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  1. Hi guys, after doing a large build for the SJ17 I did not have much motivation for a new large project immediatly. Then I remembered how I have many uncompleted Age of Mitgardia builds left to do :P Here is my take on the tower phase one! My first focus was on the rockwork, and when I started the tower I had no idea where it was going, but im quite pleased with the result.
  2. Nice, looks great already! I like the diagonal bars in the stairs construction, as I used it as well in the build im uploading right now XD
  3. Good luck Z, I bet we all know the struggle and everyone would agree with the choice you made!
  4. have my best (and most detailed, which equals best) moc ever in progress since day one and almost finished for the Homestead category! Alas I will not have time to make more entries although there are so much awesome categories
  5. I also missed this completely... how is this possible :O I wil gladly join for sure!
  6. this is amazing man! love the trees and such
  7. the horse pose is really impressive!
  8. and then I open the summer joust 2017, starting today, and it reads 'Homestead' :) So, enough space for me to work with :D
  9. I brought home an Assembly Square and a lot of spare bricks. Got 50% off on the set cause of business relations of a relative :P I already love all the sand blue and sand green, expect tudor style from me!
  10. The point of the dual arms here is to show the mitgardian colors, so I didn't meant the yellow part as bare skin. I do agree that we need more dual molds though!
  11. I like the bridge frame, and the cableway itself is great too!
  12. Couldnt hold my laughing, your story is amazing. The micro is indeed great. Did you know you were making a micro before you made the macro? just because it matches that well :)
  13. Previously: A: The Bull's Eye B: River encounter C: The Siege of Falconstone Now Davok has finished his whole story, the Mitgardian commanders that gathered in the armory on Glorfindel's command, also joined, together with the Falcon spy that handed Davok to the council. Sir Glorfindel spoke first. "So, this is how the king died, and you are a convict in this. but how is this so important for this moment, for you know as good as we do that we have to muster our forces as soon as we are allowed to." "Its that mage, milord. I didnt know his name at that time, but I DO know the name now. And it matches all together milord, the description, the timing, everything." "Could you please tell me the name, because we are quite in a hurry, im afraid!" "Raavage sir. The mage who killed the king, who hired us. It was lord Raavage." Now, every attendant started to talk at once. "SILENCE!" The voice of sir Glorfindel rose firmly above the others, without any need to shout. "Thank you milady", Glorfindel smiled, as he turned his head to the girl in the falcon tunic. "It seems you have delivered us a spire rebel!" Nemayra, the spy, made a little bow. "Alas I was not in time to get reinforcements, all I could do was warning our city..." "So, what to do with this man? How about we execute him and..." "SIR!", Davok tried to say another thing. "Milord this was not all! I could not prevent the death of the king, but I saw something, and gave my commanders orders to distract the view of the mages. During the aftermath of the battle, someone tried to escape from the city. It was a woman, her clothes told us she was with the king before. Milord, she.., she..." Davok had gotten their full attention now. "she carried a baby. She made it out, we covered her. The baby was carried away." Now Nemayra's eyes lit up. "She made it? But milord, that was the Queen's nurse, with the heir! I know where they were heading for!", and she whispered something to Glorfindel, a bit affraid of the other attendants. Immediatly Sir Glorfindel made up its mind. "Athron! you will lead the army. Layra, you and the Guard will go on a task force to Kaliphlin. We have a chance to unite. To unite all of Historica, once more. "Davok, you will join command of this taskforce to proof yourself. You might have done treacherous things, fact is, you successfully laid siege to one of the Plain's greatest cities. We need every good commander we can get. You can take a select few of your best men as well. Nemayra, you will lead their way." Both women now protested. Layra: "You want me to share command with this suspect of High Treason? Milord!" From the side of Nemayra, there were some words about having an enemy amidst them, as well. But Glorfindel gave one last command. "Mitthral! Send word to the Dragon Masters in Avalonia. The heir has been found!" l to r: Davok (my sigfig), Sir Glorfindel (SoccerKid), Colonel Athron, General Layra, Captain Mitthral, a Mitgardian infantrist in standard outfit, and Falcon-scout Nemayra I got myself some green/yellow minifig arms and oh I love them! :)
  14. im joining on the 'best castle I have ever seen' side :O
  15. Great, I like your story already! the mirror thing is nice and I love the creature. Excited to see hwere this is going!