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Found 17 results

  1. Colony Name: Tortuga Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sea Turtle Island (Island #10, West Prio Sea ) Island Description: Much of the coast of this Island disappears completely below the waves at high tide, and the surrounding sea is very shallow, allowing only smaller ships to near the island, with exception to a small rocky portion to the northern side. The Island interior--that which stays above water at all times--is dominated by coconut palms and other salt-tollerant species. The small island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year.
  2. Location: Tortuga Type: Minichallenge Category A The WTC, though late to the party, was determined to make its mark on the Beaches of Tortuga. Dolphin was roasted... ...and a Oleander was pickpocketed for good measure... Later: (Category B) "It's perfect" And so, the WTC finished a small sandcastle of their 'classic' qualty. Meanwhile, the rowboat was loaded with some goods the Marines had 'found', The Dock was blown up, and the Oleander's sandcastle was kicked over for good measure. It was a good time all around. FIN A last minute entry to @Professor Thaum 's awesome contest. Feel free to exclude it, as it is late, but I wanted to do something for it regardless. The "B" part of the entry is a bit of a throwaway gag as to some of my older build's quality, as I have like no tan bricks at the moment. C&C appreciated!
  3. 01 August, 620 Tortuga Professor Octavio Thompson, and his small band of helpers disembarked from their longboat, and walked a few paces up the beach. The Professor stopped, and turned to his companions and said " appears we are first to arrive on Tortuga for the Sandcastle contest. And according to my calculations, this very spot on the beach is the perfect location to build our castle. Its properly distanced from the water, while still close enough to carry our water buckets. Addressing the two monkeys, he continued "Ulysses, Homer. I want you two to begin unloading the boat." Turning to the other man, "McClanahan! Pay attention! You are to help them out. As the new man on the team, your job is to watch and observe their every move. You may have studied architecture back on Halos, but you have absolutely no field experience. Make like a sponge and soak it all in." McClanahan, looking slightly annoyed, turned to follow the two primates to the boat. The three began unloading the longboat of its cargo, mostly barrels, along with some tools. As they stacked up the last of the barrels, McClanahan remarked to Ulysses and Homer "What is the point of all these barrels? I thought this was a sand castle contest?" Hearing this, Prof. Thompson cried out "You're a buffoon McClanahan! Haven't you been paying attention?" Hearing the word "buffoon", the two monkeys turned and looked at the professor, who quickly continued "I said buffoon, NOT BABOON. I know you are not baboons, I just called McClanahan here a Buffoon." With the boat unloaded, and the Professor occupied with this notes, McClanahan quickly shaped up for himself a chair of sand, cracked open a bottle of rum, and plopped down for a break. The monkeys, seeing him sitting, grabbed some fruit and began eating. The Professor, looking up from his notes and seeing the crew relaxing, dropped his book and let out a shriek. "No no no no....what in the blazes are you doing? Did I say it was break time? You're really trying my patience McClanahan! Can't you just find something useful to do?" With that he stomped off down the beach to calm himself down. An hour later, Octavio returned to the camp. He was met by the crew, proudly smiling standing in front of a towing sand structure. McClanahan said "you wanted me to do something productive Professor, what do you think?" Professor Thompson, already turning a shade of red, shouted "Are you daft McClanahan? That's not a sandcastle! You're an absolute buffoon McClanahan! (he quickly looked at Homer and Ulysses "NOT baboon!"). Get your head in the game boy! We don't have time for your pretty little sand paintings and towers. I'm a professor! I taught architecture at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Corrington." Hearing this, the monkeys began snickering, and Homer turned to Ulysses and said (in their own language) "what he's leaving out, is he kidnapped the real Architecture professor, and impersonated him for a whole semester before he was found out. He was chased out of the country, and can never go back. He's not even a real professor!" Hearing this, Ulysses began laughing hysterically. "I've had enough" exclaimed Prof Thompson. "I'm going to town to secure my room and the rest of the supplies needed. Ulysses and Homer, tear down this ridiculous tower. McClanahan, take this book and just maybe you can learn something from it." With that, he picked up his sack and tramped off the beach towards town, muttering and talking to himself "I can't believe I'm stuck with this lot. All of the people in New Nassau, and the best builders are a pair of monkeys, and a boy with a wild imagination. I swear to Zeus, after this I'm going to become a monk"..... _________________________________________________________________________ This is my submission for Category A, for the first ever Tortuga Sand Castle Contest. With the ever comedic Doctor Thaum organizing the contest, I decided to take a break from the more serious story telling, and inject some humor and comedy into the build. I took inspiration from some of the good Doctor's notorious phrases and sayings, particularly with Callaghan Can't wait to see what everyone else has in store!
