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  1. Nice Jeep, really like how it performs and looks) By the way, i think smaller tires looks more authentic here.
  2. Devastating. What i like the most - it is the sound)
  3. Very cute model. And much more cool that it have all that functionality. Better than TLG Arocs for me)
  4. Nice teaser. Actually teasing me) I noticed one weird thing in the cutout - there's two 20Z bevel gears in the front. Why not one double bevel 20Z?
  5. Beach roadster looks awesome. Reminds me something, but i cannot remember what exactly)
  6. Very cool gearing setup. I like how it works with some flaws in movement, but these flaws doesn't accumulate with time. They corrected instead. It's really awesome mechanics)
  7. Welcome) I love how this mechanics works. Looks just stunning.
  8. Just noticed this version at rebrickable. Wonderful, i like it)
  9. Recognizable. Build looks very clean. I like this truck)
  10. Wow, 1:5.9... This WIP is really intriguing. Which wheels you plan to use?
  11. Thanks for nice review) After reading i finally know that i want this set.
  12. @Lasse D No, it was just quick attempt to build another LEGO set, that i don't have. So it's only this one picture remains. I used V1 reciever, so performance is really poor)
  13. Nice recoloring. I think i'll add my variation. Already posted, but not in this thread)
  14. Yes, maybe. But i don't have them(
  15. @Offroadcreat1ons You're welcome) I hope instructions are easy to follow, didn't test build it myself yet.