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  1. Hey mate, funnily enough I was messing around in LDD last night making a moisture vaporator. This is what I've ended up with, it's 37 bricks in total (excluding the tan base and minifig). I got the idea of using a wheel from Praider Yeds model. It's a little too tall to be "true to scale," but if you go too small you can't get enough detail in and it looks a bit boring.
  2. Oh good, at least I know that it's safe for me to Bricklink 10134 now haha :)
  3. +1. It's going to take me a while to source 3300 bricks, it would be great if we could get a little head start :)
  4. It's in the very first post... edit: I didn't realise you were referring to the build 3 posts up. Sorry.
  5. Hi guys, Is there a way to search for a particular piece (or multiple pieces of the same type) within a LDD model? It would helpful when trying to figure out if a piece could be substituted with a different (already owned) colour or not. For example, if a model uses 6 times 1x1 round pieces but I'm not sure where they fit, the only way I can find where they go is to pull the model apart and search for them visually, which can take a fair bit of time if it's a big model.
  6. It's €230 (AU$330) in Australia too which is a shame. I'll definitely be waiting for the half-yearly discount (20-30% off from major retailers) instead of purchasing it on day 1. I think I'll replace the white with LBG too.
  7. Wow, this is brilliant mate! When viewing, make sure to "right-click open new tab" for hi-res :)
  8. Thanks everyone, that's most helpful of you all. It'll save me a lot of time now that I don't have to recreate all the parts!
  9. Hahaha! Valid question
  10. I bought 2 x AT-ST today. They'll go nicely with my Ewok Village diorama (even if a little on the big side). Big W Australia had them for 35% off, which is pretty crazy.
  11. Hi all, As the title states, is there a way to copy elements from one LDD file to another? Hypothetically speaking, if I'm working on a head in one LXF and a body in another LXF is there a way to join the two together? Cheers :)
  12. Deleted...
  13. This is so good it hurts my head! Your photography is excellent too. I love how you've lined up the minifigs next to the UCS plaque :) Do you plan on recreating some of the other ships too?