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  1. your combination of engineering and artistic talent is first class :)
  2. I would have posted this sooner but I was busy riding the real one around the country. Now I get to carry a spare bike with me :)
  3. it's not only lee pin as a company. Ebay is now covered in the stuff with the fake logo covered up or ripped off the box by the seller who then advertises it as new unopened LEGO. I wonder whether any of the recipients even care?
  4. box it and send parcel post - many people already sell the same thing by post - theirs just had more contents.
  5. Thankyou very much for sharing the journey after your win. It's a wonderful report and the photos are excellent! It's obvious that you were very enthusiastic about the opportunity you were given and it's great to see inside the museum a little as well.
  6. did you check the axle against other gears?. Possible the gears are different, but also possible you got a duff axle instead.
  7. what a machine - just like its builder! :)
  8. out of nothing more than curiosity, they've put 2 models in 1 on the advertising - what's the second model? or are they treating the crate as a B model? It starts looking like such a greedy rush to get some things to sell that they've stopped thinking altogether.
  9. i would agree with you for many of the newer sets. If you are interested in history however, the older boxes had much more interest and utility than the new ones. Old boxes - using the classic space set as an example, had interesting pictures not only of kids actually playing with the toy, but also a range of alternative build ideas that were not ever available in the instructions. The box was as much an advertising and suggestion tool as a means of keeping the parts together. They can be hard to store, especially if you don't flat pack them, but i think some people change their attitudes towards boxes as they get older if they still have an interest in lego. I treat some of mine just like posters - nice lego related pictures to display in my lego room.
  10. what's that line about 1 sparrow making a spring?
  11. the last two are RC which was requested to be avoided. But if you do want to spend up on electric parts, Sheo's RH400 model is fantastically complicated and also has free instructions. Gergers Grove GMK6400 is also free and pretty 'technical' but is also RC. Non RC ideas - have a look through designer Han's older stuff for non-RC machinery Perhaps the Alfa Romeo 4C by Jeroen Ottens Cars and support equipment by Sheepo. He has some RC and all manual versions of the same thing. Modoca has some excellent non RC models on rebrickable with free instructions. And for some refreshing non car like models, try the running horse kinetic sculpture from JKBrickworks.
  12. try Nathaniel Kuipers cars like the Predator
  13. and therein began the dark ages. Thankfully as a middle aged chap, income gets to the point where often you can just go and buy these kinds of things without thinking about it excessively, but at the time there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth :)
  14. wow - you keep reading and looking at pics and it keeps getting better and better. Great effort!
  15. perhaps you could chop the springs like a real car? ;)