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  1. These pics are a tad on the big side. Next time please keep them to a more reasonable size. That said, I like this model. Never been a huge train guy, but I like the color blocking and shape here. It definitely compares favorably to the source material!
  2. This member is new. Cut some slack please. You did both offer some good advise though, you won't get much traffic or discussion if there isn't anything to discuss. Please be sure there is some worthwhile content before making a thread in the future please.
  3. You should use an active thread just because another is dead. Ask in the right thread please. Your question has nothing to do with LEGO Batman.
  4. (I call this one the ScarJo pose- just watch an Avengers clip with Black Widow fighting to know why) With a growing fleet of vehicles and ships to service, OrionBlu found itself in need of a way to service vehicles in the field. With environmental conditions often inhospitable and the inability to reliable diagnose breakdowns away from repair stations, OrionBlu commissioned a variant of the exo suit to diagnose, support and repair vehicles in the field. This variant of the exo suit is smaller than spaceport or pure military variations and is designed to emit zero radiation for field work in sensitive regions. The acronym E.S.Z.Ra ( Exo Suit, Zero Radiation), usually vocalized as “Ezra”, is applied to differentiate this exo suit from others. As is common with most exo suits models, Ezras have been adapted over time to fulfill other support and military roles. *True and actual story about the name- I asked my 3 1/2 year old what to name it. We had just watched an episode of Star Wars Rebels so he told to name it "Ezra". I have to admit, not the worst name he has come up with, he told us we should name our daughter "Cotton Balls", so this wasn't half bad! And some action poses: The stern wife pose The Uncle Sam pose The running man pose And the group pose.
  5. As pointed out, best asked in another thread that exists for exactly these types of questions.
  6. I appreciate the effort and work here, but the tease and link elsewhere isn't appropriate. Your posts on Eurobricks should be on Eurobricks and not a way to promote another site. We're not free ad space for other sites. Please include the entire article or I'll have to lock this topic. Thank you.
  7. Please read the site guidelines. They may be accessed in my signature. What you should do is make your post primarily about the MOC itself. You may then have a single link to the ideas topic. After the change, it looks like this post probably belongs in another forum, like town or special themes.
  8. No height restriction. Just keep the spirit of the challenge in mind.
  9. Another Beauty. I like the colors on this one as well. Again, LEGO needs to produce ball joints in colors other than light bluish and dark gray, another example here!
  10. They are... though I think they may need a platform/ base to house them all. By my count I am up to 7 NCS ships 1. Dragon Hunter 2. Blue Jacket 3. Firemoth 4. Monarch 5. Wasp 6. Hornet 7. Grasshopper With ideas for 2 more (thanks Batman for two new trans-yellow windscreens!) Plus 3 ground based vehicles 1. MoonDog 2. Ranger 3. M.C.V.P (posting Feb 1) With ideas for 2 more. Sounds like I need a new base thingy to me!
  11. Isn't Arkansas a red state? Anyhow, I do love this little MOC. So much character, and even though you the color choice was stripped from Halo, it does look great in the LEGO pallet.
  12. My guess is it's this one: Bricklink to Jedi Interceptor
  13. I swear I saw this in some docking bay somewhere! love the shape Bob.
  14. Sweet build. I like this a lot!