2008 City advent calendar

    By Jipay,

    While waiting for the castle version, here is the city one in detail ! A find by Zeki


    Comic Con Star Wars LEGO Exclusive Raffle!

    By Hinckley,

    Update: All Tickets have been sold!

    Eurobricks Comic Con Exclusive SW LEGO set raffle!

    Want this set?


    Here's your chance! We are holding a raffle for this set. Raffle tickets are $5.00 USD/ticket. This raffle will be limited to 50 tickets, so sign up now!

    Make sure to follow these instructions!!

    • Only one ticket per member
    • Only Eurobricks members who signed up for the site on or before August 14, 2008 are eligible
    • All current and former staff member are ineligible
    • Important: Once you've purchased your raffle ticket, PM me immediately with your paypal e-mail address so I can match the payments with the user.

    All current and former Eurobricks staff members are ineligible...

    Set is LEGO Star Wars Comic Con Exclusive MISB compliments of our own CopMike. Questions? Comments?

    Please visit this thread...

    Eurobrick members on LAMLradio

    By Bonaparte,

    Check out these interviews of some of the finest Eurobricks builders on LAMLradio:

    August 11th - Mister oo7 (full interview)

    August 7th - SlyOwl (full interview)

    June 1th - SirNadroj (MOC of the week, Ant Attack)

    Feedback can be given here.

    Swedish AFOL´s needed for LEGO event

    By CopMike,

    To the Swedish AFOL´s industrihangare-svensk-flagga.gif who has a weekend or two to spare in October, go here and check it out :classic:!


    Skærbæk Event 2008, Denmark 26-28th September

    By CopMike,

    Hi all!

    Jan Beyer from TLG has reminded us of the LEGO event in Skærbæk Denmark the last weekend in September.

    It´s organized by some members of the Danish LEGO club Byggepladen in cooperation with him.

    Jan also writes:

    It is a very cozy event where you can meet and greet, discuss and talk and have some fun and a good time with other AFOLs from around the world and see and present some cool Mocs. For the moment we have registered participants from Denmark, Germany, England, Austria and Brazil. But we hope to get more people to come.

    I also have planned a little bit interesting stuff in Billund (with a look behind the scenes) for the participants who are still there on the Monday after the event and like to participate.


    You can find all information and also the registration form here.

    Discuss it here.


    Giant Chess set review

    By Siegfried,

    WhiteFang has made a great review of the Giant Chess set here!


    Some Embassy information from CopMike

    By CopMike,

    Hi everyone!

    You have been great with all the questions and activity in the Embassy :thumbup:! I have tons of Q for TLG but not so many answers.

    That depends on a couple of things:

    * It´s been (& still is!) vacation time

    * The amount of Q´s & requests coming in from a lot of people goes to a few who also need to find out information. So far this process isn´t really working.

    * One of the projects for the Ambassadors is to finetune this process.

    So what I´m saying is that all your input is highly appriciated, but it will take a while for the answers to get back to you.

    Please put up with this and don´t lose faith in all of the TLG people & Ambassadors in trying to do great things happen :cry_happy:!


    10200 Custom Cars

    By Siegfried,

    The Green Trooper has found a photo of a new Factory set, 10200 Custom Cars. Discuss it here!


    Also, to help you get in the Olympic spirit, here's a stunning MOC of the stadium! :wub:Discuss it here!


    Awesome Wild West MOC

    By Hinckley,

    Member 007 has built a really cool Wild West MOC:


    Discuss it here

    LEGO Collector's Guide Premium Edition

    By CopMike,

    To be realesed 11th of August:


    Enjoy & discuss here.


    First Taj Mahal pic

    By sam89,

    Here's a picture of the new Taj Mahal set, containing nearly 6000 pieces! Click here to discuss (and thanks to Christian for the news!)


    UPDATE-From the LEGO cache:




    3832 Bikini Bottom Hospital Review

    By Hinckley,

    Member Navy Trooper Fenson brings us a review of the new Spongebob set 3832 Bikini Bottom Hospital

    Check it out here


    Pirate Smiley Wars

    By Bonaparte,

    Are you ready for some pirate smiley wars? Find all the info



    Reviewers in action

    By Bonaparte,

    Checkout some of the latest reviews made by our Fellows Christian, TheBrickster and WhiteFang:

    7679 Republic Fighter Tank by Christian


    Awesome Quad Face-Off, 7042 Dune Patrol vs. 7473 Dino Attack Sprinter by TheBrickster


    6402 Sidewalk Cafe by WhiteFang


    Prices in the US vs. Europe

    By CopMike,

    There´s been a lot of questions about the different prices of LEGO around the world.

    Here is an answer from Mads Nipper from TLG Corporate Management concerning the prices in the US compared to Europe:

    Our selling costs in Europe and Asia are higher than in the US because of the size of US market and retailers (economies of scale). Furthermore, the US market is by far the most price competitive in the world. These factors combined mean that we have for years priced our products higher in eg Europe than the US. In recent years, the difference has been increased due to the weakening US dollar - but we have consciously decided not to let this (hopefully short term) weakening of the dollar hurt the US consumer. And in order to stay profitable as a company, we cannot decrease our European prices - especially seen in the light of increasing cost pressure on oil, labor etc. Finally, final pricing in the market place is obviously determined by retailers, which is something we cannot and will not influence.

    Discuss it here.


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