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  1. I agree with Meatman. Look here: Maybe it is not the same version, but the engine is behind front axle to have better mass balance. I know that 'civil' Audis have engines in front of the axle though.
  2. Black looks awesome, the best option in my opinion. I would add one or two liftarms to the doors to make them more full.
  3. All black would make great batmobile :) Do you prefer 1:8 scale more than 1:10?
  4. Do I see it correctly that 42057 has 3# connectors in RED :)?
  5. Hello guys, I have a question. I was wondering whether multilink front suspension with drive can be done using Technic pieces? Has anyone tried it before? I mean something like Audi's 4 link suspension, 2 bottom and two upper links. I am familiar with Nicjasno's example without drive, but is it possible to add drive without loosing advantages like nearly perfect pivot points, scrub radius and kingpin inclination? Cheers!
  6. Manual of course :) Did you build the rear part? How did you build rear lights?
  7. You're welcome :) I wish you good luck in the contest, because I think this is one of the best entries so far.
  8. According to this:, when you place the gear rack in front of the front axle, steering pivot points should be further from the centerline of the car, so the lines going through them and through A arm pivot points would converge in the rear differential.
  9. Do you mean 1 stud closer to the body or 1 stud further?
  10. I love white cars and this one is just beautiful. One question though - are you sure you have Ackerman steering there? As far as I can see, pin with towball mounted to lower A arm is inline with axle towball mounted to steering link, there is no angle between them.
  11. Great feature! Maybe regular trans-red tiles would do the trick?
  12. Sheepo used those shock absorbers in his Mustang's Macpherson suspension. His solution is much simpler.
  13. As I see it is 6 or 7 studs tall from the bottom to the top where liftarms next to changeover catches are placed. Can you confirm that? Is the yellow shock absorber part of gear changing mechanism?
  14. Is the new gearbox more reliable than Mustang one? Could you tell how big approximately in studs is the gearbox alone?
  15. I like new doors concept. Will you make it orange? I assume 42056 has most of the parts needed and I will buy it only to build this beauty. Will it have HOG steering?