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  1. Welcome to EB) Agreed with 42039 - great set, a lot of useful parts. Don't sure is easy to build, but it's very rewarding build. One of best LEGO supercars, i've seen.
  2. At steering rack - while i remaking front suspension for using 42000 hubs instead of new black ones (goodbye Ackerman), i found that i used all of my dogbones. I have 4 more used in my unfinished Unimog, but i must finish Unimog first anyway)
  3. Moscow, Russia) But i hope i'll get my own Porsche soon. I just need to solve rest of problems caused by moving to new house.
  4. Yes) Some kind of mechanical worm, that eats another robots and cars...
  5. No more dogbones((( Sad, but i still can't build this car yet. I need CLAAS or Porsche.
  6. Moving worm, with buckets from both sides. One for pulling forward, another for pushing.
  7. Rigidity doesn't suffer, 5L axle without stop is enough. One thing that i don't like about this gear shifter (and most of other gear shifters) - age of rubber matters. I have 2 white rubber bands, both 2 years old. And tension isn't enough for returning shifter to center. But, shifter itself works perfect)
  8. Just got my LEGO from the shelves back. I don't have all enough parts for building that beauty, but... but i should build it anyway) In the very beginning i found non symmetrical setup with rubber bands, that cause little axle bending. This was discussed before. I found solution to fix it. 5L axle marked with pink will be replaced (or not) with 5L axle with stop, when i move further into instructions. I hope this will not cause loss of rigidity.
  9. Awesome project. Nice to see start of building in real parts) Just an idea - some rigidity can be achieved with ultra lightweight strings with knobs.
  10. I broke one LBG shock absorber, while trying to disassemble it without any reason)
  11. Wow, i really like 2nd version. That white flex axle makes huge difference) I like how you fit all that motors in so small cage.
  12. Words 'Jeep' and 'independent suspension' will always blow my mind) I like how multilink is done, using bionicle tooth is very clever. Waiting for more progress.
  13. Seems like a real one) Here's few more shots:
  14. Just seen this car on flickr. Beauty shapes) Second "too-wide" version may be some kind of wide body tuning.
  15. I just love this suspension and steering design. Live axle + simplicity - it's not what achieved easy with LEGO. Great chassis covered with detailed bodywork. Outstanding model)