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  1. Hi Capparezza, first of all, thanks for your positive feedback! You are right (more or less) regarding the black bricks. It is not directly a wall which blocks me from putting the bricks deeper into the tunnel, the problem is a support pillar of the upper level, which is directly behind the tunnel entrance. The main problem is, that I can't move the pillar itself, and I can't move the tunnel+street due to space limitations ... so I have to go with this sub-optimal solution ... I have to check how it will look in real life, and when I don't like the outcome, I have to rethink and maybe change something ... BR, Guenther
  2. Hi Guys, my last update is now nearly two months ago, so I thought to give you the latest news about the progress of my layout. First of all, the most important achievement: I managed to get my track ballasting done! Wow, this was a whole junk of work and my fingers are still hurting ... anyway, here you can see the result: I have also made a short video of my rolling stock in action: I also added a "breakout-track" where I can attach the cargo terminal area I showed some posts before: The other task I completed was the digital design of the street section for the middle layer of the layout. It will look like this: It will also contain a tunnel portal: I have already ordered the parts for this street section, and I already got them all, so stay tuned for an update and real build of this section in the near future. An I currently work also on a third thing, which need some explanation. I own the Tower Bridge 10214 and it currently rests on a shelf where it can not be seen very well. So I had the idea to put it directly on the layout. You immediately will recognize the problem I have: the Bridge is not minifig-scale and therefore will not fit very well on the layout. Basically I had in mind to use it as street bridge. So I fired up LDD and fiddled around a little bit. I created a rock and river (more a brook ) where the bridge rests on an span over. Then I widened the bridge to get a wider an higher clearance for the cars, so that minifig-scale cars can driver over the bridge. Long story short, this is what I cam up with: I actually liked it so much, that I also already ordered the additional parts for it (the whole model with bridge, rock and river contains exactly 7500 parts). I planned to put the bridge here on the layout: I hope you enjoyed my update. I am now very curious what you think about it. BR, Guenther
  3. Hi Guys, I have a new update on my WIP Layout. I am now close to finish the work on the track ballast (finally , it was quite a boring work, but I like the look and feel and it was worth the effort in my opinion). I have now finished the long two-tracked siding: The most complex part was the transition from the 45° main line to the siding where it was necessary to do some trial and error to figure out the ballast layout beneath the point to end up in a valid raster again: I had also reused my old buffer stops from the old Layout: I hope you enjoyed my update. I am now very curious about your opinion. So please give me some feedback about what you like and what you don't like and what you would do in another way... BR, Guenther
  4. Hi KlodsBrik, thanks for your positive feedback . Yes, I'll keep you all up to date on this here. But currently I have to deal with the not so interesting task, unfortunately: finishing the track ballasting. After that, it will become more interesting (Landscaping, tunnel portals, other city areas, additional streets, ... and last but not least, the planned cargo train station). BR, Guenther Hi Capparezza, thanks for your nice feedback ! Actually I can tell you quite accurate the part count: The complete track ballasting will eat up 22500 parts, and for now roughly 16000 parts used. So roughly 6500 parts to go ... BR, Guenther
  5. Hi Guys, since my last update on this layout project allot of stuff happened and I can show you some progress on the layout. First of all I completed the most left section of my city on the upper level: You can also see that I managed to complete the brick-built streets in this part of the layout. I made also good progress in ballasting my tracks. Now nearly 4/5 of the track is ballasted. As you can see behind the Emerald Night, I also started with the layout of the lower right city part. Now I have to design the brick built streets for this part in LDD. Meanwhile I'll continue working on the track ballast, hopefully finishing it soon (although there are some tricky situations coming up. As always I am looking forward to get some feedback, critics and/or recommendations what I can do better. And of curse, you'll find the high resolution images after moderation in my brickshelf folder here. BR, Guenther
  6. Hi, Good question! First I have to admit, that this will be more a "model-railway" where the focus is on playing with the trains. So once built, I shouldn't have to fiddle around with the sections hard to reach. During the build process I start building top down (or better from the back to the front). The table itself is so sturdy that I can easily walk on it (at least on the lower and the middle level). Also the track with its ballasting is sturdy enough to step on it. I have only take care to not step on the point-switches. BR, Guenther
  7. Hi Fenestra and NickL, Thanks and nice that you like my layout so far ... Perhaps there is a new update after Christmas ... I hope I'll find some time during the Christmas holidays to work on the layout ... BR, Guenther
  8. Hi Chris, no worry , they are brand new (light bluish gray for the 48x48 and tan for the 32x32, unfortunately there are no green ones any more). Cutting Lego which is out of product cycle would hurt me as well ... BR, Guenther
  9. Hi, Thanks and I am glad that you like it so far! Yes I'll keep on going, and I'll continue posting the progress here ... @Vöslauer: Yes, very well recognized ... actually from the vicinity of Linz. @available space: yes, but I had to wait some time for it until I was able to place my Layout there. And unfortunately there is never "enough" space for Lego ... @base plates: yes, but I for myself decided that tracks and base plates can be treated as "Meterware" (in English: "bulk stock" I think) ... but beside these two things modifying Lego is a strict no-go for me! BR, Günther
  10. Hi Guys, recently I had some time again to work on my Layout. Actually, now all woodwork is finished an I can concentrate now on pure Lego-building ... But let me show you how it looks now: So you can see that now the third level is also ready and waiting to be filled with Lego. You can see also my latest addition to my rolling stock: a 60051 with an additional coach. I had to modify the train also a little bit to get more ground clearance below the train-cockpits. If you know the train, they are very low in vanilla version, and therefore I had problems going from flat track to the inclined track parts with this train. What's next? As now the third level is ready, I can fit the ground plates to the second level and can also start ballasting the track there. I have also already bought some parts to start with my brick built roads I showed in a previous post. Another thing, I managed to get some additional space (1,4m x 0,64m) to build a train yard/fright station there. The point here is, that this section is removable and not fixed to the main table so that I can reach the window when necessary: And here is my first layout draft for the yard (I have also moved 7838 from its previous location in the red circle to the yard area): Any feedback of this is very welcome. What do you like, what do you not like, what can I improve? Thanks and BR, Guenther
  11. Hi ecmo47, thanks for your input! The point with the modified plate 2x2 with 1 stud in the middle is very good! In my old layout I didn't used it and therefore placing the minifigs was a pain in the a..! I'll definitely use a bunch of them in the new Layout. Yes you are right, the brick built streets will cost a lot, but since I did the "advanced" track ballasting, the street can't scare me any more ... It will be definitely cheaper as the track ballast. Good point also regarding the minifigs: though I have a lot already, I'll always on the look for additional ones; as you say: a town layout looks best when the sidewalks are crowded and mimic some interesting/funny situations. Thanks and BR, Guenther
  12. Hi Kieran, thanks! Yes I am also curious how this will work out in the end. But my opinion is that a train layout (regardless if Lego or a H0 layout) always needs some hight profile. BR, Guenther
  13. Hi, I also prefer the PF only with switches option (perhaps other switch geometry: e.g. curved switches, switched crossovers, ...). Br, Guenther
  14. Hi, wow that looks great. Just one remark: I think that some tracks to narrow to each other. It is possible that you'll get problems with wider trains and longer rail cars. BR, Guenther
  15. Hi Mestari, Yes the point geometry is extremely limiting, especially if you don not have a huge space available (this was my reason btw.). The interesting thing is, that when modifying the points you can always go back to the original geometry. Just add a 1/2 curve. BR, Guenther