  4. Two nefarious sea Captains were caught in conference in Tortuga recently. Captain Larvey was seen examining letters from a what our source confirmed were signed by "The Phoenix" Larvey was overheard telling the Captain of LaPetunia " Aye if these be true mate we will be needing to procure more vessels" to which the response was "Aye they be true there already be a large fleet sailing south as we speak all on special mission from the Phoenix himself" Ooc: this serves to raise ship limits. Comments and Criticism welcomed!
  5. Sources from an unknown Rat amongst Rats disclosed to the KPA that Captain Larvey and The Drunken Monkey were diverting to Tortuga due to "taking on water". It's confirmed that Captain Larvey is indeed in Tortuga as that same Rat spotted him at a local Rathskeller where tonight's special is red tuna. He wasn't the only infamous Captain there though. It seems that Bluebeard's recruiting more lads already after the capture of some of his crews recently. Another lowlife enters the room the lesser known Captain of LaPetunia and his trained Falcon. Brandi is a great barmaid and she's often told what a good wife she would be ... Suzette is Brandi's daughter... She's easy on the eyes just like her mama Apparently too easy and this young sailor seems to have lost his sea legs when she winked at him from across the room. But back to our story at hand. It seems as though Captain Larvey being the cunning sailor he is .... ... And apparently a braggard! He was heard saying "Me goal was to bring er keel up to get the tar patch above the water line to fix er good an proper" As he told it, he began to take on water and ordered the men to unload ballast, tossing it to the sea to lighten her. He apparently forgot he had locked a man below as punishment, but ordered any dead weight thrown over just as well. He now claims that The Drunken Monkey handles better and as proof he sailed twice the distance to Tortuga just to prove it. He claims he intends to add a couple more guns to her as well now that she handles so well. OoC: These builds settle two purposes for me it explains the stats change for The Drunken Monkey and explains how she wound up in Tortuga. Comments and criticism welcomed
  6. The latest and greatest engineering has come to Turtle Island. This Forts long guns are hefty enough to slice any ship to ribbons. OoC: I built this off memory of the civil war fortifications in New England from when I toured as a kid. It was originally built with a barracks in the center but I decided to make it a tower at last minute. After I posted a preview in the faction pm, I was sent this link to the fort that stood in Tortuga. Ironically it is very fitting hence the naming. Comments and Criticism welcome!
