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Found 42 results

  1. Well, this year's LEGO offering has been good time me. As a starter... I immediately took a liking to LEGO Creator 31090 due to the prospect of building a LEGO TF from the parts inside. So here we are. BumbleSea is a low profile sibling of Bumblebee and he transform into an undersea sub with salvage and recovery abilities . Transformation doesn't require reassembly of parts. One of my biggest challenge was implementing the windshield on his chest (like Bumblebee), which connects pretty near to the pelvic balljoints. For building instructions, pay a visit to my blog below: For building instructions of my other LEGO Transformers ,especially those made from a single LEGO set. go here:
  2. Both these projects were made specifically for an Xmas LEGO exhibition at all local mall that was ended middle of this month. Actually I sneaked in a bunch of my selected LEGO TF into the exhibition as well ! After my exhibition ended , I quickly took them home and snap these photos you see and some vids too. Anyhoo.... RUDOLPH For more photos... SANTA SLEIGHBOT RUDOLPH VIDEO Video of Santa Sleighbot coming soon guys . gimme a day or two more! MERRY XMAS ...!!!
  3. alanyuppie

    [MOC] LEGO dragonboat-former!

    Hello everyone!!! I'm here again with something I kept under the radar for almost a month now. This dragonboat transformer was built to commemorate Chinese New Year and meant as my contribution to a CNY Oriental Themed LEGO diorama at a local mall. I never built anything with an Oriental feel before so I treated this as a challenge for me! The tail-end of the boat took me mere 1 hour or less to design while the front-end is where I faced most of the design challenges... how to convert the dragon head,neck and all to form the chest and arms and tucking in the robot head as well... That took me 2 weeks /80% of the building time there. If the dragon head looks familiar to you, that's because I plucked it off an official LEGO Ninjago set and performed fair amount of facial reconstruction on it. Transformation Robot mode One of my favorite photo from the whole lot, he's replicating a very famous Kung fu stance by a Chinese Folk hero/Martial artist . No points for guessing correctly who I am referring to! He's very well disguised in the Oriental Village scene below. Here's a nice short video on how the transformation goes... As usual, hit my blog to view more photos and writeups on this creation: Thanks guys!
  4. mandaci-customs

    [MOC] Transformers G1 Soundwave

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Transformers G1 Soundwave in Robot Mode:
  5. Hi Everybody, I want to show you my Tutorial, which shows, how you can build Transformers G1 Optimus Prime in ROBOT MODE:
  6. alanyuppie

