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  1. Boba Fett. Imho as good a minifig as we have gotten yet.
  2. A good idea for sure. It looks well executed as well. Just out of curiosity, does anyone else want the clicking spinning articulation for the Lego astromechs that the action figures had/have? Anyway, color matching with the droid head/body would be the next step. Happy exacto knifeing!!
  3. Tie pilot. Soft spot for the Hoth trooper, though.
  4. C 3P0. Some of the best printing I have seen yet
  5. I really like your design. It does remind me of a tie variant, perhaps that is now a part of the legends material. The one thing you might want to change imho is the head of the twin laser canons. It may be just me but the gold contrasts with the rest of the moc to much. Other than that I like everything about this. Well done sir.
  6. Not a great batch here. Gonna go with the Senate Commando
  7. Wanted to make sure I commented on how great this falcon moc is. I would want to build one just like yours given the opportunity. Fantastic work.
  8. F O Tie pilot. The tube attached/molded to the helmet is a potential game changer as a far as minifig go