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  1. That`s nutz...why can`t Lego do stuff like this, add another fig and/or a small build and it would probably be priced like the current speed champions sets...brilliant work!!
  2. Epic concept !!!..............nothing more to add from me!
  3. Cheers ,VaderFan, I know painting Lego is kinda cheating, but it was a good way to use up those old bricks. Take care Kenny.
  4. I got gifted some old well used chipped/discoloured bricks ,so I put this together using some of them....., it looked a bit like a rolling rainbow until I zapped it with some Poundland paint!!...Any way ,Frank Castle won`t be getting held up in traffic any more! Take care folks Kenny IMG_2755 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2759 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2737 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  5. I detest these TV shows ,I really do, I prefer re-runs of Justice League Unlimited/Young Justice to these costumed "soap operas", which it has to be said do have some great villains (like Leonard Snart or Malcolm Merlyn), but as a view of the world of D.C. are just too light-weight to keep my attention (there`s only so many flash-backs in Arrow ,that my mind can cope with!).....but I wouldn`t say no to some sets; Star Labs would be top of my list! p.s. As mentioned before Legends could give us some classic vintage characters, which would be nice!!
  6. Glad to see things are looking up and as the Fantastic Four really kicked off Marvel`s popularity (although the Submariner Namor character well pre-dates them,- going back to the Timely Comics eraof the 1930`s ), I`d love to see a decent treatment of them in tv or film...and also Lego!!!
  7. That`s alright for you youngsters... I`ll be 63 or 64 by then ...my eyes will probably be so bad, that`ll I`ll be seeing the "Fantastic Eight"!!
  8. Been watching "edge of midnight" you tube channel, there`s a piece on the recent dismal Fantastic Four flick and there ain`t much solid hope for another film so pukka Lego figures would seem to be out, which is a shame!!...boot-legs are the only way to go (for now)
  9. Yep Aegis; and again he`s an Ebay special !!....also Sebiron , your guardians are really cool !! Take care folks Kenny.
  10. Really lovely "less is more" build, I love it...clever , clever stuff!!!
  11. Cheers Cap, these "Flea-Bay" "customs weren't expensive, but I`d gladly pay full-whack if Lego would produce metallic finished figures.. characters like Colossus scream out for this treatment. Take care Bro. Kenny
  12. Just seen this and I agree with Dafgek81...this is stunning!!..utterly stunning!!!
  13. Close ups of the cockpit reminds of Fireball XL5...what a great build!!
  14. Captain ;I heard August was the date too for the new Green Lantern book and it looks like a brilliant minifigure ........meantime here are the comic characters I read back in the mists of time ( I lived for the Adam West Batman TV series, but good old Spidey, Silver Surfer, Namor and the Fantastic Four ,were my reading material as a kid) IMG_2694 by kenny burns, on Flickr Also here are some more Marvel figs that I`ve picked up IMG_2686 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2670 by kenny burns, on Flickr Take care folks Kenny
  15. Cap I really love the Wonder Woman and Arsenal figures..the rest of your collection is epic!...I take it that you`ll be adding the new John Stewart Lantern figure when the DK "build your own adventure" book is published ? Kenny.