    [MOC] Transformers Rodimus Prime

    This LEGO project started immediately when POTP Rodimus official photos was revealed few months back. Instead of replicating POTP Roddy design (Hot Rod merging with his trailer to form super mode) ... I have chosen to integrate all of his vehicle components in robot mode, not unlike 3rd Party version of him, DX9. Initially he would "merely" transform from vehicle to robot mode but halfway through I decided to throw in a base mode after some tweaking. I relish on giving myself extra challenge there to kinda prolong the building process. Recently I got hold of a phone that could capture decent HD vids so from now on, instead of snapping photos of the transformation.. I will capture a video showing my nimble hands transforming my LEGO TFs. Please please please please subscribe my youtube channel..!! PROMOTIONAL PIC VEHICLE MODE BASE MODE Being a fan of base mode TF... I love to arm the base mode of my LEGO creations with tons of weaponry for defensive and offensive purpose. ROBOT MODE Before I get started on my LEGO TF project, I usually set in mind a few challenges/aims for the final design of my creation. For this Roddy: - Better proportions and neater kibbles not obstructing his waist , for a sharper looking silhouette - Curvier and less blocky legs derived from a blocky trailer. - I wanted less red (and more black/gray) for the legs from the primarily red vehicle mode. This means turning the trailer panels inside out to form his legs. - getting the vehicle cockpit to fit a lego minifigure - Chest to store the matrix. A definite must! - Forearm mounted cannons. Due to design limitations... his forearm cannons doesn't come from the vehicle intakes/exhausts. The arms are concealed inside the trailer together with the cannons. I am forced to distribute the intakes to become his shoulder mounted cannons instead. As usual.... hit my blog to view more photos ! And follow me at facebook to get updates on my work in progress! Thanks guys!
  7. Hi guys! It’s been almost 9 months since I last posted something here! Been very busy with work and this is been ready for a few months but I was only able to upload it now. Loved the cartoons when I was a kid and really liked the first Transformers movie from 2007, so I decided to build bumblebee, which is by far my favourite Autobot! This was quite a cheral months as it is way out of my comfort zone. For those attending the Skaerbaeck Fan Weekend in a couple of weeks, if you would like to see it, it will be there! :) Thanks to Markus Rollbühler for the incentive and the tips :) And no, it doesn't transform into a beautiful Camaro! Hope you guys like it! Bumblebee Bumblebee Bumblebee
  8. Well it was early last month when I was done wrapping up my previous LEGO triple changer project . Intending to build one more (triple changer) ... then I saw the upcoming TLK Prime, improved/remolded version of AOE Voyager Prime . Well, I was expecting more.. since its been 3 years anyway ( I remembered ROTF Prime was waaaay better than it's predecessor from earlier movie). I really hoped the kibbles could be better managed with few extra hinges. Anyway.... so I decided to build my own , as usual (evil laugh here), with a few main challenge to overcome: > minimize the back kibbles to ensure he has a nice silhouette > tuck in the wheels as much as possible in his legs > decent articulation for cool poses > no stickers... just good ol' lego parts to "replicate" the flame motive on his truck body. My initial design for the shield was pretty elaborate but it failed the "wield test". The elbow joints can't take the load .. so I'm forced to simplify to what you see below, after reluctantly removing a dozen LEGO parts from my design: A few notable photos of the transformation: ^ The multi hinged panels allow for various ways on how the legs can be formed. I end up with the above where most of the mass delegated to the ankles and feet (I can choose to fold some panels above to form huge kneecaps but it won't look good). ^ Those pesky smokestacks took me many days to perfect to allow them to be folded to the back of the bot mode. ... and they follow the roof panels as they are lifted. Windscreen rotated 180 degree revealing the head underneath. He's ready to rage. Only after transformation to bot mode... the chest cavity is formed, but still not big enough to conceal that godamn pointy Matrix. However.... this Prime is bestowed with Matrix of ancient cybertronian artifacts /e-book-of-some-sort that will bore the kids to death with bedtime stories. Warning: the following is NOT CANON: Here's something up his sleeve, literally! The smokestacks in many other Primes doesn't serve any purpose besides looking cool. As for my Prime here... his 'stacks can be folded up to form multi-barrelled surface to anywhere cannons..! At the same time.. since it's no longer 80's... his shoulder pads will tuck in nicely on his back awaiting the next time round when it become fashionable again. Boy I really love LEGO Mixel balljoints making this possible! I haven't watched TF5 yet when I posted this... I assume the following scene will happen (except intervention by another Prime of coz)? I've uploaded a bunch of photos in my blog links below. Do pay a visit inside to see more especially on detailed steps on his transformations. thanks guys! truck mode: bot mode photos: bot in raging madness photos
  9. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Skullcruncher and Grax

