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  1. Udpate 2017-03-22 Added: 18787 / 18787.dat Minifig Sword Blocky 18788 / 18788.dat Minifig Axe Blocky 18789 / 18789.dat Minifig Pickaxe Blocky Rematched (new variant): 18838 / 18838.dat Arch 1 x 12 x 3 Raised with 5 Internal Ribs md5sum: f082cc088a947e569c3815be2d0badbd
  2. You said it yourself: uses LDraw parts, so its LDraw export feature is pretty straightforward and should work for you as any other LDraw editor. As for using your own LDraw parts or parts that are not (yet) in, there’re threads about it on the dedicated forum: (you need a BrickLink account).
  3. Update 2017-03-17 Added: 11605 / 11605.dat Figure Friends Hair Long with Ponytail French Braided with 1 Pin Holes 14734 / 14734.dat Animal Lion / Tiger Cub 20612 / 20612.dat Holder Ring with 3 Bars and 3 Bar Tubes md5sum: 0492a8539ade7fcdc8f971ab25507779
  4. natman4 says (in bad French): “could you help me ’v a problem with ldd I can’t receive new shared creations anymore or to share some myself”
  5. Update 2017-03-13 Added: 11245 / 11245.dat Figure Friends School Bag 98721 / 98721.dat Minifig Weapon Bar with Bat Wing Modified: 11640 / 11640.dat Minifig Electric Guitar Classic md5sum: bb2af8ab4ddb8582c05e4c0b5cd2eeff
  6. Update 2017-03-10 Added: 88704 / 88704.dat Minifig Whip Bent Flexible Modified (Beware! this one is still WIP): 11640 / 11640.dat Minifig Electric Guitar Classic md5sum: 571f6e5f114fc5e3fc39e15070438b8b
  7. Any other application running?
  8. Update 2017-03-08 Added: 10169 / 10169.dat Minifig Sack with Handle 11640 / 11640.dat Minifig Electric Guitar Classic md5sum: 2b5666a9035bfb4a23290d4984eb164b
  9. In LDD, the motor is an assembly of the two parts, so that’s where the two parts come from. (Also, the part IDs are “wrong” in LDD: 54715 is supposed to be only the left part but LDD uses that ID for the whole housing.) And you’re right, it seems Blueprint doesn’t differentiate sub-parts from assemblies and standalone parts.
  10. Thanks , I’m just lucky I happen to check for new parts just after they are submitted.
  11. Update 2017-03-02 Added: 19118 / 19118.dat Friends Key Ornamented with Stud md5sum: f358b209eb566ebe006931c89a2603d5
  12. Update 2017-02-28 Added: 15745 / 15745.dat Rock Gem Facetted Heart Shaped md5sum: 7db165c312c667a9e2d398fda06ecf1c
  13. Numbers are Lego’s. You can see them in LDD (e.g. in the status line when you select a part in your model, the number and name of the colour is displayed). Look at Ryan Howerter’s page for a comprehensive list.
  14. Update 2017-02-20 Added: 98382 / 98382.dat Minifig Teddy Bear with Arms Down md5sum: 0368b914c36ece82f13c71433fff5e10
  15. LDD’s instructions are saved in the LXF file itself. If you don’t modify the model, the instructions aren’t regenerated when you go into Building Guide Mode, so they can be read and shown by any other LDD installation. You can also export them in HTML (Generate HTML) when in that Building Guide Mode. You’ll have a “Building Instructions [your-model].html” file and a “Building Instructions [your-model]-images” directory with the images. You just need to copy them and open the html in a browser.