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  1. Just tried both of solutions - bend the frame and low mounting points of shock absorbers. Result isn't nice, differentials is too close to frame, suspension travel become less. Main problem is portal hubs, they are too big for that scale. But i will find some solution tomorrow)
  2. @Siegfried Meyer No, i don't plan a "high rider". Chassies is really too high, but it's almost lowest possible with 9.5L shock absorbers. I think that i'll hide chassies with some kind of bodywork later. Or i can try to win another one stud and hope that additional weight will push chassies more closer to original)
  3. Another small update. Front bumper, shapes of cabin and wheel arch.
  4. Small update with tiny tweaks. Also i used a ruler and a blueprint and realize that Unimog wheels are too big for Unimog) With given wheelbase 81.6 mm wheels fits almost perfectly. Tumbler tires looks more truck like, but 42000 more in size because they are narrower. Should i keep 42000 tires or Tumbler? Also... It was a very wrong start to think that i will make an unimog with proper suspension. But TLG already did, and i didn't knew it) I was confused, but i have longer Panhard rods, more proper steering... And my Unimog will be newer, so i'll finish it anyway)
  5. Thanks all for your comments. @Saberwing40k Seriously. Checking instructions show that i was wrong. My fault - never seen any 8110 axles articulation shots, and "remebered" that it hasn't proper suspension(
  6. Fixed this... Also make whole drivetrain simplier, get rid of many useless parts)
  7. @efferman i just found one pictures with insides of unimog. Only thing that i understand - engine is right behind front axle) I'll rotate it later, thanks for comment.
  8. Just rebuilded all somewhat cleaner and add fake engine.
  9. Yesterday i realized that Unimogs have very interesting suspension. And 8110 offers nice shape, but not this unique suspension. So, i don't sure where i'll finish, but this is where i started. Torque tube suspension. No need for any control arms, only Panhard rod. Steering link is similar and parallel to that Panhard rod, so, suspension travel do not affect steering.
  10. Promised video with showcase of functions.
  11. Amazingly simple) Great MOC.
  12. Just crazy how fast you build such replicas. Waiting for belly shot)
  13. Black grille + red bumper give more accent to shapes as i think. Agreed with @letsbuild
  14. Seems unfair to design a battle bot and do not try to win by battle. But i got the point... I just need to make most scary mechanical disaster?
  15. Here's 4 pink technic panels, 2 flex axles and #4 connector. Also 2 small purple panels.