    Skullcruncher and Grax! (Grax is hiding inside Skullcruncher as usual...) It all started with the Nexo Knights battle armor torso piece... And there's Grax in the chest/toso cavity... Grax in robot mode... And as a head... Excuse the fingerprints... <<Head on!>> The tail becomes a sword/blaster like in the original. And another shot of the weapon. Thanks for watching.
  10. Arcane arrives! This LEGO TF took me almost 2 months to complete .Arcane transform into a crane ,and *hic* ... a crane . The idea to make this guy came last year and it's been bugging me since , like a song that keeps repeating itself in my brain. I only managed to think of a name for him last week and to my suprise..... "Arcane" (despite being a pretty decent name for a Decepticon, on par with "Bludgeon" ) was NEVER used before in TF universe. Crane Mode My prerequisite for building this mode was that it should have basic functionalities of a typical mobile crane... the boom is able to be raised in excess of 60 degrees and full rotation of the crane using the 4x4 turntable plate. It's a pity LEGO has yet to produce a frictional turnable with maybe steps of 22.5 or 11.25 degree perhaps, as it would be very useful here for me. Crane Mode :D The slender legs of this bird are unable to sustain the weight of this MOC especially when the wings are spread further out. The tail helps alot here to ensure the following poses are possible: Robot Mode One of the last component to be built was the targetmaster chick. Before this I thought of making the weapon/gun to be concealed as extensions to the bird/crane's tail.... but then again buttmaster doesn't sound right. So it's scrapped. NO. Its not a partsformer . Transformation doesn't require parts to be taken off. I would say when it comes to building triple changer TF... Arcane is my tour-de-force. I am very satisfied with how the back kibble looks (thanks to the flexibility of crane neck allowing it to be tucked in fairly nicely on the robot mode's back) . Another thing I enjoy doing is "sculpting" a tight and lean abs for him. Drop by my blog to see more photos and how Arcane transform between modes! Thanks! =) My days are numbered after this. So I instead of building unique LEGO TF from scratch.. I will be improving/upsizing my past LEGO triple changers .. starting with Springer & Broadside.
  11. QQS

    Optimus Prime

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, because "Lego Action Figures" fits here quite well too. The main reason, why I've chosen "Lego Sci-Fi" is because the Universum of Transformers fits - in my opinion - much better here... and I like this subforum, don't know why :) I watched some TV shows about transformers and decided to make some of transformers I like - so I decided to start with Optimus Prime. But no, It's not the G1. That's some sort of mix: Prime from Transformers Prime + Animated Prime + WoC Prime + some details from Armada Prime + some my accents. I think that's ok, because Hasbro made many versions of Optimus too (20?). Autobots, transform and Roll out! BRICKSHELF DEVIANTART FLICKR version 1.0 (older) ROBOT-MODE Head was the hardest thing to do - in version 1.0 it was bigger and during Optimus transformation it had to be taken out. In this version, this problem doesn't exist. Front bumper transforms into some sort of machete. I think that the idea is ok, but execution could be better... And that's not Star Saber sword ... TRUCK-MODE ... and for ending: ~ QQS
  12. The Librarian

    Transformers: Generation Brick

    So I have been building Lego Transformers since I was about twelve and first read some Transformers fiction (thank you, wonderful Ladybird books!). I'd say I've come a long, long way since first building gun-form Megatron. I've got dozens of the things clogging up my shelves at the moment, some of which I've had built up for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, I've not go around to photographing many of them, mainly due to the need to get consistent shots of both robot and vehicular forms. Hopefully over the coming weeks, this will change. They are a wild mix of types now but I started off building Micromasters with the intention that they all be roughly in scale with minifigures. First up, though about fourth built, is Roadhandler. I am immensely pleased with him because, despite the slightly gappy car mode, he was the first time I actually managed to construct a car-from Transformer that was anywhere near minifig scale. Universal feather-weight champion! by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr The next one (built far more recently) is a character roughly of my own invention (though he steals a name from an existing Autobot) who was based on . . . well, I'll let you guess that. Those mean machines . . . by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr The faction stickers are by Reprolabels. Enjoy! And do check back again later - I have many more to show off.
  13. This project started last December and progress were averaging at one bot per month. After 7 months of gruelling yet challenging efforts, Liokaiser is finally done. However , back then (end of June) ... I was given a chance to showcase my LEGO transformers at a local store , so Liokaiser was whisked there for a month (video link below). After a month , he was put in storage as I was busy with another LEGO TF project. I'd guess I better put a closure to this now .So there :) >> As a LEGO combiner of this size, (more than 1.5 feet tall)... he is top heavy, so he can't be posed in more elaborate manner. Too much stress were imposed on the hinges . :| >> Due to complexity of individual bot , merging them to form Liokaiser caused a few weak points in connections. I'm forced to apply extra scaffoldings in a few areas to reinforce these connections, so that posing him about would not topple him over . >> Yes, it's SEVEN breastforce members I mentioned just now. In the original cartoon, Deathcobra was the 7th member of Breastforce (forming the arm) but was killed early in the show. So here, I decided to pay homage to this character by having him as a helicopter that transforms/separates into components for the combiner: Hands, head and a gun. If you wish to view more photos of Liokaiser and the whole breastforce team (more than 200 photos!) , the following blog link is a good starting point: As a LEGO TF builder, this project really pushes my limits and skills (and patience.. gawd... finding ways to merge the upper body was simply taxing). OK now I need find ways to outdo myself again. Lemme think what else I can build next. Thanks for viewing!! :)
  14. Eyckzim


