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  1. I like the twist back on the tatra axles .
  2. Other than that the only thing I've done is shaved a 3l stop pin to mimic the new brown ones I also did it but I don´t feel guilty at all, when I see abusive prices for parts that I can do I don´t care, another part I have done is the 11 axle. The only thing I remember and I still care it was cut a 12 axle to get one of 2 because I was lost it, it was my first set technic and I didn´t have spare parts, I don´t know if I bothered more lose the 2 axle than cut it, It was the 8848 set more than 30 years ago...
  3. I agree with Aventador 2004 the 9394 set is a good start, it is a plane and it is easy to build, perfect for an approach to the Technic.
  4. I love all your MOCs this included.
  5. Purism for me is the whole world building with the same pieces so the difference between MOCs only depends on the person, so although I recognize the value of all MOCs I only take as a reference that of those who use only Lego parts, those are my goal and my inspiration. Is a nice thread to read full of respect and points of view .
  6. I agree it is a nice dozer .
  7. I am very impressed, very good job, realistic and small, MOCs like this make me want to build again .
  8. Great MOC I love it.
  9. It is a little out of scale, between an old tt and the veyron but it is an awesome car anyway.
  10. Lego limits me and at the same time he amuses me in order to overcome his limitations, if I modify a piece for another purpose I would move on to another hobby. I have my exceptions to the rule, rubber strings and axles, I don´t mind cutting one of 12 to have one of 11 if I need it.
  11. Is a very nice MOC, its steering is the finally touch it is simple, strong and gives an extra all terrain when it works. It reminds me an unimog with the features of a kirovets.
  12. One of the best C-models I have ever seen, I like what you can build even without bricks and tiles .
  13. Epic Class .
  14. Very nice MOC .