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  1. Hi Guys, I have now managed to integrate the modified Tower Bridge into my town. Therefore some pre work was necessary: first I had to shorten the street on the left side by a couple of studs, to get the Bridge some studs more to the left, to be able to connect the street later on the right side in 45° and be able to stay with this street as close to the layout level border. Second I added two houses to the city wall, and for that I had to construct a little platform to get a space on the same level as the city wall is. The platform walls are in the same style as the tower bridge is. And last but not least, I had do hide the blue front of the Detctive Office with a plant. Otherwise the front would have dominated the scene and that didn't look good. Unfortunately, I can't show you any pictures yet, since brickshelf is down due to some maintenance work. But I don't let you go without something to watch. So I have also made two videos, I'll like to show you instead (don't worry pictures will come as soon as brickshelf is up and running again): The next big thing I'll start to work on, will be the little pond with waterfall. It will be located under the bridge between the Ghostbusters HQ and train tracks. For now there is the little playground, which will be removed once the pond is ready to be constructed. As always I'd love to get some feedback from you guys! BR, Guenther
  2. Yes why not. But for me it should be more something like that: Class 52 There are already very cool MOCs out there showcasing that you can build quite impressive Versions of that class of steam locomotive.
  3. I'll also hope for a new Creator Expert Train. ( I do not count the Winter Trains as they are some sort of special characters and are also more or less always the same and not very appealing to me) A predecessor for the Emerald Night would be very nice, or some sort of sophisticated brick built e-locomotive (e.g. the Taurus). Or another idea, train cars only: what about a nice train car: a new highly detailed version of 7814 e.g ... Or what about a Creator Expert train related building? A train station, cargo terminal, switch tower, .... BR, Guenther
  4. Ah ... yes I know this type of Monorails. They are magnificent and there are allot of interesting versions out there, even with working points and crossing. Unfortunately I do not have the space in my layout for this kind of monorail, so I stick to a short track of standard monorail. And another thing is, that I need to change levels and I am not sure if brick built monorails can handle inclinations like the original one does due to the center tooth rail. BR, Guenther
  5. Hi, wow thanks for looking it up for me! Yes this will help, at least I can see it is possible and it doesn't look that hard to do... BR, Guenther
  6. Hi baard, thanks for your kind words about my layout, but now you made me curious about your layout. Do you have some Images online or a thread about it? If yes, could you please share a link with us? Yes PF is a great advantage here. First I didn't like PF very much, but after reconsidering some things I has tow major advantages over 9V: The possibility to create track return loops and to be able to run up to 8 trains independently. Hi LegoMonorailFan, thank you too for your kind words about the layout. Yes, there will be some mountain sides (more cliffs) covering the edges of each level. I actually already have a plan on how I'll build them: And below the modified Tower Bridge there will be some waterfall an small pond. I have already planned this too: This is basically how I plan to cover the open sides on the layout. I am currently planning another thing, what particularly LegoMonorailFan would like: a tram, running on monorail tracks. I plan to put the tram from 60097 on a monorail chassis. I wonder now if this was done already? I think I have once seen one on the internet ... If anyone has already done this and can give me some advise I would appreciate it much ... BR, Guenther
  7. Hi ColletArrow, yes indeed, we have an advantage over other non Lego model railways. And of course I'll redo some things from time to time and there are also plans for the distant future to enlarge the layout further. But for now I have allot of work still for finalizing the city and the main train system. For some time later I have also plans to add a cargo terminal and train yard. So yes, the layout will be under constant change ... as always: a model railway is never really finished ... Hi Capparezza, thanks for your kind words regarding my layout. I actually also underestimated the real size of this behemoth. In the LDD and renderings it felt not so big. Yes I added the city wall mainly to be able to add some smaller city sets I have and which are open at the back (like 7848 or 7641). So when I put them against the wall, they don't have an open back anymore and therefore don't look odd in the city. At least this is the plan. BR, Guenther
  8. Hi ColletArrow, thanks for your kind words regarding my layout. Phu, good question on the price tag. I'll try not keep detailed track of the costs, I don't really want to know them (unfortunately I know them very well) ... But you can do some math by yourself: the track ballasting are roughly 22000 bricks, the bridge with river are roughly 8500 bricks, the streets are also roughly 4000 bricks and if you estimate a piece price of 0,10€ your are quite there... ... and that's only the portion of the layout built already and not counting the official Lego Sets (and their modifications) you can already see in my layout. Ok now you got me, your post and question and more my answer brought me to a question to myself: What the hell I am doing here ... But on the other hand, Lego, this Layout is my hobby and I don't want to put a price tag on that. So it is okay for me and I also get allot of hours of fun per value. Ok let us get back to Lego, regarding your questions about railway infrastructure: Short answer: definitely, yes! As you can see, I put allot of effort in the track geometry (also modifying some tracks and points) to get a complex, interesting to play with track layout. So the focus is mainly on the trains. And therefore also railway infrastructure is important. I also have already some planes: so signals are definitely in, I just don't know if I lit them or not. I also plan to add an overhead contact line. And of course two passenger train stations and a train yard with freight terminal. But since this are very fragile objects and will block my access to the town, I have first to complete all the other town and landscape stuff. BR, Guenther Hi Scott, thanks for your kind words regarding my layout. Yes the bridge is quite heavy and also quite fragile. But since I have to build it in my office room rather on the layout directly, I have to move it. Therefore it is modular and you can take it apart in convenient handling pieces. BR, Guenther