    Hello all, just thought I'd share some of my Transformers characters built using primarily Bionicle, Technic, and CCBS pieces. Each of my Transformers follows what I would call the typical "rules" of a transformers toy, being that they can each transform completely without removing any pieces - except for weapons. I have many of these already built, but I have yet to take good photos of them. In the meanwhile, here are pictures of two of my favorites, Crimson Claw and Downforce Crimson Claw: A fierce hunter and always loyal to his fellow Autobots and Maximals, Crimson Claw is a natural leader and warrior. He uses his energon saber to slice through enemy Decepticons and Predacons with ease as he calls out commands to his allies. In his Lion-Mode, he can deploy two wing-blades from his thighs to further slash his opponents as he runs through battle. More photos in spoiler below: Downforce: The fastest bot around, Downforce uses his immense speed to scout ahead and inform his fellow Autobots of any Decepticon activity surrounding them. Armed with a wide array of weapons in Robot-Mode, Downforce is equipped for most any situation, should he be intercepted alone while on a scouting mission. His chainsword can rip through heavy armor, while his giant boomerang-shield can be effective at short or long ranges. His dual pistols are there just in case he needs to hold out behind cover or provide supporting fire for his teammates. In his Racecar-Mode, Downforce can achieve speeds greater than mach-3. When traveling this quickly, his tires actually lift off the ground and he hovers, using his massive rear-spoiler to stop him from completely taking off. More photos in spoiler below: I also have a detailed video overview of Downforce here on my Youtube Channel I encourage everyone to check out the other two videos I've posted. They go over two of my other Transformers that I have not taken pictures of yet. I hope everyone enjoys these "MOCformers" of mine. As always, I welcome constructive criticism and feedback. Please consider, though, that these are built mostly out of the pieces I had as a kid and any others I've acquired through my adulthood. I do not, unfortunately, have the budget to custom order every piece I need off of Bricklink and as such, I may not always have the best pieces to accomplish a job, etc. If any of you have ideas for cool future MOCformers builds, please feel free to share! I am always looking for inspiration for the next build. (Also, I hope it's glaringly obvious that CrimsonClaw's lion mode was heavily inspired by Liger Zero from the Zoids cartoon.)
  15. Ap11AP

