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  1. One Holodoc special ticket for me too please and thank you in advance. I thought not replying here means just that, but agree that this is more deterministic :D
  2. Since the Thursday activity is LEGOLAND park, I wonder if there is any schedule for the day (any guided behind the scenes tours and when it starts) or is it free roaming all day long? A friend of mine is going to Gunzburg on Thursday and I have a ride. Just need to know how early in the morning / middle of the night I'll hove to convince him to start the journey ... :)
  3. Here's me: - Need reservation? yes, please - Apartment sharing? sure, no snoring please :) - Number of persons and length of stay? only me, whole event - Are you member of a registered LUG? yap - Anything else we need to know? not at the moment ...
  4. Is this the signup thread yet? Count me in too!
  5. I always knew 13 was my lucky number! And I won prize E, my favourite!
  6. When it comes to snow ... I can't wait to go skiing! Thanks CopMike for continuing this wonderful tradition!
  7. Uhm, let me just answer you here instead of over at IDS. It's much easier this way ;) Well I'm used to building with as little studs as possible even in minifig scale and in microscale they stand out even more. Yea TLG always somehow maneges it to make it look ok. You mentinoed Falling Water - there's a strict line between studded terrain and tiled water / building. So no slopes are used in rockwork which is what maybe bothers me the most on your model. I really can't tell weather using the plates instaed of slopes or tiling the whole terrain would look better or which version ... It's just how I see things. The studs on the big tower are allright, since it'd be harder to build it differently and it gives the plain walls some texture. But as said, the model is great nevertheless! Btw very nice usage of the window piece.
  8. Here's my depiction of Endor in the style of TLG's Architecture Skylines series. It was built for a competition over at IDS. Enjoy!
  9. Hell, it's about time! I see SoNE did put some sense into you yellow-bellied lovers :) ... just admit it, that SW MOCs look so much better in flesh! It's nice to see your builds are getting more and more complex and detailed. The archway looks really nice and gives the right impression of a bigger building that is a vessel parking. I also like the minifigs combos ... I'm not too sure about dark orange though, maybe dark tan would fit Tatooine better, but it's nice to see a different approach. The inner walls are nicely detailed with the greeble, which for my taste looks a bit too disconnected. As if it was split into 1x2 modules that sit there each for their own reason and does not work as one bigger machinery. Maybe using some bigger tiles, different orientation for those 1x2 pieces and some pipes being connected by all going in the same direction would work better. Also using just one instance of gray as well as adding some height difference of tiles makes it look more like one huge piece. But my biggest concern is the base of your MOC. There's nothing wrong with using baseplates. Sometimes we just need a plain straight surface. You could even skip most of the plates stuck onto it to gain some level difference if you would lift everything up a bit. Not necessarily by snoting the floor with 2xN bricks but you could create a border for your base to make it thicker. The other way would be using plates and some wedge plates to get a base that is not just a plain square. Even if it's not an event display MOC and "just" a SoNE freebuild I think that proper base gives so much to a whole finished look of a creation. Keep up the good work and sorry for my innivitable criticism! :)
  10. A - 1 B - 1 D - 1
  11. Category A: #6 #7 #13 Category B: #4
  12. Small Cat. #10 Large Cat. #4 Edit: You're not supposed to vote for your own entry lad, this ain't the pirates forum ...
  13. #16 - 2 points #2 - 1 point #30 - 1 point #33 - 1 point
  14. Home! Thanks to Holodoc and Bonaparte as well as all the participants for another wonderful event! Was really awesome seeing you all / again! :) Is this also becoming the official pictures thread? ;) Now let's go get some sleep ....
  15. Oh-oh, the countdown is at one already and I still need to find a suitable cloth for my cape - panic mode on!