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Found 4 results

  1. Here it is! Refinished and redone, with a couple of added bits and bobs, the Mountain Oracle! Ascend the steps of her mountain sanctuary, and just maybe she'll speak to you of the future. This is a MOC I created a while back, I've made some upgrades since the first version. The fountain down in front, as one, as well as that waterfall coming out of the mountain. And a second partial tools up on the hillside to the right. And yes, that staircase is a lot more sturdy than you'd think. It's supported from underneath the platform landing as well as by several clear supports that are hidden behind the staircase itself. This is the original MOC, that's been improved. This MOC (the resubmission) is now gathering support with blazing speed on LEGO Ideas! If you like it and wish to support it, please consider doing so! Thank you! :) You can check out more pictures here on the Flickr page!
  2. JanetVanD

    [MOC] Phoenix at Sunrise

    According to legend, the phoenix lives for many centuries. When at last it is old and tired, it flies to the city of Heliopolis, alights atop the temple of Ra and builds a nest of cinnamon bark. The following dawn, the sun god sends a spark which ignites the nest, turning it into a funeral pyre which consumes the bird. Later, a new phoenix emerges from the ashes of its predecessor. This model consists of 2,705 elements, took seven days to design & build and was completed in December 2018. Phoenix at Sunrise 1 by Jessica Farrell, on Flickr Phoenix at Sunrise 2 by Jessica Farrell, on Flickr
  3. I was thinking that LEGO might want to do another themed series, as Monsters has become such a hit. I figured the next one would be Mythology, which has been another popular subtheme of the Minifigures, with less representation. This is what we have so far: Minotaur Ocean King Cyclops Medusa Battle Goddess Lady Cyclops Here are some ideas I have for a set of 16 and the standard five females: * King of the Gods- reuse laurel-crown hair, Fisherman beard, have a skirt for a toga, lightning-bolt accessory * Lord of the Dead- Skull accessory, black/green robe, white skin, black hair. * Hunting Goddess- Bow/arrow, moon designs on robes, new hair? * Love Goddess- Crystal heart piece (as seen in Friends/DP), long Elizabeth Swann hair, white robe, clamshell accessory * Satyr- possibly reuse Gargoyle head (although a new piece would be better, two peg legs with the feet painted black, Pan pipes accessory * Grey Sister- This one is designed to be bought in threes. An old crone in a grey cloak with a 1x1 eye tile, and two faces. One with empty eye sockets, and one with an eye in it. When set up in a group, one of them can have the eye in, or none of them can while the eye is being passed. For simplicity's sake, all of them can have the tooth. * Messenger God- new winged helmet to allow for Flash customs as well, caduceus staff, satchel * Wicked Weaver- Human-spider hybrid like Spinlyn, but perhaps with fewer pieces, or an arrogant Greek female with a spindle and a spider accessory. * Strong Hero- club piece, lion-skin robe, snake accessory * Gorgon Slayer- Spartan helmet, reuse Battle Goddess's shield, have wings printed on side of feet. * Harpy- short female with Man-Bat style arms, but with feathered wings. Ugly face, perhaps with Chima-esque beak printed on it. * Centaur- new horse-like lower body with pegs to insert into torso * War God- Spear, shield, Spartan helmet, angry face with red eyes and red armor? * Music God- Lyre accessory, sun designs on robes, bow and arrow * Party God- Bunch of grapes, laurel crown hair, purple robes, thrysus staff or goblet * Blacksmith God- scarred face, recolored Mjolnir, sword (perhaps in a glowing orange state), brown robes I'm not entirely sure how well these would sell, but there's definitely a market for it, and it seems like the next theme LEGO could expand on, without repeat characters to complain about. Any other ideas that would work better?
  4. Here is my completed figbarf of monsters of Myth and Legend. I'm particulary proud of the Harpy! Centaur 2 headed Cyclops Demon Minotaur Harpy Comments, criticism and feedback always welcomed.