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  1. It's a big problem. I made a thread about it some time ago. My son had multiple figures with cracks in their torso's, some figures were just a few months old. Lego should adress this by adding a little bit of width to the torso's or adjust the legpegs. Some figures fit tighter than others. Same goes for the arms/hands.
  2. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1473796652' post='2657105'] August 2017 I think Set number should be 71019 Maybe CM4Sci could confirm this? :) [/quote] Worst nightmare eveh for my wallet. I'm the biggest Batman fan (since 89) so there's that line and my son is the biggest Ninjago fan....
  3. Will there be any Ninjago CMF's next year around the movies release?
  4. 3,99 each on the CMF's? That's just asking too much.
  5. I don't have any particular problem with the moderation on these boards. But I do post on a few other meassage boards were the modaration is rather strict and it takes away al lot from a healthy discussion. I don't even visit two boards anymore just because of the very strict moderation. Just putting this out there.
  6. I just checked, the white Batman cowl doesn't not have a Lego mark inside or enywhere else. Catwoman's mask does have the Lego inscription on the inside of the 'stud' and a parts number.
  7. Smart move from Lego to put Krypto in a mini-doll set. Most collectorrs would skip the mini-dolls but get the set for Krypto. Ace will turn up to is my guess later on if it works.
  8. Found some pictures of the SDCC 2016 [url=""][/url]
  9. A quick look on Ebay: opened 3000 to 4000, unopened 6000 to 7000.
  10. It's funny though Clayface was really the only Batman villain on my list that really suited a bigfig. In The Animated Series he's the only character portrayed that enormous and clunky, just like the bigfigs . Bane, Killer Croc don't really warrant a bigfig treatment.
  11. No, Alfred should just once be in a cheaper set...a new Batcave ( I already have 2..) I don't need.
  12. I want them all! Dr Phosphorus Corrosive Man Rat Catcher Clayface 1 to 5 Cornelius Stirk with shopping cart and a second Abraham Lincoln head. Hugo Strange Amygdala Two-Face with a green half face!! (But I'll take the Billy D Williams one) Catman A Penguin with a belly (like a backpack but infront) etc.
  13. My guess would be that almost every set wil have a different Batsuit. The most expensive sets will have the most sought after batsuit (Maybe Batman Beyond ?). I'm really hoping for inter connecting sets. If they can make like 4 to 6 sets with parts of Wayne Manor to build a bigger Mansion that would be awesome.
  14. But that's the thing. I mainly see this with the newer figures. The older 80/90's figures are much stronger. My guess is that either the torso's are very slighty thinner then they used to be or the leg pegs are thicker. And Lego replaced the torso's, they have great service.
  15. Wait...has it been confirmed that the CMF line wil have Batman variants only instead of other characters?