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  1. No one needs to worry, I can be slow with a 9 month old baby in the house, but I always deliver. Plus, wouldn't you rather have the next BIG challenge? I will begin posting the other side of the preludes soon, but this gives ya'll a chance to go for the Classic Castle Contest if you would like!
  2. Cool shape on this one. I like that it gives me the sense of being sentient or something, as your description points to.
  3. Feels like it could be space of near future military. I love this color combo! Good work sir!
  4. We are focused on the Challenge Preludes, so a may be a bit. I am not always the fastest, but don't worry, I always deliver.
  5. Based on the title, I was thinking I was going to buzz in here and have to lock this topic since we've only talked about this like 100 times. However, the discussion has been better than I was expecting so I will leave this alone for now. I also loved Kingdoms, but I found a way to use the Castle theme a few years ago to get interesting figures and heralds from it as well. I have shifted some of my interest temporarily as well while I wait for new inspiration, and to that extent I understand where some of you guys are coming from... Nexo Knights has certainly made this forum far less lively. However, I don't think that means castle or inspiration is dead. If you want to get into something LEGO and Castle, we have Guilds of Historica right in the next forum that can give you inspiration to last for years. If LEGO themselves is the only thing that inspires you to build, then sadly you need to find a way to get past it. This isn't the first evergreen theme to fade (looking at you pirates) and we will likely get drips and draps of castle stuff in some way every year to feed our habits, but I don't think we NEED it when we have Bricklink and Eurobricks and like sites to keep us engaged using the imagination we are all complaining about losing. I do understand the link and sadness when it comes to thinking about our kids. If you have "vintage" castle sets yourself or a nice collection of knights, you should be able to get your kids interested though because what you build is likely far more interesting and "imagination sparking" than whatever LEGO made anyway.
  6. We were a little clogged up with pinned topics, so I am making a link topic where you can find links to all the important topics here! Free Build Registration The Grand Griffon Tavern The Guild's Weekly MOC Index Book II Nocturnus Pie Contest
  7. Follow the links to the Prelude Story The Falling Darkness Victory and Vengeance Never Look Back Retribution The Resistance Unites
  8. It seems something is brewing in the Darklands of Nocturnus. Click the picture for a link to the first prelude for the final challenge of Book II in the Guilds of Historica.
  9. ZCerberus' own personal favorites from his collection: For those looking for ISC's Abyssian MOC, here it is... And a couple that may come up soon as part of the Next Book Prelude...Only look at your own peril.
  10. Good work chaps. Assembling the posts soon for judging and tasting!
  11. A very nice looking figure indeed.
  12. Love it. Very creative. Nocturnus needs pumpkin soldiers!
  13. A nice trio to be sure. good work on a entering all 3 categories!