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  1. A black hood could be a good choice!
  2. You have to include Lord Raavage and some sort of bribe (a promise or threat made by someone designed to ensure you will win). There are no rules on number of pictures or size or anything else which is the idea behind that second clause. Good Luck!
  3. I edited the title because it did seem to be more of a promotion to the ideas part than the build itself. This topic is amazingly similar to prior posts, and so I merged them. The only reason for the whole new topic is to promote your Ideas project, that puts your topic on thin ice. There are better photos and more to view in the updated post, so I chose not to axe the whole topic, but it did make me consider more serious action. Be careful with such choices as they make the Mods grumpy.
  4. [quote name='Henjin_Quilones' timestamp='1473350785' post='2653766'] [font=georgia,serif]Do decorative borders count in the base size limit? Like in the second of Dubbagrim's pictures above? I was thinking of a 1-stud wide black border just to make it look sleeker, but it would technically make it 18x18. It is fully detachable, so I can not include it, but it looks better with it. [/font] [/quote] Historically speaking, borders have NOT counted towards the footprint limit, that will continue going forward.
  5. [quote name='MassEditor' timestamp='1472755504' post='2649257'] It's been too quiet in Nocturnus lately, so let's get to building! Here's a couple of minichallenges (with prizes!) to whet our appetite for the next Chapter! [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=139695"]Minichallenge I: Foreign Aid[/url] [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=139696"]Minichallenge II: Paying Tribute[/url] [/quote] Speaking of appetites... [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=139782"]Minichallenge III: Pie Contest![/url] I challenge ye Nocturnians to enter every category of all challenges! That would mean 5 builds (pay attention to the varying deadlines) ro do them all!
  6. Anyone think they can enter all 5 minichallenges? I think I will extend the deadline so everyone can get in on this. You have until October 21 to get entries in for pies!
  7. Yes, the first photo is excellent. With the border and GoH shield this total is my aesthetic! So if you steal all your techniques from SK and he takes 1/2 of his from me, does that means I can take 1/4 credit or something?
  8. It's on the first page of the Nocturnus guild thread.
  9. Hear ye! Hear ye! It is time to lay down your weapons and take up…. your spatulas! Lord Raavage the rightful ruler of Nocturnus (and soon all of Historica) invites bakers from every corner of the land to attend the first annual Enchanted Pie Bake-Off! Winners will bask in the glory of Lord Raavage and be given prizes and special titles while loser will be executed, chopped up and… well… probably baked into another pie. Nocturnus enchanted pumpkin pies are legendary, not for how they quell your appetite, but for their appetite for pansy Avalonian flesh! This minichallenge fun is open to members of all guilds, but because we know the only Guild members who really know how to make an enchanted pie reside in Nocturnus, your builds MUST have some tie-in to Nocturnus, though the rule will be quite liberally applied as Raavage has open his bake-off to everyone, even non-guildies should they dare to take on our seasoned (for taste) veterans. Of course, as the only person who matters in the entire land, Lord Raavage himself will be the sole judge (jury and executioner) of the bake-off. Category A. Figure: Show us the chef and explain how the chef became the master of the enchanted pie! Who makes these enchanted pumpkin pies? Is it a traditional baker sweating inside a Nocturnian volcano? A witch slaving over her caldron? A demon sucking the souls of the damned into the pie? Or perhaps the evil behind the enchanted pie has been created by a possessed Avalonian girl? Only the figure, photography AND your story telling skills will be judged, but feel free to create a backdrop for your character in brick if you would like. After market and custom parts are allowed, though as sole judge, I feel compelled to mention I would prefer purist solutions. Category B. The Kitchen: Where and how are these enchanted pies made? Are they made in a “traditional” kitchen with a triple stacked wood burning oven? Are they cooked over the funeral pyre of slain Avalonians? Or do they come from somewhere… more sinister? Your “kitchen”, photography AND your story telling skills will be judged. Your build may not exceed 1,024 base studs (32 x 32) with reasonable over hang. Be sure to include a freshly made pie is seen somewhere in your kitchen for maximum points. Category C. At the Judge’s table: Winning isn’t easy… so cheating is encouraged. Depict a story (or comic) of your chef (or his minion) bribing Lord Raavage to ensure victory! Is your chef going to sneak Raavage a few extra pies? Does your chef believe Raavage can be persuaded by something of a greener… or golder nature? Maybe you chef would prefer to meet force with force and threats are more your style? Just like cheating isn’t subject to any stinkin’ rules, there are no rules for this category, go crazy, but surprisingly Lord Raavage has a sense of humor, funny entry will likely score higher. Deadline is October 21, anywhere in the world. Because this minicallege was pending so long, we will except entries created before September 2 as well as new entries! Prizes will include special, one-of-a-kind trophies! Makes sure to post a link to your entry in this thread and include the category.
  10. Red wheel hubs and a yellow windscreen... Classic Space fans rejoice for Batman!
  11. [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/uploads//gallery/album_266/gallery_1043_266_7117.jpg[/img] Our Frontpage has been filled with BrickWorld builds for weeks, and here comes another exciting entry from our own History Moderator, Ecclesiastes! This build is set in the frozen northland of Mitgardia, but it would seem even the coldest corner of Historica has summer, every now and again. Check out [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=137649"]Noriach[/url] here, and see what is happening with the guilds [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showforum=145"]here[/url]!
  12. 28275473831 fab8d343cc C

    From the album Frontpage

  13. I do think it is the short term replacement. Interestingly, we had castle along with LotR- I do think the two are distinguishable due to the license though. Big Bang Status means if LEGO thinks Nexo is castle, there will be no competition.
  14. Try something called Google, or our search function. Outside of that, I do not recall seeing any instructions available.
  15. So... We have discussed Book II finale, and things will be coming together soon... We're also discussing leadership for Book III. Due to family obligations and other building realities, I think we may need a new day to day guild leader in Nocturnus. We're not a democracy here, so input of the other guild leaders trumps willing volunteers, however, I would like to hear from the guild, here or in PM, about interest in some of our long time members in taking on the daily grind of guild leadership. Guild leaders already discussed possible choices, but I want to hear from you as well. Ready- set- go!!