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  1. The proportions on that look spot on, not as pointy at the end like the other MF cockpit, something tells me you are on to something there!
  2. Darth Vaders Shower Cubical?
  3. Damn this thing is massive, amazing build :)
  4. This is great, love the little details :)
  5. Its hard to tell but doesnt Lego give you a tease of the new Cockpit piece on the box of Rathtar Escape? I cant honestly tell if its lego made or its just a studio model but id like to think its a new MF specific molded piece.
  6. Is the set the same piece count or did i imagine one of the leakers saying it was about 7000 pieces? For an extra 2k it surely has an interior of some sort or maybe a crazy display stand for it!?
  7. In the middle of a house move so this is on a bit of a back burner at the moment, having said that i did some redesigning in LDD to make it look better in my eyes. Hopefully something in the near future :)
  8. Ive been approached a few times by random people about the LDD file for my UCS T-70 Xwing, other than handing it to someone like Cjd223 who puts a lot of effort into making the instructions, i wont hand it to anyone not well regarded in the AFOL community. Its a shame as its either Lepin making a profit from others hard work or some random on ebay selling your LDD ala Cavegod's ATAT or Anio's various models.
  9. To be honest this kind of stuff is ten a penny, oh look at me i just bought a PS4 and now im smashing it up, oh and a new iphone, look how i treat it with this hammer, its all a bit "LOOK AT ME!!!!" :/
  10. These are all stunning but Hoth Leia is amazing, it should have been hard to get that look and mannerism but its spot on!
  11. Have to say the prices being thrown about are scary even for a model of this desirability, in all honesty if this doesnt have some significant improvements over the original and some nice new unique molded pieces then i may just pass and bricklink the original for roughly equal or even less than the price of this new one :/
  12. Jesus its the 2nd and i STILL fell for ARE the droid im looking for ChristopherLee!!
  13. You mean the Titan Creations one? if so i dont think they did and as amazing as it was it had no 'lid' to speak of, just the interior.
  14. I think this is lovely and makes the pain in the butt original to bricklink a thing of the past. But seriously LEGO, USC AT-AT or a new Falcon NOOOOOOW!!!!
  15. Superb work Krisztian, its great to see it in bricks along with DarthPineapple's version as well :D