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  1. Looks better in new colors as i think) Nice modification, i will wait for video.
  2. Awesome) I love these old cars. Don't sure about proportions, but model is instantly recognizable. Is one XL is enough to drive?
  3. Cool video, thanks for making it) Love the music, love the climbing, love the drifting.
  4. Just seen it on FLICKR. Great car) Incredible flow of panels.
  5. I don't have buggy motors, and don't sure that i really want to have it. From one point of view - buggy motors will help me building some cool stuff. From another point of view - my MOCs will be less replickable then.
  6. Impressive model. Looks awesome from outside, looks intriguing from inside)
  7. Wow, looks stunning. When i see photos for first time i think that it's built from brick, not some beams and panels. Very impressive and close to original)
  8. Just build it from what parts i have. Final result is almost full black. Overall impressions is weird - i don't like final model. While gearbox works surprisingly smooth, all other is really poor. Rear axle suspension compress tires more, than absorbers. Steering is equipped with anti-return-to-center ability. Wheels feels too small for that car - i changed it to 62.4x20 later, and, with some tinkering it perform better. But, i so much enjoyed building process) No matter how good or worse is final result, it was really fun to build.
  9. Not a 3D, but i like the process... It can be converted to 3D, but i need axles of infinte length for this task. And i don't sure how infinite axle will fit in 'smallest possible' bounds)
  10. I have only 20 spare parts from one BL order)
  11. It was sound of wall impact?)
  12. I just love these fun non-vehicle MOCs) Red eyed hamster looks scary.
  13. I found that part extremely useful, but i force myself to use it only in situations where i need not 90 degree angles. Like absorber shock mounts, or some weird angled bodywork panel. And i don't like most of 'official' 90 degree uses of this part.
  14. You're not alone)
  15. With given size 2 buggy motors should launch this car to fly) I love the bodywork. Panels for front hood fits perfect.