  9. Hi Guys, as promised, here a short update on my progress on the layout. Actually, today it is not so an update to the layout itself, it is more an update regarding a building in the layout: my Tower Bridge modification I introduced you in a previous post. I am now finished with it, and it looks like this: I also added a small change in comparison to the rendering: I closed the inside gaps inside the Bridge. Honestly, I already didn't like them in the original set. For me the Bridge looked always a little unfinished. So I get rid of them in my version: I also redid the small river (actually the banks of it) to find some place for a city wall: As always, I am very curious on what you think about it. Once the images are approved in my Brickshelf folder, you can find higher resolution images here: Link to my Brickshelf of the Tower Bridge modification. BR, Guenther
  10. Hi Blackpool! Thanks for your kind words. I am glad that you like the layout. Btw.: I am currently working on my Tower Bridge modification, and it is almost done. So stay tuned for an update here soon. It took some time to put over 8000 pieces together ... BR, Guenther
  11. Hi Q, I am glad that you like my layout and this is a favourite thread of you! I am currently working hard on finalizing the Tower Bridge modification. So stay tuned for an update here in the near future. BR, Guenther
  12. Hi Pyro690, thanks for your feedback! Great that you like my layout. Regarding the car and the tunnel: actually I already had the same idea, and I am definitely thinking about it! Thanks for pointing that out and bringing it back into my brain ... A little forecast what I plan for the future on my work on the layout: As I already showed a view post s before, I plan a little waterfall and pond below the bridge. Here again (so that nobody has to search up the older post) the render image: Anyway, this will now take again some time, mainly to gather all the bricks needed for it. But don't worry , I have still enough bricks here for several smaller additions to my layout, which I'll do meanwhile (e.g some train tunnel portals, ...) . So stay tuned ... BR, Guenther
  13. Hi Guys, I have now managed to get all the Bricks for the tunnelportal and the Tower Bridge modification. The tunnelportal is now finished and already on my Layout, in good company with the Ghostbuster HQ and the Brick Bank: I started also with the Tower Bridge modification and managed to finish the little brook with the rocks on the side and the streets. The dark gray 6x12 plates are holding the modified bridge later. You can easily remove it from the rocks, and you can also detach the ramps on each side from the river section for easy handling. and here a picture with the street layer removed, so that you can see the river and the rock walls in detail: As always, you can find higher resolution images after they are publicly available for the tunnel here: and for the bridge here: I have also created a short update Video of my Layout: I am now very curious about your feedback. BR, Guenther
  14. Hi Capparezza, first of all, thanks for your positive feedback! You are right (more or less) regarding the black bricks. It is not directly a wall which blocks me from putting the bricks deeper into the tunnel, the problem is a support pillar of the upper level, which is directly behind the tunnel entrance. The main problem is, that I can't move the pillar itself, and I can't move the tunnel+street due to space limitations ... so I have to go with this sub-optimal solution ... I have to check how it will look in real life, and when I don't like the outcome, I have to rethink and maybe change something ... BR, Guenther
  15. Hi Guys, my last update is now nearly two months ago, so I thought to give you the latest news about the progress of my layout. First of all, the most important achievement: I managed to get my track ballasting done! Wow, this was a whole junk of work and my fingers are still hurting ... anyway, here you can see the result: I have also made a short video of my rolling stock in action: I also added a "breakout-track" where I can attach the cargo terminal area I showed some posts before: The other task I completed was the digital design of the street section for the middle layer of the layout. It will look like this: It will also contain a tunnel portal: I have already ordered the parts for this street section, and I already got them all, so stay tuned for an update and real build of this section in the near future. An I currently work also on a third thing, which need some explanation. I own the Tower Bridge 10214 and it currently rests on a shelf where it can not be seen very well. So I had the idea to put it directly on the layout. You immediately will recognize the problem I have: the Bridge is not minifig-scale and therefore will not fit very well on the layout. Basically I had in mind to use it as street bridge. So I fired up LDD and fiddled around a little bit. I created a rock and river (more a brook ) where the bridge rests on an span over. Then I widened the bridge to get a wider an higher clearance for the cars, so that minifig-scale cars can driver over the bridge. Long story short, this is what I cam up with: I actually liked it so much, that I also already ordered the additional parts for it (the whole model with bridge, rock and river contains exactly 7500 parts). I planned to put the bridge here on the layout: I hope you enjoyed my update. I am now very curious what you think about it. BR, Guenther