  7. The shallow waters surrounding Tortuga are some fisherman's heaven, because a wide variety of fishes snuggles into... The fishermen of the island, as skilled sailors, knew all the treacherous area of the shoals and shallow waters around Tortuga. But because of the very large area of shallow waters, the tide is sometime very tricky and the waves are dangerous, likely to capsize the row boats. They finally took advantage of the shallow waters full of fish and built some huts on stilt... the perfect place to fish in safety : a small fishing factory for Tortuga C&C welcome as ususal
  8. Carloni BENEDETTO studied with the most famous master glazier of Eslandola, before leaving for Tortuga, after a small (but deadly) trouble with the local governor (in fact with his daughter). On the road to a new life he met a banned doctor they became friends, and both finally head to Tortuga, soon to be caugh up by Carloni's Brother, Camillo, leaving Eslandola too (a trouble with the governor's wife as it seems ) Carloni and his brother decided to settle here and to go back to their art. And Carloni started to blow again : the molted glass is taken out of the oven and quickly but carefully blowed over a marble plate first chiseling second blowing, more longer this time and the final chiseling the final casting, in a marble bowl, now the piece is almost perfect and will wait on the top of the oven to finish the firing (note the sand supply next to the oven and the pigment on the shelf) if the firing must me more smooth, there's a smaller oven just beside, near the coal. the finished pieces wait on the table near a crate of crap (everything is not always a success and Carloni will trash any piece which is not perfect) second oven and craps The workshop will be licenced as a small artisan for Tortuga
  9. In the new setttlement of Tortuga, thanks to the smooth climate, the useful facilities are growing faster than the buildings ! Here comes the Brewery of Tortuga... a mandatory factory ! Without the roof for having a better look inside : will be licenced as a medium factory for Tortuga
  10. East of turtle Island, not far from Tortuga. Callaghan : Here we are doctor Doctor Thaum : I'm bubbling over with curiosity, Callaghan, where are we ? Iauln : Someone is hidding, doctor !! And there is someone near that tree ! Oggy : that's a hidden embankment Callaghan : Come with me, so that I can explain you. Callaghan : The main problem with trading are the fees, the entrangling and eternal fees. The 2 thing in life we cannot avoid : death and taxes ! Oggy : Sure Callaghan ! Callaghan : I have though about it, and finally came to the answer... So let me introduce yourselves... Callaghan : .. the smugglers of Tortuga and their hidden warehouse !! Callaghan : and with this hidden path, we can resupply whole Turtle island avoidind the taxes !!! And the warehouse is full ! : but... : I know... you're without words, I'm pretty proud, this time... : Smugglers in Tortuga... : But doctor... : Yes, my dear Iauln... : Smugglers in Tortuga !!??? : This is... : Yes, my dear Iauln... : SMUGGLERS IN TORTUGA !!??? : Should I... ? : Yes, my dear Iauln !! : Hu Oh ?!! : SMUGGLERS IN TOTUGAAAAAAAAARGH !!!!!! : Ouch ! Ouch ! BLAM BLAM !!!! Oggy : Talli Ho !!! Doctor Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan !!!! BLAOUM BLAOUM !!!! Doctor Thaum : In your opinion, Callaghan, who is likely to collect taxes in Tortuga !!! Oggy : Bring' em on !!! Doctor Thaum : Callaghan come back her right now for I have to bite you !!! C&C welcome The warehouse will be licenced as a medium commerce for Tortuga !
  11. After Captain Benjamin Morgan barged in on the Malto peace talks in a rather bold move, introducing himself as representative of the socalled Sea Rats, Montoya had agreed to meet. Having seen to the evacuation of the citizens of Malto, he had taken ship to Tortuga, and was now disembarking at a small pier. As promised, and as usual, he travelled with no guards, only accompanied by his assistant, young mr. Baker. Some had expressed some concern that he should go unescorted to meet a character as... renowned as Captain Benjamin Morgan. The pier belonged to a small guesthouse. Montoya figured he could get a room for the night, and ask around for the Captain himself. And then there was nothing left to do but wait and see if Captain Benjamin Morgan would show up... A small build for Tortuga. I will not license it, but if they settlement wants to, I think it is a fine small artisan.
  12. As the small island just below the Sea turtle island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year, the Brethren of the coast saw an opportunity : They will harvest some eggs !!! Because after Rum, the Tortuga speciality is the runny turtle egg omelette Another medium "plantation" for Tortuga
  13. The Turtle Island is a rough ecosystem, but the breadfruit adapt pretty well to the demanding island. So, thanks to its numerous fields of use (eating, medical...) the Sea Rats decided to take care of some breadfruit trees right nearby Tortuga. this is a medium 32 x 32 plantation
  14. While the Island of Turtles was uninhabited prior to Benjamin Morgan's arrival, there were signs that the indigenous tribes inn the South Prio Sea region had travelled there to hunt or during migrations. The most obvious indication was the carved idol of a giant sea turtle found on the beach. What it signified was unclear to the colonists, but it became a familiar touchstone to the residents of Tortuga. When one benefited from a stroke of good luck, many jokingly toasted "the Great Turtle God" in thanks. A little something I finally put together after spending a week staring at the completed beach base with a blank stare while bereft of inspiration. This build will be licensed as a Small Cultural property for the colony of Tortuga.
