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  1. So...they forgot all about the Penguin. I guess...
  2. The purple (skeletor!) hood is gone now...
  3. That's cool! Ten of those sharks could tow a bigger ship!
  4. Ares headpiece in minifig proportions would have been a great fit for a custom Kurgan! (Highlander)
  5. Thanks for the review. I picked this up in Holland yesterday.
  6. They really really should have made the brain brick a 1x1.
  7. they both snap on just like the normal crocodiles do.
  8. I tried the new Crocodile head on Croc, although you can't close his mouth it looks awesome. I wish they atleast used the new crocodile design...
  9. There is a normal torso in there. But it's fused in the armor. The print is only on the lower half taht is not covered by the armor.
  10. They all look like Axl....
  11. I have never seen something like this happen in my country. Here only the Blokker cartel steals from you by mistaken Lego bricks to be gold nuggets.
  12. Penguin used to be obsessed with umbrella's, giant birds and precious eggs that guy was crazy nuts and used to go the asylum. The 2000 and up Penguin is a straight up weapons dealer, with just a nickname because of his looks and the Iceberg lounge. That Penguin goes to Blackgate if he forgets to bribe the right officials. Every other medium that doesn't belong to the mainstream DC comics universe can send him were ever they like.
  13. Got a few CMF's yesterday. 3,99 at Intertoys in the Netherlands. They were actually quite easy to feel. I got them all right. I really wanted a Gordon so I felt for the 2x2 tile, then I felt the walkie talkie and his hair. Eraser the same, feel for the tile then look for the head. Catman just feel the cowl and then make sure it has no chinstrap. I got 5 others right aswell. Did anyone notice that Catman's legs are printed reverse on the leaflet?
  14. At this point I'm done wanting to collect all the Batman figures and the sets. SOme sets are too expensive and don't look that great. There's just too many figures and I'm sure they will also produce some very exclusives (like a comiccon), that would just be to hard and too expensive to collect.