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  1. Update 2017-05-25 Corrected: 10066 / 10066.dat Minifig Hair Orc with Ears Rematched: 45406 / 45406c01.dat Windscreen 4 x 6 x 4 Cab with Hinge and Trans Black Glass md5sum: 9c64b8b2d94d598a1b9afef0e430a469
  2. Well, I’m not ready to open that can of worms yet
  3. All the missing parts are available at They use LDD’s shapes, no LDraw primitives, no pattern. But you still get a nice placeholder while waiting for the part to be included in LDraw. It’s easier to export LDD to LDraw first then import the LDraw into Using lxf2ldr, you even get submodels, flexible parts, and some of the decorations (some of which are even correctly translated by into their BL patterned counterparts). (Yes, I’m shamelessly advertising )
  4. I just pushed a few improvements: Assemblies (minifig hips and legs, torsos and arms and hands…) are regrouped in submodels. Update ldraw.xml (I will only post about big modifications from now on.)
  5. Update 2017-05-23 Re-matched: 30499 / 3684a.dat Slope Brick 75 2 x 2 x 3 with Hollow Studs Added: 98560 / 3684c.dat Slope Brick 75 2 x 2 x 3 with Solid Studs md5sum: 858d471e6ec3944861add762073199fc
  6. Update 2017-05-22b Added: 98262 / 98262.dat Plant Flower 2 x 2 with Solid Stud md5sum: 5b3b8886eee36a924b35879236670654
  7. Update 2017-05-22 Added: 14301 / 14301.dat Hose Flexible 11.5L md5sum: fee90bb1e6b48dd5822140bbbf4251a2
  8. I just pushed a new version: Groups are converted to submodels, centered on their first part or submodel. Flexible parts are converted to LSynth commands. (It means you need to run LSynth on the generated file if you used flexible parts. (Cleaning up and removing a lot of control points before is recommended.)) Parse errors are now properly reported. Code has been cleaned up and comments added. A modified lsynth.mpd file is provided. It adds 3 new flexible parts: Minifig Chain Link 5L (92338), Hose Flexible 11.5L (14301), and Technic Tool Belt 17M (98567). (Latest LDraw Unofficial Library needed for 14301.)
  9. @roland Thanks Roland, but it seems LSynth’s way would be simpler: LDD’s bones can serve as LSynth’s constraints: the curve goes through them. With Bezier, the intermediary points are outside the curve. So, unless you have a simple method to interpolate Bezier c.p. from points of/in the curve, I’ll go with LSynth @legolijntje As I’m lazy, that’s exactly what lxf2ldr will do, but with LSynth commands. I don’t want to reimplement LSynth’s interpolation. (Depending on the part, there are more or less “bones” than there will be LDraw parts. So I’d need to interpolate parts’s positions and rotations from the bones/passage points, which is exactly what LSynth does.)
  10. Thanks LXF stores intermediary data as “bones.” I’m not sure yet if they are placed at the center of a rigid part (b-spline-like) or at the joints. It seems to depend on the part. For now (not on the gitlab version (yet)), I just tried placing LDraw subparts at these points. It works great for some parts (as the one I linked, which is very simple) but not very well for others (technic flex-system hose or the tool belt 17). So, next step is to look into how LSynth and LDCad do it and chose the easiest one, er, I mean, the one that translates best
  11. I have been working on flexed flexible parts: looking good so far.
  12. Hi all, I cobbled together a little command-line¹ program to convert LXF models to LDR. I put it in a gitlab repo here. Contrarily to LDD’s own conversion process, it tries to convert decorations (though a lot are missing/different in LDraw) and flexible parts (though unflexed). On the technical part: it’s source only², tested under Linux only but should compile and work on other OSes (needs Qt5 core, QuaZIP and yaml-cpp). On the legal part: it’s GPLv3+. Constructive comments are welcome. ——— ¹ Yes, command-line, no GUI. Feel free to add one if you wish. ² I won’t provide binaries. Feel free to do so for your OS (pointing to the sources as per GPLv3+).
  13. The new part is only available in “LDD extended” mode. Menu View / New themes / LDD extended The top toolbar will be brown instead of blue. All the parts will be presented as red: You need to change the main color with the color palette under the part palette or paint them with the paint tool (different than in “simple” LDD mode). Also, check what the “Brick Version” is in the About window (F3 or menu Help / About).
  14. Bummer 95551 is the value of the field “decoration” in the LXF. It seems to be an internal number not related to any public Id (design, part).