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  1. Any word about how do you realize the hybrid, what software are you using, the idea itself?
  2. Did you ensure that the user folder of LDD has been deleted after uninstalling? Did you checked your graphic card driver? (which graphic card?)
  3. I think that trying to get information from customer service is not much useful. I don't think they are not aware of the problem, I think that TLG doesn't want to reveal nothing about what's happening so the customer care give us ready-made answers. We should simply wait that the situation gets back to normal or they decide to reveal what's happening.
  4. Maybe they are working on the servers and, as LDD is not supported yet (no vital service is suspended), they simply don't care if LDD remains some time without connection, it works anyway. Frankly I'm not worried at the moment, let's wait for other news.
  5. It seems there is no problem, as Superkalle has explained. Maybe when LDD was active and maintained there was a reason to avoid certain hidden settings, but now it seems it is not important. On my "notepad" I wrote about the developer mode and other hidden settings as "settings TLG don't want to spread", so when I read the topic, I thought it was a delicate argument that needed to be approved before open a public topic.
  6. @Saberwing40k He is true. Developer mode is not something new, and the topic has been discussed time ago. Superkalle will surely be able to better explain the situation.
  7. Please: - Specify the tool you are using (LDD. LDCad, MLCad, ecc...) and its version. - Edit the title of the topic adding the information. - Specify the Design ID of the bricks you are trying to connect. - Describe the way you are trying to connect the bricks and the way the problem occurs. - maybe attach a file containing the digital model that shows the problem.
  8. Index updated with informations reported until here.
  9. Index updated. 62 Sets has been added to the index (4 alternative, 6 duplicate, 0 incomplete). Check your sets and report errors or inaccuracies in the index, if any! 1 Sets has not been added to the index because Irregular. Fix your sets in order to be added to the index! 8 new (Sub)Themes added Topic's Rules Update. No updates this time, but don't forget to take a look at the summary to avoid to forget them. New contributors yojeff - 3 sets Top contributors PeabodySam - 27 sets vean - 23 sets ChristopherLee - 5 sets yojeff - 3 sets Stephan - 2 sets KamalMYafi - 2 sets List of Irregular Sets:
  10. Hi yojeff, welcome in the LDD Official Sets topic. Very good work for a first contribution. I just compacted a bit some spaces. Go on this way.
  11. Very interesting project! Is there any idea to add it to the LDRAW all-in one installer? About this topic, it would be very useful to provide, in the first post, some examples with image and related ldr file, so that users can see in a glance what this software can do. With a presentation page, this topic can be added in the section index.
  12. Correct, I just wanted to point up that open the new file causes the closure of the previously opened file (LDD don't manage two files simultaneously), but I didn't remember the exact procedure (not sure, I placed them as a single point! )
  13. I think that open a file copy the desired bricks close the file and open the new file paste the bricks should work too. I'm quite sure I use this method with the previous versions of LDD not much time ago.
  14. @vean Don't forget to follow the rules about add a new entry on an existing topic and post once per day. In this topic build from official build instructions is a important requisite in order to accept the entry as regular. Now that KamalMYafi have reported the BI on the LEGO website, please check again your model and inform me, so I can check it as regular.
  15. Index updated with informations reported until here.