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  1. EMD GP-30 I present to your attention the model of the American locomotive EMD GP-30., Made strictly in the format of the Lego City.
  2. Great job. Beautiful train turned out. Personally, I have no idea how to improve the train. He's already great. But you can also build a train six broad. Here's the Russian version of Siemens Desiro RUS from the builder of the pavlo.
  3. I like the growing skill and level of your crafts. The only wish is to reduce the height of the machines a little to approximate the vehicles mini-figures.
  4. Perfectly. Great idea, great build. All the details are thought out. Scale you have a model. And the containers are all different and excellent quality stickers.
  5. A wonderful locomotive. However, how many excellent diesel locomotives you can learn about thanks to such good works and models from the Italian author. The windows on the front of the locomotive could not be realized? Using translucent small bevels? The front of the trolley cars with steps and a magnet is perfectly made.
  6. Very high accuracy of assembly of the model. Everything corresponds to the prototype
  7. Great job. Very very close to the original. Great solutions.
  9. Brilliant work, a very accurate copy. The perfect embodiment of fine motorcycles using Lego parts.
  10. Great job. Filling indoors superb. Properly done.
  11. I bought the CC, I was almost collected via BL MS and GG and more to skip buying new modular buildings are not going to. The price paid for the missing items, is very conducive to this. Hoping to re-release these sets from the company Lego is possible, of course, but better still, buy, if possible. We have assembled a complete collection of sets with the City Series 2005 inclusive, but only began collecting in 2012. And it was sometimes difficult to buy than the first modular buildings.
  12. Amazing work. This is the perfect embodiment of a combination of authentic architecture and construction methods of buildings from Lego bricks. I am very impressed with the work done and on the skill of the author.
  13. Perfectly. You can place the action in a chronological order.
  14. Formation of electric cabs nose is fine. With such a small train width 6 degree of similarity was achieved incredibly high. I have one question. What are you doing with its magnificent creations afterwards? You do not feel sorry of dismantling? You can not leave them all the time and leave to enjoy their long winter evenings?