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  1. Hey Guildies! Despite rumors to the contrary, I am still around. Here's the scoop- I have two young kids (4 and 1.5) and I committed to Brickworld this year. As such my daily life consists of getting the kids up and off to day care, off to the day job, back to feed the kids and play with them, put kids to bed, then work on Brickworld projects until 2:00 A.M. Lather, rinse, repeat- plus do all the other family commitments like a wedding and birthday party this weekend. Good news is Brickworld is next week! No only will I be able to connect with Rogue Angel there and a little bit of the EB brass to discuss the project and where we are. After BW, I will have time to get through the remaining scoring and judging from the comfort of my own couch... or office chair. You guys deserve the attention here in GoH and you will get it if you remain patient for just a bit longer. After that, we can have some serious talks about the direction for Book III and how we can get things back up and active, perhaps with some new leadership or ideas! Here is what I know I am behind on- Nocturnus Pie Challenge results and prizes. Book II scoring for all three categories and prizes. I may need some help with this, so I am going to check to see if I can collect all the links to the entries in one place. I think some of that is already centralized to some degree, but I need to finish that up. I may need some help from you guys after I have assembled the list to ensure everything is available. Expect results by July 1.
  2. It was clear the Desert King had promised to try to topple the Spire- the other alliances in Kaliphlin are a bit murkier. There are strong rumors- all that is clear is the Spire seems to have its hands in the problems of every guild-softening them up for something... are they seeking another artifact to unleash hell, or are they just uniting the enemies of the guilds for a final push? Story is up to you lads and lasses.
  3. Extension? Here is the truth- when I set this, I was peeking at the Calendar on the computer- what I didn't realize is that Cat C. deadline fell on Easter Sunday. My bad. I realize we are a global community, but that seems like bad form on my part. As such, you slackers are getting your extension. April 30 is the new deadline. For those of you who have submitted, you may modify your entry until April 30 if it suits you.
  4. Some cool entries again! Some good photography too. I am glad you guys are still building machines. Now who's got something up their sleeve for Cat C?
  5. Fun stuff guys, but we need more Spire entries!
  6. I see what you did here! This meets the criteria so well, I love it. Great entry!
  7. A week and a weekend left in category B. Let's see those entries fly up!
  8. A very original entry indeed!
  9. Okay. Feb 20 everywhere by now! Let's start seeing some Cat B entries!
  10. You guys can read the Book I and First Chapter of Book II here:
  11. I did not take any. Independent suspension on all 6 wheels. Front wheels do turn. Considering an update with steering control somehow.
  12. Those are official LEGO stickers right from Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!
  13. Core with the smaller class 1 arm out.
  14. Yes, the obvious inspiration here!
  15. Oh yeah. So the picture of the yellow beams all the way out was micolored, so I didn't post it... Maybe I will dig it up. Those lift arms extend out with a magnet on the end so the strong boxes can be removed without the larger arm on the trailer. The platform is not misaligned, it's actually on a turn table. I figure it should be rotated so the little drones on the control trailer can take flight while the trailer is parked. I can also place the top platform towards the front or back of the trailer, so when rotated 90s it doesn't interfere with the Core vehicle! I'll post a few more pics to show those features later.