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  1. Awesome gearbox! As far as the bodywork is concerned, my only nitpick is that I would use another flex axle above front wheelarches to close the gap a bit. Otherwise it is perfect! Few 'buts' about the mechanics though. Why typical, old as world, double wishbone suspension? And steering links longer than wishbones? And no ackermann steering?
  2. Very nice car you are building! Could you show us the suspension? Am I seeing correctly that in the rear one spring is missing?
  3. Now make some audi car around it :) What is the rim piece? What is the scale more or less?
  4. The cylinders are moving. Look at the video :)
  5. Gentlemen, thank you for your answers and explaining this topic to me. Look here at Madoca's Pickup. There is a reduction in rear hubs, meaning that rear wheels get more torque than front wheels and their rotational speed is lower than front ones'. Is it compensated by the central diff? As we can see in the video, the model drives well, no slip occurs.
  6. This is how the front axle looks like. Ldd file: sedan- front axle.lxf
  7. Hello all, I have a question regarding torque distribution in all wheel drive system. Maybe someone with better knowledge could help me. I cannot build right now, so I am not able to see if it works. Let's say I would like to implement torque vectoring to the drivetrain - more torque to the rear wheels and less torque to the front ones. Am I correct that I should gear down the axle coming out from the center differential to the rear axle and gear up the axle to the front axle? Won't the wheels slip because of different rotational speed? Thank you!
  8. The gear rack may be installed either behind or front of the axle. The thing is that for front axle with front mounted rack, its pivot points should be further from the center of the vehicle, so the line leaded through this pivot point and suspended wheel pivot point reaches the centre of the rear axle. The same rule applies to the gear rack mounted behind the front axle. Look here: For steering in the rear axle, the lines leaded through steering pivot points and suspended wheel pivot points should meet in the centre of the vehicle. Ideally of course.
  9. RWD audi with mid engine. Add front drive and you have r8 But I'm waiting for the results!
  10. It may be sufficient for driving at high speeds. In case anyone was wondering how real suspension on Tesla looks like - here it is:
  11. I think it is the first FWD car lego technic I have seen, very nice build As usual, I should add. I like your style of building. Could you please show the front axle without wheels?
  12. I agree that there might be a collision. Vertical beams with definitely reduce the steering radius.
  13. It would be more difficult to build, because top part of the famous Aston's grill is the part of the hood. If I could suggest next models - maybe a BMW M3? Or Maserati Quattroporte? Have you thought about making front axles more realistic? I mean caster, ackermann and kingpin for example?
  14. Wonderful creation! Those curved panels do the job. My only nitpick is that the hood should open the other way round I think. I am curious what will be your next build. Do you have some list of your planned projects? Do you take any suggestions ?
  15. I am quite happy with the front axle. I added another crossblock connector to support the 5.5L axle and used 6L thin liftarms to connect lower wishbone to the upper structure. It has also sway bar. It has one hard and one soft shock, but the angle of mounting them and upper links instead of one solid wishbone makes the suspension very soft. Wheel touches the soft axle and whole front of the car is less than one stud above the ground. The full shot how it looks now: For now I won't update the LXF. I want to finish this car and move to another one :) UPDATE: I changed soft front shocks for hard ones. Now the suspension is much better. I tried to implement the torsion bar, but I failed, because bottom wishbone is parallel to the vehicle. Now I will continue the body work starting from the rear doors.