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  1. I suppose this is where to ask.

    It seems that I can't find all the LDD files in the "official sets in LDD topic". I've always used the search function but it seems not to be working. Is it because of the software upgrade?

    I need 60051, 7938, 7897, 7939 or 7898. 


  2. Thanks, the direct link on the timestamp is a good solution for me, now I've to edit the script I use to gather post ID. What about the chance to see the post's number back again? PS: has someone already asked about adding zip and LEGO cad files (lxf, mpd, ldr, ...) to the allowed files for attachment?
  3. Hi again. There are another pair of thing I'd like to see fixed: In a topic, I can't see post's number and the link. The first is very useful as reference, the second is absolutely necessary for indexing. EDIT: I see the link is accessible clicking on "share" key, but it is much less comfortable that before where I've direct access to the link (it is important for indexing). I received the first private messages, and I immediately noticed the text of the received message don't go new line automatically, but continues beyond the right border of the text area. Tested with Firefox 49 only. In the private messages, the thin list of messages on the left seems a bit uncomfortable, it is possible to have the old fullsize list? If I hide signatures, there is no button to show them again, but I need to search for the option among the account options.
  4. My opinion is that the feature is not desirable at all. The result would be very long posts (the great part of users will use the default "enter" and will not be worried to use the SHIFT+ENTER chance), that reduce the readability of the topic (too much scrolling). About the space behind the quote, I suppose that it is possible to add a bottom margin to the element, and that will solves the issue. Similar approach for the topic merge, you simply need to add a line break (or more) to include among posts when they are merged (or an "HR" element with proper margins, that is my preference, but maybe not ever adequate).
  5. That's unfortunate. No, it is a tragedy. The code created by the rich editor is full of junk code. It is a problem in standard posts, but it is absolutely inadequate for complex posts such as the indexes, that need to be extremely clean. Exactly. I add that I've tons of saved txt files containing BBCoded text that I continuously update in order to have a local backup of critical contents. I need to obtain BBCoded text from the posts in order to do that. Besides I've a lot of tools (including the index manager) that works using bbcode. Come back to manual indexing is not an option, indexes are too huge for this.
  6. Hi all! At first, thanks for the hard work necessary to update this forum. It seems that it brought a lot of changes. Among other things, there is one I miss: the manual editor. It is very important for me to see all the tags in edit mode and not the formatted text. Besides I'd like to see the problem with word wrap in manual editor solved (text don't go new line when it reaches the right side of the text area), as it was never solved in the previous version of the board. After a brief first look at the new board, other things I'd like to see fixed are: the double new line clicking on enter key (not for me, I've not problems to use CTRLSHIFT+Enter, the risk is to reduce the readability of the posts due to an excessive spacing), a better separation between pinned posts and standard post (and maybe a third level of pinned posts, it would be helpful to differentiate permanent pinned posts from temporary pinned posts) and a better placed "quote" button (very invasive in the present position), a better separation for the signature (and maybe a global "collapse" key easily accessible). Ah, another thing: increase the number of supported BBCode tags for each post: in the LDD Official Sets topic I was almost depleting the available space for the index.
  7. It should be able to accept the parameters Malou suggested you in the post #822. PS: ensure that Bluerender is using the 64 bit version of java (from the configuration file or from options, I suppose), because more than one version of Java can coexist in your computer.
  8. Simply ensure that you are downloading the 64 bit version. If it is not explicitly written, probably you are not downloading the correct version. Try [URL=""]this page[/URL] (I'm redirected here from your link, probably because the OS I'm using now is not Windows 8).
  9. Ok, and in that page, what is the link you clicked? The right one, as you can guess, is "Windows Offline (64-bit)".
  10. Not sure I've understood: is it a 64 bit version of java? The direct link don't work, could you link the page where you downloaded it?
  11. Did you download the 64 bit version? What's the exact name of the file?
  12. Note that a list of main LEGO software is reported in the [URL=""]Section Index[/URL] topic.
  13. What about the classic clip+stick bricks?
  14. Hint: in the Section Index (one of the two pinned topic in this section) you can find a list of the main software that you can use to build with "virtual" LEGO.
  15. [quote name='RogerSmith' timestamp='1472978828' post='2650930']Still not sure I get what you mean with 'put in place'. LDD doesn't allow placing bricks with their studs inside technic holes, no matter how, or when. [/quote] You mean there is some kind of collision error? I've not an available LDD installation to test it now. [B]EDIT[/B]: I found an usable LDD to make some test. It seems there is a collision problem, so the replacement is not possible with collisions enabled. The attached file is the best (but from being satisfactory) result I could obtain, using a different type of scaffolding.