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  1. I'm going to remain optimistic as I've already bought the 6x minifigs and 2x windows in preparation. Haha!
  2. Man that is very cool! It makes me want to do one for my desk now
  3. People don't read much these days do they...
  4. @Gymped You're welcome and sorry about 3705! It was a silly oversight by me (note to self: don't have too many beers and use LDD). They do make longer ones, I've just messed around with LDD and it looks like 5M is the one to get, 6M might be a little too long. You could always remove the tan 2x2 round that is underneath the 4 arms and see if that gives you the little extra length you need? Lukes speeder would be awesome in your diorama. Set number 75173 has recently been released so perhaps pick yourself up one of them and save the hassle of bricklinking :)
  5. Forget about LDD for the meantime as you won't need it if you do it this way, I find this is what works best for me: Create an account at Under "Custom Lists" click "Add New List" then import the LXF file (which is the extension given to a Lego Digital Designer file) to that custom list. rebrickable will then load the inventory from the LXF file and let you know if there are any rare parts/colours in the build. This will give you the opportunity to swap out parts for more common parts/colours (not an issue with this small build but in bigger builds it can be very useful). Once that's done, click "Export Parts" there is a drop-down menu with 4 options, I tend to choose "Brickstore BSX" Then log in to Bricklink: Go to "Wanted List," then "Create New List" and give the list a name. Then go into that newly created list and along the top of the page there is a button that says "Upload," click on the button and find the Brickstock file that you saved from rebrickable. (If using Windows it's probably in your "C:\Users\Username\Downloads" folder). All you need to do now is click the green "Buy All" button. This will bring up a list of shops. I go to "Store Filter" and change to Australia, as I live in Australia. "Unique Lots" means how many of a particular brick type a seller has. The more the better, however more often than not it won't be the cheapest. Example: Someone who has 148 out of a required 155 lots might cost $120, but someone who has 144/155 lots might only cost $80. You'll need to click around a bit and compare prices. It's not as straight forward as making a cup of tea but after a couple of goes you'll be doing it in your sleep :)
  6. @Gymped Sorry mate I didn't see your reply. Here's the file :)
  7. Hi mate, I plan on doing something similar and when I do I'll more than likely use "Brickstuff" gear. They've been making kits for a number of years now and they have a UK distributor.
  8. Fast forward 6 months from now and a 1x2 lbg tile will be fetching $0.80 on Bricklink haha ;)
  9. I can't understand the logic behind the use of stickers on the windscreen, especially when the piece was created specifically for this model. Oh well...
  10. I'm building a replica of @mortesv Imperial Class II Destroyer. It shouldn't be too difficult. So far I've collected 3 x minifig hands, so roughly only 6997 more pieces to go. On a serious note, I'm building @anothergol incredible AT-ST (thanks very much mate). I've collected 92% of the pieces so technically I haven't started building yet, but I'm close!
  11. I've been following your updates on IG over the past months and patiently waiting for the write-up on Eurobricks. May the 4th, you sneaky bugger haha. This creation of yours is absolutely phenomenal, well done sir! I'm sure I'll re-visited this thread many many times :)
  12. The instructions will arrive when they arrive and the price will be what it is. You can't change that. Now go outside and get some fresh air.
  13. Cheers guys, here's hoping that we'll get a good pack one day :)