  15. Tortuga was just founded, but the news of the return of notorious Pirate Captain Morgan, made the newly settlement booming. Taverns popped up like well erm like Sea Rats when smelling gold. Anyway, Captain Morgan made it a task of honour to visit every new tavern in the town. One of these new taverns is the "Roaring Lion". When the drunk pirates saw it was Captain Morgan who entered the pub, they started cheering. "Long live Captain Morgan" they said "Our enemies will flee for us once again!" "Hooray! Hooray!" "To Captain Morgan, to a new chance!" a hooded guy in the corner said... "To a new chance of richdom indeed", Captain Morgan replied "Feel free to sit here, Captain, I am exptected somewhere else", and so the hooded guy left the tavern ---- Back on his vessel, sailing towards the Purple Reign who had layed anchor a few miles outside Tortuga, Commodore Matt Lenoir rethought the evening. It was without any doubt the guy he sent to the depths of the ocean, so the rumours are true. Well, now he has a new chance to capture the dreadfull Captain Morgan... --- OOC: I bought the parts of Captain Morgan as I hoped to do something with the MRCA outcome myself, but well, I was busy with other things and forgot to talk this through with him. So I am very happy he resurrected his character as I have a use again for those parts :p It is a very nice idea to put Tortuga on such an important location, even if the island isn't theirs, so I am curious how things will turn out once another faction claims the island as a price of a future challenge. But in the meantime, let's have fun with Tortuga! I am not going to licence this tavern myself, maybe I'll donate it to a Sea Rat :)
  16. Previously: The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Welcome To The Crew The Death Of Captain Morgan Sea Turtles Part I "Faster! Unload the boats!" Hundreds of voices yelled over the beach, Captain Morgan marched forwad, holding the Jolly Roger in his hands. A Foot In The Door by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr It hadn't been hard to assemble this bunch of scallywags. As soon as word had spread of his return, people had followed his call to the sea turtle island. Six ships had come from Bastion, his very own Lady Arlene being one of them. And several more ships would join. From Rassilon and Charlatan Bay as well as from any other pirate nest west of Terraversa. Some hundred meters inwards of the isle he stopped and began to speak: "Brethren! You all know my name! You all followed my call! As one of your very own kind, I claim this island in the name of the brethren of the Sea Rats, and for every living soul in this world that starves for freedom. Shall this be a free colony for free men and women. Shall it not be harmed by the greed of kings and high lords! This Port shall henceforth be known as Tortuga! And now do your bloody work you disgraceful bunch of shivering sea slugs!" A Foot In The Door by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  17. Previously: The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Welcome To The Crew The Death Of Captain Morgan The voice of the surge commanded Captain Morgan back to the living. Slowly he moved his hand, feeling the sand between his fingers. He rose his head and squinted around. It took him a moment to remember. His ship was gone. His crew dead. But he was alive. When the Queen Annetta's Revenge had vanished beneath the waves, the wake had pulled him underwater. In the dark abyss he had awaited Poseidon. But suddenlysomething rushed by in front of him. Something that felt like a rock, but it welled up. Or was up down and it was sinking? Unable to think he pulled his knife and stabbed it into this thing. He could not remember how long he had drifted on the ocean, partially on the surface, then again diving and swallowing the salt of the sea. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Now he saw his floating rock; it was a sea turtle. The knife was still sticking in its shell. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Morgan stood up. He was marooned on a small pieca of rock and sand. A forest of coconuts grew on the inner land. He recognized this island and its location. After founding a small pool of fresh water, he began collecting driftwood and lut up a signal fire. It was likely that sails would appear on the horizon regularly. The question was, which colours they would bear. After one day he finally noticed a ship. It took an hour until it was close enough to reveal its allegiance. The flag was blue and yellow. From now on, Benjamin Morgan knew he was saved. And more; he had a plan. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr