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  1. I am pretty sure, more ships will be coming. I think, they went with the Silent Mary first, because it is the current main villain vessel. Same for the Queen Anne's Revenge. So far, we only know from the regular sets only this set right? There is much more to come, and I bet, we will see another vessel. Especially considering, that Silent Mary is a 200 Euro set, making the need of a more affordable one.
  2. So the regular series for 100 GBP? Sounds not bad all. It is cheaper than the set's prices when released. :P Wow, 350 is still a lot of money... but on the other hand, they won't get cheaper...
  3. I am especially looking forward to the elf. She looks interesting so far, comes with a golden longsword, which is quite rare, and a shield. Just hope, the elf will have pants instead of a sloped piece! The surfer is boring. Although I like the board print. The baker comes with a nice pie and tool. The cup of the fast food vendor is great.... same goes for the vintage weightlifter. The bunny is cute. A musthave like the penguin. The French guy is a little bit blank... but ok. I love the glitter star on the flower girl's face and hair, as well, as the new multicolored butterfly wings! The Retiarius gladiator is pretty boring... I really don't like the Atlantis trident as a weapon. And he is missing his namegiving net. In Addition he does not come with any awesome or unique accessoiry like the Murmillo gladiator we got earlier, with an amazing helmet. The Cornguy looks funny, another addition to the Hot Dog and Banana guys. The retro space man looks a bit odd, since I probably can not see enough details on his helmet. His retro gun is great however. Not a big fan of that retro dancing instructor... although she got a unique hair piece. I don't like the dwarf's beard. It is to short, and his legs are to little detailed. Like most small ones. The Rocket kid looks cool. I think, another one to most have like the elf. And probably fairly easy to find thanks to his large costume. Probably only confusable with the Corn guy. Edit: It appears, I forgot the guy with the mobilephone. Well boring. But the retro mobile phone looks great. The collection is overall pretty solid. The only figure I absolutely do not like is the gladiator. He just doesn't come with anything special...
  4. The real question is, whill she have pants or a sloped piece? Personally I hope for pants.She will however be a figure I will absolutely hunt for. In general, the Castle ones are those I strife for. Is it just me, or does she come with an oldschool shield instead of the larger one they frightening knight and the egypt dude used? The Gladiator is a Retiarius type, although the net is missing. Which is kind of stupid, since his name is "netfighter". Not a big fan of him though. I don't like the Atlantis trident as a weapon, and unlike the Murmillo gladiator we got earlier he is doesn't come with a fancy helmet. The dwarf seems to be a little bit inspired by Warhammer slayers. Mohawk hairstyle, red dyed hair, no armor... Not a fan of him as well, Especially of the beard design. In addition imo his legs are, as all short legs missing details.
  5. Nice full series. Might I ask, how much you paid for it in total, and for the IFS? Which is sadly the "only" one missing of the series for me... And the only ship, that is able to rival the old heavy BSB and SES.
  6. Hm, I am wondering, how stable the whole construct will be. I fear, it will be kind of fragil, making the "play value" pretty limited. The small doors look kind of odd indeed. And she has many built cannons. She might have many pieces, but the hull and the shooting cannons are missing. Which is imo a big downside for a pirate ship. But still, it is a pretty cool looking ghost ship.
  7. I am impressed, how they built a Clayface out of regular bricks, and quite well built in 6piece-stud shooters, representing him shooting well smaller clay/mud pieces. He appears to be quite well poseable as well. At first I really wasn't a fan of it. But the more you look at it, It actually just looks better and better. Pretty sad though, how it has no connection to the movie. I honestly connected Clayface more with the ald Teen Titans cartoon, rather than Batman, but they are both DC, and connected, so why not. The mayor minifigure is great. And I love your nod to Mariah Carey. The only thing I found really odd, is again the regional price tag. From 18 GBP to 35 Euro. Yeahhhhhh. Seems to be pretty cheap in England. :P
  8. Wellcome to the world of shitty Batman villains. :P I just recommend you to watch this:
  9. Well, he got a Nexo Knight sword and a robothorse in the Dimensions set... It all makes sense now. :P I love the Alfred and Polkadot minifigures though. They look great. ;)
  10. I would just wish, to understand those sale politics.. Meanwhile we europeans can order it at amazon without any problem. Why are some articles limited/ exclusive in USA but sold regulary in EU or vice versa?
  11. Amazing! I love especially your "brickbuilt" baseplate replacement! It really does look amazing. And of course the "additional" houses at your keep. It just looks so fitting, so whole. And the gargoyle on your gatehouse of course. Great job. <3
  12. Polka-Dot Man. Oh wow. I kind of love, how they dig up those absolutely ridiculous, silly villains. Now is only Penny Plunderer missing. <3 Great, that they kind of don't take the Batman universe too serious and have a nod to all those silly guys. Although many of the kids might never heard of those. And to be fair, it is better that way. :P
  13. Got my Exaclibur-Batman set today, and I love that guy. The silver hood and bodyarmor, and the printings are great. I like, how he wears a split color sheme for his suit beneath his armor. The mask in particular somehow reminds me of the Hound's helmet in GoT, making it a very unusual, recognizable helmet. Nice "Knight Batman" and a worthy addition to my collection. Although I might change his sword to a regular longsword, like the one used for scottish Batman.
  14. Hm... Interesting. So far, they seem, to have only appeared on several asian events... Hope we will get one as well. It is kind of a mini batcave playset, to carry around? You just can not have enough batman suits. :P
  15. I was not a fan of it at all, at the first glance. Because many figures just are too silly, and Lego seemingly increased the price for minifigures again, now to 3.99. But after I got some gifted for my birthday, including fairy batman, I really got more in touch with it. There still are some, like Joker and Vacation Natman, I still don't like that much, but an overall interesting series with lovely parts. I really love the lobster and the dishplate, or Barbara Gordon's hat with hair, and a great opportunity get more villains not included in sets. The by far weakest figure imo is King Tut. He just looks like a standard pharaoh dude we got earlier in CMF.