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  1. Brilliant..this would sell well as a set..most folk dig the Hoff...they have just done a new Bay Watch movie...so nostalgia is a solid selling point and this build brought a smile to my face.Great work and thanks for sharing Regards Kenny.
  2. Thanks guys...catch you soon Kenny.
  3. Thanks Cap!!, nice to hear from you again!..and here are the 2 Aqua boys to compare IMG_2643 (2) by kenny burns, on Flickr
  4. That`s a custom and not that nice really (my friends know I collect Lego ,so I get prezzies like this every now and then!)...I dig that Jason looks fierce, but I grew up with the blond haired Arthur Currie!!..maybe once I see the film ,I`ll change my mind. take care Kenny
  5. Here`s my dc crew IMG_2640 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2636 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2630 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  6. The Batman has always been my favourite ,but I am becoming hooked on the world of Tony Stark; Iron Man`s selection of suits/mechs are addictive !! Regards Kenny 20170515_080729 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  7. I get an epic dose of warm nostalgia from this build, it is wonderful!!
  8. Love the Batmobile ,but also the cool retro figure !
  9. I redid the hand on mine ,but boy did you really "nail it" (pun intended!) with that over-sized hammer!!?, it makes the original one look really puny....................superb job!! regards Kenny IMG_2507 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  10. China as a producer seems o.k. to me; I have bought seven of these without any problems ( so far), other production centres, such as Mexico, sounded a bit odd though.
  11. Could this be a symptom of production being farmed out to other plants ,instead of all being done at Billund ?
  12. The poison is just taking effect!
  13. The armour on the wheels is a pain in the neck to duplicate in Lego form, but you have managed it and what a great job you have made of it...!! Thanks for sharing Kenny
  14. Nicely done Q !!
  15. I`m starting to build up a collection of Black`n`Yellow themed "Bat-gear" so here`s my Batwing along with the others I`ve done (still to mod my Bat-pod and perhaps add in a Bat-sub) Kenny IMG_2550 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2553 by kenny burns, on Flickr