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Found 5 results

  1. Does anybody else spend an unreasonably long time trying to cram functional staircases into too small of a space? After finishing off my Goblin Market, I'm busy converting Raganas's Shadow Castle into a Town Hall Modular knock off. I can't wait to put the dragon head tower on top of this, where the clock tower was in the Town Hall. :) My Goal was to replicate ground floor facade of the castle. I ended up making the castle doors double wide. This was an early start that I abandoned, but recently picked up, which lead to the above staircase madness.
  2. maniacman50

    MOD 10224 Townhall

    So awhile ago someone had a post on here about adding lighting to 10224 TownHall The AFOL, said that they could not put a light under the arch as there was no remove for it. This inspired me to have a look at why this was not possible. The result of that turned into a mod for the Town hall. I extended the arch and the steps and increased the size of the balcony so that mini figures could fit on it. I hope that the person that was doing the lighting finds this as I wasn't able to find the original post.
  3. Hello everyone I think my layout is now at a stage that I can present it as a whole to the community. As you will see I have still some space to expand it and there are quite a few buildings that I wish to rebuild/redesign to make them better. My layout has a classic 80/90 inspiration and that's why most of the new sets I have are from the creator/expert line. here it is a video showing the whole layout with the trains and the new ferris wheel motorised: As you can notice from the video, since I love trains, a large parte of the table is covered by rails. There are three stations. 1) Legoland C.le (C.le stands for Centrale in italian, the main station) 2) another smaller station, located on the sea-side and near the vulcano called Lego Ville: and another station that serves the airport: The town centre of Legoland features a square with a Market, a Pizzeria, and a Carrousel, the ruins of ancient abbey, always crowded by visitors, the town-hall (the yellow-brown building) and - of course - a police station: There is a residential area, which is mostly restaurant and country-side with a small beach: The main Harbour of the town, with a bridge for the trains, and a restaurant in an ancient mill: Finally there is the city area, with two main tall buildings: well, there are more ideas to develop my city but I want to hear what do you think so far
  4. L-space

    MOC Townhall

    For the LowLug Modular MOC Madness I took a risk and stepped out of my comfort zone and decided this was the time to recreate a building that has been in my scetchbook for some time. The Townhall (Raadhuis in Dutch) of a small village in the Netherlands. The original building is now a monument and houses an office, I wanted to make it a Townhall again. It is fully modular but I made the sides so it can be a standalone MOC as well, as it is in real life. Topview, the two floors can be taken out to create vignettes. More on flickr and my homepage.
  5. kdenty

    ObiVille - My Lego town

    Finally got some decent photographs of my town, ObiVille (named in honor of the true ruler of our house - Obi the Cat!) It's 'Standard' Lego build and lives on top of my two Ikea Malm draws in my 'Lego' room. I do have room for 2 more modules if I can find somewhere else to display my Death Star (which currently sits nicely in the corner taking up lots of room). And finally the great leader and Lego Chewer himself, Obi: You may notice in some picture 2x2 turquoise bricks - these are cat deterrents as they sit upside down with a few drops of Olbas oil in them which he wont go anywhere near! I coveted Pet Store for a long time but surprised myself when i finally got to a Lego store that I came home first with Palace Cinema. Then I got Pet Shop followed by Town Hall then Parisian Restaurant. I think Town Hall was the easiest and fastest to build as it is mostly building with less interior detail. Parisian Restaurant made my fingers ache and probably put my blood pressure up with the tension of building it right as it had so many smaller components. I think my favorite alternates between Pet Store (which just makes me smile with it's cuteness) and Parisian Restaurant (whose colours i love the most) I think the pictures came out really well today. It was a really dark dull day and the household energy saving bulbs make photos look yellow. I was taking photos with my Daylight/Sad lamp above my head (which is about 30x40cm and not lightweight) - my boyfriend thinks I've gone nuts!