    Lego Transformers videos

    These are amazing! I have to emphasize that these are not my own creations, but after stumbling on this YouTube channel I was blown away by how they managed to incorporate such complex transformations into such small models.
  16. Breastforce is a team of 6 Transformers from Japanese Transformers: Victory Series, with the ability to merge into a super robot named Liokaiser. Each member has a minion of sorts that can be deployed from their chest. These robotic beast minions can become hand held weapons to their respective masters too. Team members: - Leozack transform into Tomcat fighter jet, partnered with Lionbreast. - Guyhawk, an MiG fighter jet, partnered with Hawkbreast. - Hellbat, a Dassault Rafale fighter jet, partnered with Komoribreast. - Drillhorn, the drill tank , partnered with Hornbreast. - Jallguar, the Baja buggy, partnered with Jaguarbreast. - Killbison, the Gepard anti-aircraft tank, partnered with Bisonbreast. I actually spent weeks in deep thoughts on how to make this work (how each limb combine with each other sturdily with articulations to boot) before I started this project last Dec. The efforts were incredibly tedious (especially Jallguar and Leozack) yet rewarding. I shall use this thread to update more reveals in the coming weeks, and of course... the combined mode. I'm almost done with all of them (99%) except the combiner head. This one needs delicate treatment and I'm taking my own sweet time here. KILLBISON In my quest to fulfil last year's vow of building a Transformers combiner , Killbison is actually the last MOC I started work on (from the team of 6 breastforce members). This is because I have difficulty finding the needed brown parts , Just like his original toy, Killbison transforms into a Gepard Tank (below) with 2 turrets. But the original toy has 4 tank treads instead of 2 like in many typical real world tanks. I choose to follow the latter. Trivia > Initially this MOC was suposed to be a "remold" of Drillhorn I started much earlier, but Drillhorn's drill tank mode is chunky looking. I decided to build Killbison from scratch using a new transformation method. > When I started building this guy about 2 months ago, I used many black parts as a placeholder.In the quest to procure more brown parts quickly (this means not from ordering online), My routine scout in a mall yielded me Mixadel (A Mixel set) . This set has 4x c-clips I needed to complete this MOC. What a stroke of luck! > Some sacrifices were made for the robot mode aesthetics to ensure Killbison form a sturdy looking combiner leg. (one example is the robot arms with bland design facing outwards) For more photos of his "killer" antics and poses (and my "killer" writeups on how he came to being), do pay a visit to blog below! TRANSFORMATION Like most of my TransforMOCs from recent years, transformation from vehicle to robot mode doesn't require taking off parts.
  17. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Mini G1 Hot Rod

    Now this one was challenging: G1 HOT ROD I refuse to call him "Hot Rodimus"... HOT ROD SIDE VIEW It's funny that with a motto of "My actions speak louder than my words.", the first thing of note he did on screen was inadvertently offing Optimus Prime... HOT ROD BACK VIEW I used the yellow hinge tops as the mini exhausts he had on the back in car mode. The piece in the middle, with the stud is his gun. Clips on to the back of the torso. BACK WHEEL Yup, he does have back wheels under the exhausts. ROBOT MODE The helmet is from the Star Wars Skyhopper pilot. If there was an aviator helmet in red, I could've given him a visor. Oh well... ROBOT MODE ANGLE He's quite articulate and the exhaust pipes have enough friction not to flop around. ROBOT MODE BACK VIEW The clip just above the bum is where the gun clips in alt mode. ROBOT MODE And a parting robot mode shot. Thank you for watching.
  18. alanyuppie

    [MOC] Millenium Falcon Falcon

    Few weeks ago I put a halt to my LEGO Transformers Breastforce /Liokaiser reveals just to build this guy. He's meant for LEGOLAND Malaysia Star Wars competition which ended last weekend. I didn't win though (I sucks in building diorama and have poor knowledge in SW universe ). Anyway,say hie to Millenium Falcon Falcon fellas: Below is a youtube video on how it transforms: I've posted this creation/idea to LEGO Ideas website in hope to garner 10,000 votes for LEGO to consider producing this as an official set. Please support and give me a push ! Thanks!!
  19. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Mini G1 Galvatron

    "Megatron? Is that you?" HERE'S A HINT! CANNON MODE PROFILE I modified the altmode to look more like an artillery emplacement. I was never that fond of the original. CANNON MODE BACK VIEW CANNON ELEVATED The cannon can be raised/lowered. ROBOT MODE "What did he say his name was?" "GALVATRON!" ROBOT MODE BACK VIEW The back "fin" can be swiveled up for toy accuracy. I prefer it tucked in. "DECEPTICONS! ATTACK!" "DECEPTICONS! RETREAT!" Thanksfor watching.
  20. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Mini G1 Ratchet

    And here's another crew member of the Ark: G1 RATCHET Almost in scale with System Town... Almost... RATCHET PROFILE RATCHET BACK VIEW RATCHET MID TRANSFORMATION The multitude of 1x2 hinges give him tremendous poseability. RATCHET ROBOT MODE He's a wonderful mish-mash of old and new Lego. The grey 2x2 turntables on the knees and elbows are all the way from 1979 Classic Space, while the white 1x2 bricks with bow on the hand guards are from a 2015 Star Wars set... RATCHET ROBOT MODE And a parting robot mode shot. Before anyone asks, yes, I have an Ironhide variant, but lack bricks to build it. It only exists in LDD... for now. Thank you for watching.
  21. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Microscale G1 Optimus Prime

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. As a way of introduction, here's my lates MOC: MICROSCALE G1 OPTIMUS PRIME Features: Fully transforms between truck and robot without detaching parts Has a gun... And a trailer. Which opens to reveal the repair drone... And Roller Comes on a base with a storage compartment Humans included (except Raoul...) SIDE PROFILE BACK VIEW OPEN RAMP The ramp swivels and rotates on the t-piece to always face smooth-side up. TRAILER INTERIOR WITH ROLLER AND REPAIR DRONE Roller fits snugly in the closed trailer. PRIME IN ROBOT MODE ON THE COMMAND DECK ANOTHER SHOT OF PRIME Prime's legs, arms and head are articulated. The smokestacks also swivel on a t-piece. BASE SHOT BASE COMPARTMENT Here's where the gun and the humans are stored... HUMANS! And a parting shot with the human cast of G1 Transformers. Yes, I'm very proud of Chip's wheelchair... That's it. Thanks for watching.
  22. EpsilonEta


    I thought it was time for another of my Transformers, Sunstreaker this time. As with Optimus, this is based on IDW's comics “Infiltration” to “Revelations” from 2008. (That's why he is a Diablo and not a Countach.) I started in September 2010 and finished in May 2014. It have been on my MOCpages since then and I recently added it to flickr too. Sunstreaker Car Front by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Car Back by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr A friend helped me to print on tiles. Here is a close up. Sunstreaker Car Detail by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr And as with my Optimus, he can transform. Sunstreaker Robot 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Robot back by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr I made a video showing the transformation (no sound. 2x speed) (I will make one or more that explain in more detail at some point but don't hold your breath) And here a reference pictures from the comic “Transformers Infiltration”. (Written by Simon Furman and drawn by E.J. Su) Sunstreaker ComicCompare by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr A few extra pictures of the inside Sunstreaker Car inside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Car underside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr In the comic his hand can change to a gun and I managed to replicate that. (it works for both hands) Sunstreaker Robot hand transform by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr And finally a cool pose (it took like 10 minutes to find a pose he could balance in) Sunstreaker Robot pose by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Thanks for reading.
  23. Krall

    Mini Rampage (v2)

    I planned to build a new Transformer but before I will build it, I wanted to restore the previous ones and incidentally improve them and this is their result: I changed tracks, feet are now more stable you can also put in it a microfigure. in addition I clipped to the arms whips made from track. Gallery: Thanks for your atention!
  24. My....not new MOC. Character : Optimus Prime. Side: Autobot. Country: Cybertron (planet). Vesion : Fall of Cybertron (video game). Because Optimus had never traveled to Earth so that the design of the vehicle is different to the struck on Earth. Function : Moving limp, running(vehicle mode),transforming. You can watch how he transform in this video : Now we look at the vehicle mode : DSC00071 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr DSC00067 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr DSC00069 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr And Autobot mode : DSC00154 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr DSC00151 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Compare with Hero Factory: DSC00155 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Some posing style : DSC00167 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr DSC00157 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr DSC00165 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr DSC00152 by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Thanks for visiting !
  25. Hello! This is my Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen forest fight creation. It includes Optimus Prime (leader of the Autobots), Megatron (leader of the Decepticons, Starscream and Grindor. All of the transformers posses many ball and socket joint parts which allow them to be moved into many different poses. I posted it some days ago on the Pleyworld site (It works like Lego Ideas but you only need 5000 supporters instead of 10,000). It still has one vote but it needs some time to get people to see it. If you wish you can help it out and speed up the project. Here is the link: I tried to stay as accurate to the film with the designs and so I had no room to allow them to transform but I hope their movie accuracy is good enough on it's own. Let me know what you think in the comments below!