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  1. I think this is lovely and makes the pain in the butt original to bricklink a thing of the past. But seriously LEGO, USC AT-AT or a new Falcon NOOOOOOW!!!!
  2. Superb work Krisztian, its great to see it in bricks along with DarthPineapple's version as well :D
  3. Isnt this still relativity cheap to buy second hand and even new/sealed? Apologies if its not, i cant remember its retail price, i think it was £199 when released?
  4. Yeah i have this too, any update from LDD crew about this? I doubt nvidia will fix it unless its related to something quite serious.
  5. Ah i did search for people having the same problem but missed that thread.....arghhh so no fix yet! Hopefully LEGO fix this as i doubt nvidia will :/
  6. I saw these on your flickr page, brilliantly done, i dont know if id go as far as to paint them but it looks great so what do i know :D
  7. Hey Marek, yeah i have a GTX 1070.
  8. Hey guys, so ive not used LDD in a while and thought id load up some old models i made, as you can see from the pic this is what happens with most of them. If i turn off brick outlines they look fine, my drivers are up to date so im at a loss at whats causing this...heeeeelp! ALSO: If i select the whole model and move it about on the plane it looks fine but as soon as i place it, it turns in to the below.
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys, should be finished with the final model soon, watch this space :)
  10. Looking really nice, cant wait to see the finished article!
  11. MOC

    But they aren't grey either, they are a dirty mix that's hard to equate with lego colours :)
  12. Wow thats a really nice model, proportions look spot on!
  13. Cant believe i missed this on here and only noticed it on flickr, an amazing diorama, the interior of the ATAT is quality, great work Pineapple :)
  14. Which was a modification of my canopy mod
  15. This is a really nice XWing, the front fuselage and nose angles where most models fall short look spot on, great work :)