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  1. I can't say I'm a fan of this one. Certainly looks more like a delta-7B with the droid on the side. I'll buy it for the new episode 2 obi-wan, young boba, and hyperspace ring and just mod my Khatmorg Delta-7 to fit in it.
  2. 10030 ISD in light bluish grey
  3. Picked up Anakin from palpatine's arrest and the super battle droid with the gun arm.
  4. I'm a little confused by the wording from Sir Von Lego so I want to be clear. Is the implication that we're getting both BB-8 and the Falcon this year?
  5. Picked up 7155 AAT. In my opinion the best one.
  6. That's an awesome deal! I love those guys.
  7. Do you guys think that Lego should use sand blue instead of lbg for tie fighters?
  8. If you think the May the 4th poly is something other than that R2-D2, you're going to be very disappointed.
  9. Purchased 75044 Tri-Fighter as well as parts to build two of Larry Lars' Droidekas.
  10. Picked up Max Rebo, X-Wing and Republic Gunship Microfighters
  11. Spotted R3-S1, the droid from the Y-Wing in Rogue One in the bottom left corner.
  12. I've been trying to figure out why USC is so commonly used. I don't get it lol.
  13. i say try looking for a .lxf file of the build, remove the dropship, and import the file to bricklink.
  14. Gungan sub 9499 and Jedi Scout Fighter 75051