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  1. Update 2017-04-20 Added: 14520 / 14520.dat Bracket 2 x 4 x 0.667 with Front Studs and Deep Arches 95330 / 95330.dat Minifig Axe md5sum: 6f598b4debc21be60407ff5ce244007f
  2. Update 2017-04-18 Added: 11568 / 11568.dat Animal Squirrel 87846 / 87846.dat Figure Tail 8 x 6 Curved md5sum: 10bed60ce4448702ca85e0944cf11de7
  3. Okay. I asked because I have no problem here letting LDD download what it wants (but under Linux/Wine).
  4. Update 2017-04-11 Added: 93055 / 93055.dat Minifig Sword Katana (Dragon Guard) md5sum: ddfdf7ae24b3f95abe0db7c0dac1265d
  5. Why did you “looked everywhere” to install that component? Just click “Yes” in the dialog box and LDD Setup will download and install what it (says it) needs.
  6. I’d amend that to just “open the new file” because “closing a file” in LDD could be taken as “close LDD,” which wouldn’t work So, to sum up: open+copy+open+paste, or import (also imports groups), or use a template (stays available between sessions).
  7. Update 2017-04-04 Added: 18791 / 18791.dat Minifig Shovel Blocky md5sum: d2e31cf4e1b85d306a3685b5a42a567f
  8. Are you talking about Assemblies (e.g. LDD minifig “torso” becoming LDraw torso + arms + hands) or LDD groups (third tab in LDD (Bricks / Templates / Groups))? If the former, it’s the way LDD exports. You can trick it though. If you’re interested, I can explain…. If the latter, it’s not possible in LDD.
  9. You’re welcome A link would be useful indeed. Will do!
  10. Update 2017-03-28 Corrected a typo in 2607 / 2607.dat Magnet Holder 2 x 3. md5sum: 63f92236417de02c4c5042ac03911992
  11. Udpate 2017-03-22 Added: 18787 / 18787.dat Minifig Sword Blocky 18788 / 18788.dat Minifig Axe Blocky 18789 / 18789.dat Minifig Pickaxe Blocky Rematched (new variant): 18838 / 18838.dat Arch 1 x 12 x 3 Raised with 5 Internal Ribs md5sum: f082cc088a947e569c3815be2d0badbd
  12. You said it yourself: uses LDraw parts, so its LDraw export feature is pretty straightforward and should work for you as any other LDraw editor. As for using your own LDraw parts or parts that are not (yet) in, there’re threads about it on the dedicated forum: (you need a BrickLink account).
  13. Update 2017-03-17 Added: 11605 / 11605.dat Figure Friends Hair Long with Ponytail French Braided with 1 Pin Holes 14734 / 14734.dat Animal Lion / Tiger Cub 20612 / 20612.dat Holder Ring with 3 Bars and 3 Bar Tubes md5sum: 0492a8539ade7fcdc8f971ab25507779
  14. natman4 says (in bad French): “could you help me ’v a problem with ldd I can’t receive new shared creations anymore or to share some myself”
  15. Update 2017-03-13 Added: 11245 / 11245.dat Figure Friends School Bag 98721 / 98721.dat Minifig Weapon Bar with Bat Wing Modified: 11640 / 11640.dat Minifig Electric Guitar Classic md5sum: bb2af8ab4ddb8582c05e4c0b5cd2eeff