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  1. Ambitious MOC, good luck .
  2. Thank you for advices, I think I was losing one of my goals using so many tubes, I will take one function and then I will be able to put a tube in the arm solving the problem of the down cylindes the other one will use rubber bands. I can't do what you say, in fact I tried time ago.
  3. Around the cylinders an openable hood and few more, I have room for almost nothing, I don´t think I could put better the hoses but I will try until the end of october. If you look the arm it is simple because I can´t put nothing more or the cylinders would touch it. I have those pieces and I can´t put them, to put 2 hoses more in the arm was a nightmare because hoses almost impair the movement of the arm. I will try 2 things. First one remove fat cylinders for thin ones and in the case they work properly I will have 2 extra studs to reinforce the front part machine and the arm, the bad thing is that the pneumatic tube will seem even bigger with thin cylinders. Second one is use transparent tubes, what do you think.
  4. You are right it is adhesive tape, I have to know if it is allowed. I could use rubber rinds but I think it will look worst.
  5. I have new pneumatic pieces, a new manual pump and 3 large thin cylinders, I think the old pump works better but new one is fine. After one week out from home with my children (2 and 4 years) playing with the wheel loader I am glad to say that only the fake engine was disassembled, so the machine is as strong, compact and playable as I wanted. I will try to finish it but working far from home I will build without Lego, I hope I can do it.
  6. I don´t like the real machine but I like yours, even having third party tyres.
  7. Yes every type tracks are wellcome for me . Yes every type tracks are wellcome for me .
  8. Perfect again, I want 5 or 6, I don´t know yet.
  9. I agree with Lipko, I would need that day only for make the tubes clean.
  10. I tell you what you will need, a bigger table soon . I suppose it is a modular ship or not?, for an easy trnsport I mean.
  11. More progress or not, I'm stuck in the engine, if I do a 988 instead a 994 I could put a smaller engine (only 6 cylinders) and a bigger cabin. I put together all switches and I added one more pneumatic function, it could be an adjustable blade or a log loader for wood. The new manual pump will be between the engine and the steering switch. 5 pneumatic functions I think will be enough for a medium MOC.
  12. IMO I would put all switches together, I mean in the same place, but anyway it looks very good. Blue tube is Lego of course but I preffer the black one because gives more realistic look.
  13. One signed 42056 for 0 Euro, I always wanted to write something here , it is a bad topic for just read .