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  1. Index updated with informations reported until here.
  2. Index updated. 62 Sets has been added to the index (4 alternative, 6 duplicate, 0 incomplete). Check your sets and report errors or inaccuracies in the index, if any! 1 Sets has not been added to the index because Irregular. Fix your sets in order to be added to the index! 8 new (Sub)Themes added Topic's Rules Update. No updates this time, but don't forget to take a look at the summary to avoid to forget them. New contributors yojeff - 3 sets Top contributors PeabodySam - 27 sets vean - 23 sets ChristopherLee - 5 sets yojeff - 3 sets Stephan - 2 sets KamalMYafi - 2 sets List of Irregular Sets:
  3. Hi yojeff, welcome in the LDD Official Sets topic. Very good work for a first contribution. I just compacted a bit some spaces. Go on this way.
  4. Very interesting project! Is there any idea to add it to the LDRAW all-in one installer? About this topic, it would be very useful to provide, in the first post, some examples with image and related ldr file, so that users can see in a glance what this software can do. With a presentation page, this topic can be added in the section index.
  5. Correct, I just wanted to point up that open the new file causes the closure of the previously opened file (LDD don't manage two files simultaneously), but I didn't remember the exact procedure (not sure, I placed them as a single point! )
  6. I think that open a file copy the desired bricks close the file and open the new file paste the bricks should work too. I'm quite sure I use this method with the previous versions of LDD not much time ago.
  7. @vean Don't forget to follow the rules about add a new entry on an existing topic and post once per day. In this topic build from official build instructions is a important requisite in order to accept the entry as regular. Now that KamalMYafi have reported the BI on the LEGO website, please check again your model and inform me, so I can check it as regular.
  8. Index updated with informations reported until here.
  9. Index updated. 51 Sets has been added to the index (2 alternative, 2 duplicate, 0 incomplete). Check your sets and report errors or inaccuracies in the index, if any! No irregular sets this time! Check the irregular sets listed below to see if any of your previous entries need to be fixed. 5 new (Sub)Themes added Topic's Rules Updated. Please read that again, new updates are marked by a tag! No updates this time, but don't forget to take a look at the summary to avoid to forget them. New contributors [None] Top contributors vean - 30 sets PeabodySam - 7 sets Migui94 - 6 sets KamalMYafi - 6 sets Sjuip - 1 sets Henni - 1 sets List of Irregular Sets:
  10. Thanks for the very useful work. What do you think about adding a link to the xml file in the update post too? It would be comfortable, I shouldn't load the first page of the topic every time to get the link.
  11. @inkpanther I think you are imagining the method I described much more complicated than it is, and you are not considering that move a whole building could be difficult to handle for your computer and difficult for you to centre the right position. Anyway I agree with you: there are many methods, and a builder should use the one he/she prefer.
  12. @inkpanther Eheh move the moon was a pretty exaggeration! Anyway I use both the methods (and other methods too), according with the situation. I think that move the ground is good only if the scene is very simple. If you have a complete building and you want to place a book on the shelf of a room, then the "couple move" method is much better. Try!
  13. @inkpanther Are you sure that lower the ground is the simplest way? And don't forget that lower the ground requires additional bricks too! It seems like in order to reach the moon, you decided to bring the moon here instead then get on a rocket. Add a brick and move it together with the book is usually the faster and easier way.
  14. @inkpanther No need to lower the ground: once the book is placed in the desired direction (select direction using arrows key while the book is "in the air"), you can move it with easily selecting it together (CTRL+Click) with another brick/plate that you can easily connect using its connectable elements (studs, antistuds, etc...). For fine tuning, you can use a scaffolding such as a technic axle and an half bush (inserting the bush in the axle), select together the bush and the book, them move the bush along the axle.
  15. Please provide your hardware and software configuration. A first suggestion: when you uninstall LDD, check if the profile folder (in %APPDATA%, on Windows) has been correctly removed before reinstalling the software. Check your video card driver too. Did your operating system updated the video card driver? Did yo installed or removed any software or change something in your operating system configuration?