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  1. Hi Blackpool! Thanks! I am currently refining the plans of the waterfall. Since I have made some changes on the "interface" to the "Tower Bridge"-Module, I have to change some minor stuff on the waterfall. Once this is completed I'll order the parts (again a lot of pieces needed ) . BR, Guenther
  2. tmctiger's town May 2017
  3. Hi, your plan sounds quit good, but as @tkatt already said, you will need a lot of space (unfortunately LEGO is quite space consuming, especially when it comes to trains). I overcame the problem (I also do not have that much space for my layout) with a multilevel layout, where the train loops are spread over two different connected levels and also the city is spread over two levels and aground level with train station and freight terminal. If you are interested on how I did it, you can find my WIP thread of my layout here on Eurobricks and here on Youtube. So have fun planning your city and keep us up to date with what you came up. BR, Guenther
  4. Yes I also noticed this. And jep, let us keep the fingers crossed that it now finally works again after their downtime. BR, Guenther
  5. Hi LegoMonorailFan, thanks for reposting my images! BR, Guenther
  6. Yes please post the images for me, many thanks! Ah yes MOC pages. I'll also have a look on this site. Thanks for pointing out. BR, Guenther Hi, currently I operate the switches manually, but remote control is planned for the future (but I have no good solution so far for this problem). Currently I am running just kit trains (with minor modifications though here an there), but I have also plans for MOC-trains in the future. But for now the focus is on the layout itself. BR, Guenther
  7. Hi, hmm I don't like Flickr since this is owned by Yahoo and that company doesn't attract attention due to their user security ... I don't want to find my login credentials sold in the darknet ... Anyway, in another forum I was pointed towards Bricksafe, and I most likely give it a try if Brickshelf make problems again. But to be honest, I'd like to stay on Brickshelf due to the simplicity of use and therefore I cross fingers that Brickshelf fixes their problems and starts working again without any problems. BR, Guenther
  8. That's right! But for detailed Images not very useful, since a JPG with "normal" resolution often exceeds 0.08MB. In another forum I was pointed towards Bricksafe, I'll give this a try when Brickshelf makes problems again. But in general, I like the simplicity of Brickshelf and therefore I cross my fingers ... BR, Guenther
  9. Hi Guys, But this is then equal to uploading an image directly to Eurobricks? And then it is under the constraint of 0.08MB total upload per post? Am I right. Hmm, this is strange since I can see the image behind the link, even when I am not logged into Brickshelf. That is even more strange. It seems that other people can embed the image behind the link, just I can't ... I just tried to add an (older) image to this post (an older image I already linked successfully in Eurobricks ( an it still doesn't work. Also the newer ones still don't work. I have now tried to insert the images as I always did with the "Insert other media" button and dropping the link just plain into the text box ... it didn't work anymore for me I don't believe this is a Brickshelf problem, since linking these images in other forums ( and just works fine. It seems to also make problems at for me it works fine there, but some random users also can't see the images, other user on the other hand can see them ... thats very very strange. Perhaps something went wrong during the Brickshelf migration to another hoster? Has anyone contact to the Brickshelf guys so that they be aware of the problems? BR, Guenther
  10. Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yes this is also one of my favourite shots. Btw.: inserting embedded links to images still doesn't work for me. I have no idea what went wrong here. BR, Guenther
  11. Hy Guys, I have a very strange problem: I suddenly be unable to insert images with "Insert other media" - "Insert Image from URL". When I try so, the box just gets a red border and nothing happens. When copying the link directly in the box where I write my post, I get following Error message: "The link could not be embedded because there is no image at that URL." This is definitely wrong! There are jpg-pictures behind the links. For example this link: If you click on the link, you'll see it works perfectly, just the board software doesn't recognize it anymore?! Btw.: inserting images always worked for me just fine. I noticed the problem when posting an update in my WIP - Layout thread: As you can also see in this thread, inserting images always worked fine. I am now a little helpless and have no idea what I can do that this works again for me. Additional information: no recent changes to my computer system, I am using Firefox 53.0.2. (64bit) on a Windows 7 ultimate. I hope someone can help me or give me a hint how to fix this. Thanks in advance and BR, Guenther
  12. Hi Guys, as promised, since Brickshelf is online again (sort of, zip file uploading still doesn't work ), here are some pictures of the current state of the layout: Unfortunately I have to post only the links to the images since Eurobricks tells me "The link could not be embedded because there is no image at that URL." However, if you follow the link you will see there are pictures there (and these links work well on and on, I don't know what's wrong with Eurobricks?! (perhaps a mod can fix this?) First of all a quick look under the construction which holds the Lego Store (60097) and the modified Toys'R'us and Pizza (7848 and 7641): And now here the platform with the stores and a little park n top: Here you can find a overview of the complete left part of the layout: And this is the way I overcome the big blue wall on the detectiv office: And here you can find a detailed image of the city wall behind the bridge (however without adjacent buildings): And last but not least some impressions on how a Minifg will see the town: As always, you'll find high resolution images in my Brickshelf-folder, once it is approved:
  13. Hi Guys, I have now managed to integrate the modified Tower Bridge into my town. Therefore some pre work was necessary: first I had to shorten the street on the left side by a couple of studs, to get the Bridge some studs more to the left, to be able to connect the street later on the right side in 45° and be able to stay with this street as close to the layout level border. Second I added two houses to the city wall, and for that I had to construct a little platform to get a space on the same level as the city wall is. The platform walls are in the same style as the tower bridge is. And last but not least, I had do hide the blue front of the Detctive Office with a plant. Otherwise the front would have dominated the scene and that didn't look good. Unfortunately, I can't show you any pictures yet, since brickshelf is down due to some maintenance work. But I don't let you go without something to watch. So I have also made two videos, I'll like to show you instead (don't worry pictures will come as soon as brickshelf is up and running again): The next big thing I'll start to work on, will be the little pond with waterfall. It will be located under the bridge between the Ghostbusters HQ and train tracks. For now there is the little playground, which will be removed once the pond is ready to be constructed. As always I'd love to get some feedback from you guys! BR, Guenther
  14. Yes why not. But for me it should be more something like that: Class 52 There are already very cool MOCs out there showcasing that you can build quite impressive Versions of that class of steam locomotive.
  15. I'll also hope for a new Creator Expert Train. ( I do not count the Winter Trains as they are some sort of special characters and are also more or less always the same and not very appealing to me) A predecessor for the Emerald Night would be very nice, or some sort of sophisticated brick built e-locomotive (e.g. the Taurus). Or another idea, train cars only: what about a nice train car: a new highly detailed version of 7814 e.g ... Or what about a Creator Expert train related building? A train station, cargo terminal, switch tower, .... BR, Guenther