wrong lightsaber colour with the omission of detail on a tiny blaster piece though. A more valid comparison would be Solo's silver blaster tip and the black pieces and buttons on a lightsaber hilt. Also, about the headpiece, I remember having a discussion about this before the fig was revealed, so I looked it up and you said this:
  6. I would have voted for Ahsoka if she actually got a new head piece mould. The rest of the figure looks fantastic and very detailed but that Shaak Ti piece is completely inappropriate for her. Also, her lightsabers should've been trans-clear. I'm voting for Han Solo. With that new hairpiece, he's pretty much perfect. The only thing that could possibly be added to him is dual-moulded legs for his boots and maybe side leg printing for those stripes on his pants (though that last part is kinda optional, as a Lego figure is more of an approximation then a replica of course).