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  1. More progress I am happy with the small size but I have some problems with the CV joints, the steering ones fall off sometimes and the another ones fall off too but I know why, I have too much suspension travel in the axles but it is easy to fix it. I have to improve the chassis I want less pieces. I have had a great idea using a 5,5 axle with a spring in the cv joints would be constantly tightened I would lose some travel suspension but it would help me with the other problem.
  2. I tried diferent types and the better was shock absorbers, it has a sweet and soft travel but nothing is decided yet, I am thinking to move them horizontaly with rods I think I saw a kamaz MOC with that configuration. In the end I really don't need to move them because it is a dakar truck and you won't see them but it is for have fun. Clutch gears are for my break motors son, I will studied the torsion axle and the 5L arms.
  3. Of course it helps, I had same shock absorbers configuration than yours but it wasn´t work good in different position, I will try again putting the shock absorbers like you. My problem is always the room, the axles are very narrow.
  4. A small chassis and a few questions, universal or cv joint?, shock absorbers or leaf springs?, I wanted to avoid the panhard rod if is possible. Drive axles are robust and very difficult to dismantle withot remove axles, in the end it will be a kind of small truck.
  5. Great video and explanation it is pleaxure to watch it .
  6. Awesome car, you have your own great style .
  7. It is a great but old idea, first time I saw something similar was in a MOC of Mahjqa years ago from then many of us have tried to improve the idea, Zbiczasty did it too in his Komatsu D575.
  8. I am very proud of these tracks so I didn´t dismantle them, they have dust , the size is always for me the smallest I can get being playable and strong.
  9. Ok it is time to share ideas, I was building this awesome machine and I built the body and the tracks but I got tired... Someone interested or inspired?, it is a P&H 2650CX Hybrid shovel and it is a real monster beauty.
  10. Sometimes is always for me at the moment, I lost my motivation a few months ago and I don´t see anything that excites me to build, I had some hope deposited in the next new pieces... I hope this thread helps to more than one.
  11. Very nice and realistic C model .
  12. Clean and very playable, when I see your MOCs I always think why the hell I didn´t do that before ,
  13. I am thinking what to write but someone wrote it first. One of the worst Technic sets I have ever seen.
  14. I need to know it too.
  15. I always use technic steering parts for their robustness, turning point, axle is not visible and narrower axles but I admit that they offer less floor clearance, why did not you use them?, I mean the pieces of the 42056, 8653 or 42039, for example two pics of my current MOC. Thank you for your instructions I always learn a lot.