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  1. Besides I am not convinced that the Endeavour really could take out the FD on its own, let alone with the BP. Why? The ability to dive, the forward guns, etc. The Dutchman has some nifty bells and whistles to it. Even though it would be out gunned, the FD has more than just cannons to work with. As impressive as the Endeavour was, at the end of the day it was just a ship, a ship with a poor Captain at that. My money would be on the FD with either Will or Davey as Captain over the Endeavour.
  2. I gotta be honest, I really like what the OP did to create green coats. I think I might "borrow" that idea for my Silent Mary/Imperial Flagship hybrid ship I am making. It will be a green coat ship, and I like these minifigs better than the "Spanish" ones Lego themselves made.
  3. Thanks 👍
  4. No, they made one for the 2011 wave.
  5. Lego actually made a Flying Dutchman once, so it would be easy to release it, the R and D is done.
  6. I like them, where did you get that green torso?
  7. I want a 6th film and I want a FD. I want it all!!!
  8. Here is MY Red Kingdom, might be of some interest.
  9. Silent Mary and Queen Anne's Revenge
  10. I made a video comparing the SM and the IFS, just so folks can get an idea how BIG the SM really is. I also have videos comparing the SM to the QAR and BP on the way.
  11. We most likely will be putting the sails up fairly soon. Brick Link inventory hasn't been updated for this set yet, and I don't want to do it, lol.
  12. Check out my store If you are interested in the minifigs or sharks. Look under SETS because the Silent Mary inventory isn't available yet.
  13. @Scarilian, I VERY much plan on doing comparison videos with the BP, QAR, and IFS. I would consider doing more if requested.
  14. Here is my review @Scarilian, I'm going to be honest with you, I was ORIGINALLY quite a bit more harsh on it in my review, and I decided to cut some of my criticisms out of the review? Why? For one, the ship IS growing on me. For two, my review was already almost a half hour long, so I needed to trim some fat. For three, As a LONG time pirates fan, giving an average review could talk some people out of buying it, and I don't want that. I want as many pirates ships as possible, so the more people that buy this set, the more ships Lego will make. (having said all of that, I still addressed the biggest problems I had with it). Finally, I really had a hard time trying to place it within my collection. The flaws keep it from the #1 spot yes, but surely it's better than TBB or BP. So where exactly DOES it rank? I still haven't been able to answer that question, to be honest. I need more time with it, I need to see the movie, etc. The ONLY definitive statement I can make is this, it's NOT better than the IFS, but that's it. Is it better than the BSB or SES? Maybe, just maybe. Is it better than the BP and QAR? Probably, and I really like the QAR. Its hard for me to say a ship without cannons and a hull is my 2nd favorite Lego ship, but I might be leaning that way.