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  1. It was clear the Desert King had promised to try to topple the Spire- the other alliances in Kaliphlin are a bit murkier. There are strong rumors- all that is clear is the Spire seems to have its hands in the problems of every guild-softening them up for something... are they seeking another artifact to unleash hell, or are they just uniting the enemies of the guilds for a final push? Story is up to you lads and lasses.
  2. Extension? Here is the truth- when I set this, I was peeking at the Calendar on the computer- what I didn't realize is that Cat C. deadline fell on Easter Sunday. My bad. I realize we are a global community, but that seems like bad form on my part. As such, you slackers are getting your extension. April 30 is the new deadline. For those of you who have submitted, you may modify your entry until April 30 if it suits you.
  3. Some cool entries again! Some good photography too. I am glad you guys are still building machines. Now who's got something up their sleeve for Cat C?
  4. Fun stuff guys, but we need more Spire entries!
  5. I see what you did here! This meets the criteria so well, I love it. Great entry!
  6. A week and a weekend left in category B. Let's see those entries fly up!
  7. A very original entry indeed!
  8. Okay. Feb 20 everywhere by now! Let's start seeing some Cat B entries!
  9. You guys can read the Book I and First Chapter of Book II here:
  10. I did not take any. Independent suspension on all 6 wheels. Front wheels do turn. Considering an update with steering control somehow.
  11. Those are official LEGO stickers right from Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!
  12. Core with the smaller class 1 arm out.
  13. Yes, the obvious inspiration here!
  14. Oh yeah. So the picture of the yellow beams all the way out was micolored, so I didn't post it... Maybe I will dig it up. Those lift arms extend out with a magnet on the end so the strong boxes can be removed without the larger arm on the trailer. The platform is not misaligned, it's actually on a turn table. I figure it should be rotated so the little drones on the control trailer can take flight while the trailer is parked. I can also place the top platform towards the front or back of the trailer, so when rotated 90s it doesn't interfere with the Core vehicle! I'll post a few more pics to show those features later.
  15. MEGA Core Vehicle Platform (M.C.V.P) LL 928 The M.C.V.P emerged as the main utility and ground combat support vehicle for OrionBlu soon after the Blue Jacket proved to maintain air superiority over the Sonic Star. The main vehicle, simply referred to as “the Core”, has two multifunction platform both of which may outfitted with different load outs ranging from strong cargo boxes to advanced weapon turrets or tactical recon transports. The Core is fitted with strong armor plating, oversized all terrain wheels with independent suspension and advanced shielding capabilities. The Core is normally crewed by three, a pilot, and two platform specialists, one for each of the two multifunction platforms, but may be crewed by two if the Core is only carrying cargo containers. Most Core vehicles also include a systems robot capable of controlling the functions of any trailing platform attached to the Core. To increase the Core’s utility, a variety of detachable, wheeled trailing platforms can be attached to supplement the Core’s load out. The extensive list of trailing platform load outs range in function from construction and utility cranes to planetary artillery. Over half of the load outs use the same trailing Control Center which may be crewed independently of the Core if the Control Center will be detached for stationary duties, such as use as a fixed listening post or semi-permanent anti-cruiser artillery. The Control Center can be outfitted with the same load out options as the Core vehicle itself, but also has capacity for a number of larger load out components that are either too heavy for the side mount structure of the Core, or draw too much power. One interesting aspects of the M.C.V.P is how it received its name and unique coloration for a ground vehicle as compared to other OrionBlu Corporation vehicles. When initially conceived, OrionBlu’s Master of Ground Operations, Trian Burress, asked his secretary, Rachel Katy, to request bids to “build a new multifunction corps of wheeled, ground vehicles.” In turn, Katy requested bids for a “wheeled core multifunction vehicle”. Burress found the misnomer charming and kept the name “Core” throughout the development process. Once the final design had been complete and manufacturing began, the Lunar Registration Authority (LRA), a galactic enterprise tasked with protecting space fairing design patents, approached OrionBlu demanding they pay the mandatory fees to assign a Lunar Licensing number (LL number) and an additional fee for each Core vehicle already produced to protect the Core’s design from design encroachment. The Lunar Licensing Act (LLA) states: 302.01(a) Design Registration: In order to protect the design integrity and intellectual property of the Galaxy’s citizens, all vehicles used to promote, enable or enhance the spacefaring abilities of the Galaxy’s citizens must: (i) register the vehicle’s design with the Lunar Registration Authority, (ii) receive and maintain a Lunar Licensing number from the Authority, and (iii) pay the fees attached to Schedule A to register and maintain the LL number for all vehicle designs still in use. (b) Registered Vehicles: In order to fund and enable the LRA to defend and enforce design patents held throughout the galaxy, any vehicle with a LL number must: (i) pay the Lunar Registration Authority all tonnage fees listed on schedule B upon completion and triannual for all vehicles still in service, and (ii) clearly display the logo and color scheme of the corporation under which it is registered to ensure design integrity is not encroached. While many believed the LRA fees were excessive as compared to the value received in return in the normal course of business, paying the fees to register the LL number, to register each of the 5,600 Core vehicles in the production run and to paint or change the manufacturing badging for the nearly 4,000 Core vehicles already in service would require a unexpected, crushing capital outlay. Rumors abound pegged a Blacktron bribe as the spark that began the LRA’s registration demand. OrionBlu objected to the LRA demand stating land based vehicles were exempt from the Lunar Licensing requirements as they did not, “promote, enable or enhance the spacefaring abilities of the Galaxy’s citizens” especially because the LLA had traditionally only been imposed on spacefaring craft. In a hearing before the Galactic Authority, the LRA successfully argued in a 9-8 majority decision, that the LLA was designed to protect not only spacefaring vessels but any, “mega vehicular design breakthrough that does or will likely affect the spacefaring population of the galaxy.” In response to the Galactic Authority’s ruling, OrionBlu registering the vehicle with LL Number “928” in reference to the split Galactic Authority’s vote and under the name “MEGA Core Vehicle Platform” to further mock the LRA and the Galactic Authority. While OrionBlu did paint and change manufacturing to comply with section 302.01(b)(ii) of the LLA, OrionBlu decided to keep the red wheel hubs already produced to save capital and as an additional act of defiance over the ruling. Despite industry pundits’ predictions of total financial ruin, OrionBlu completed the production of the M.C.V.P and in a strong reversal of fortune, used the design protections offered under the LLA to sell a number of M.C.V.P variants to other corporations including the well-known Mega Core Magnetizer to the MTron Corporation. Load outs: Missile load out Mixed use load out The Core Vehicle: The Control Trailer: