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  1. I build as small as I can for my fun, which doesn´t mean that I like those large and detailed MOCs but deep down I think, how much unused space...
  2. Good product but anyway a third party piece for a purist builder like me.
  3. At last after build and build the tracks I like, they are strong, modular, simple and easy to build, in addition, the gear ratio can be changed at three different places, down, within and between tracks. The most difficult part was to get that elevation of the tracks, it looks good in the last photos.
  4. Very small and functional .
  5. Small and functional that is why I like Technic, very nice truck.
  6. I write just my opinion, when I know that a MOC won't be good enough for me, with the pieces we have, I don't do it. I like your other MOCs but not this one.
  7. I agree with M_longer, seriously agree, you are better doing F1 cars for now . A very difficult car for bricks.
  8. I would have needed 7 months with luck and inspiration...
  9. Very nice MOC.
  10. Reverse engineering of a MOC it has no sense for me, in any case we have to improve them because sure we have new pieces to make them better, new turntables, pneumatics, connectors, panels to use are good examples for me. In fact when I build old Lego sets to take a rest I improve them with new parts but respecting the exterior aesthetics.
  11. Thank you Milan. in fact is more clean inside that outside that is all WIP including the arm. My first problem was the height it was impossible to get off 12 studs in the body, I would have required at least 9 studs for a correct proportion at least for a komatsu machine, but using only 5 motors I think it will be the smallest RC lego front shovel. Another possible problem will be the total weight of the arm... Thank you for advice.
  12. More progress... everything OK, maybe a little slow but on track. I preffer linear actuators, more funny, more clean, more playable that is why this will be my last pneumatic MOC for a long time... The time I lose placing the tubes doesn´t compensate me, when I put transmissions I learn and I have fun, at least in machines as small as this, the hardest to put those you can´t see inside the body. One question how I have to do to can see the video image on my post?. Pneumatic machine take 5
  13. Very good job, I like more yours than real ones .