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Found 27 results

  1. Hi, sharing my latest moc - Spider-Man vignette featured Mechanic Rhino from the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in 2014. Hope you guys like it^^ Leave a comment if any^^ Standing mode END
  2. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance!

    Spider-sense tingling! The Devil rides again!
  3. MOC: Spiderman street scene

    IMG_2015 by batalfie, on Flickr IMG_2017 by batalfie, on Flickr I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
  4. Unfortunately nobody has responded to my original German-speaking question in another (German) Lego forum. I try it here: Hello Although I myself have quite a lot of nerdiness to me, technical interests and hobbies, a certain film genre and hobbies that a "serious" adult should not have (?), I can start with the whole superhelden area, the starwarsfilms and also similar series little. Somehow I find the stories boring, very simplistic, humorless, politically far too correct and often too simple knit. Therefore, my question to the older fans (older in the sense of: Having a family of their own, have already participated in the professional life for a long time, the first destiny and crises have brought about, interested in "real" social / political issues - not only image newspaper and Facebook ...): What fascinates you at the superheldenstory, whether film, serial or comic? What is so special for you on Star Wars and similar film series? (No, I'm not interested in why Star Wars is better than Enterprise Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, or is not). Signature: My nickname which I use in that forum. This text I have automatically translated with the Google translator. Lapidem
  5. Spiderman Homecoming sets rumors

    (Captain Nemo said I needed to post this here) @Delta.Customs on Instagram, said that there were two SpiderMan Homecoming sets he knew. The sets were described as so: Set #1: A Bank robbery, Spidey and two robbers, The robbers had Avengers in their names. Set #2: Has a car, Includes Spidey, Vulture with brick built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. If you saw the trailer, this should all now sound familiar. Remember that @Delta.Customs' post was done two weeks ago. One scene from the trailer showed some men in Avengers masks robbing a bank, which adds up well to set one. We didn't see a specific set two scene in the trailer, but it's most likely a final battle anyway. We did see Vulture, with large wings, as well as a man many suspect to be the Shocker. We also saw Spidey swinging around by Iron Man. So in general, I'm pretty sure this guy's info is reliable. If you want to see an article, as well as the post, use this link. Tell me what you think? Merry Christmas Crap how do i delete this
  6. @Delta.Customs on Instagram, said that there were two SpiderMan Homecoming sets he knew. The sets were described as so: Set #1: A Bank robbery, Spidey and two robbers, The robbers had Avengers in their names. Set #2: Has a car, Includes Spidey, Vulture with brick built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. If you saw the trailer, this should all now sound familiar. Remember that @Delta.Customs' post was done two weeks ago. One scene from the trailer showed some men in Avengers masks robbing a bank, which adds up well to set one. We didn't see a specific set two scene in the trailer, but it's most likely a final battle anyway. We did see Vulture, with large wings, as well as a man many suspect to be the Shocker. We also saw Spidey swinging around by Iron Man. So in general, I'm pretty sure this guy's info is reliable. If you want to see an article, as well as the post, use this link. Tell me what you think? Merry Christmas!
  7. Happy Halloween Peter Parker

    It is Halloween Night my dear Friends and even Super Heroes need some Fun Activities once in a while. After Spiderman and Doctor Strange teamed up to defeat an Invasion of Monsters from another Realm, Spiderman decided it`s Time to get into the right Spirit of his second favorite Holiday Season. Some of is Super Hero Friends came over (well,only Kid Spider Miles Moralis,the Sorcerer Supreme and the Allmighty Thor) and they had a Fun Time going around the Neighborhood :D Spidey really likes his Costume,sadly Eyepatches were sold out....and Nick Fury refused to borrow one. Happy Halloween everyone,stay spooky.
  8. Lego Spiderman 2 minifig from 2004 set 4856 Doc Ock's Hideout for sale. Pristine condition, includes one web string accessory (minifig stand in pictures not included) Image: Posting to UK only, payment by bank transfer only. Message me with offers if this interests you. Thanks LC
  9. [MOC] Venom Symbiote

    This is inspired by Spiderman 3 (2007). I still love the spiderman played by Tobey Maguire. Recreated the scene where Peter Parker was trying to get away from Venom. Subsequently, it transferred to Eddie Brock Jr. Closer look at my custom Venom.
  10. Has anyone noticed how Lego has so many obsessions when it comes to Super Hero sets. Besides the obvious with making most of the sets based on their favorite characters... Like Spiderman and Batman. For Spiderman there has been 8 Marvel sets based on him. 1 Juniors set, 1 Micro Racers, and 3 more sets to come in the summer with him potentially him in the 4th Civil War set. There has been 8 variants to the character but really a lot of them don't change too much. Out of the 45 Marvel sets (Up to Doctor Strange) he has been in 14 of the sets. Now Batman..... There has been 8 "DC SUPERHEROES that he is not in. 2 Juniors sets, 1 Micro Racers and 2 more sets to come in the summer with the potential R'as Al Ghul set. There has been 20 variants to the character. So out of the 36 DC sets he has been in 24 of the sets. So there are 81 Superheroes sets, they have been in 38 of them which is almost half.... For some reason there has been 4 Quinjet variants (Avenjet included) Also they have the weird tendency to put fire extinguishers in sets. Or maybe they've just been ketchup bottles the whole time! Anyways I just thought I'd everyone know and see these obsessions Lego has. Let me know if you guys have noticed anything!
  11. Hey everyone, I feel it is time to attempt to settle the age old debate of "are fake super-heroes worth it?" , To find out i purchased 4 lots of characters ranging from copies of official figures to SDCC fakes and even fakes of customs in order to provide a ranged view into the figures, now after just a mere month they have arrived in a lovely polystyrene box from china. Here is my little box of goodness Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Each figure comes in a little packet with readily assembled Head, torso and legs, It is your job to add accessories, a stand and hair. Unfortunately there were no instructions so after 16 hours and 195 wrong attempts i assembled my first figure. The figures are more or less the same as lego's with the main difference being the leg assembly Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr The legs will fit into official bodies and vica versa so the unprinted ones i have changed for officials Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr As you can see the connection is the same (i had to do this outside so you could see) Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr And HERE they are! with all those classic accessories such as Mr fantastics chainsaw and the things hammer.... ? Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr To be brutally honest im starting to like these guys.. There is a lot of decent back printing here, they seem to be more generous with printing than Lego themselves. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr A lot of these guys also have double faces or rear head prints, here are a few random examples. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr aaaaaaand Kablamo Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr All the parts interact perfectly well with official lego as shown here... Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Im not sure if you can tell but the arms are a Tiny bit less angled than official arms, Barely noticable though. And of course the other difference that can be seen here is the minor colour differences, I think they all look reasonable enough though. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Before i continue i would like to point out the problems i have encountered in these figures 1- Deadpool's head appears to be attatched to his body so will not budge or move, Meaning his sword holster cannot be attached. 2- Some head designs are c**p, I feel this is just due to shoddy workmanship rather than bad printing (namely the FF) 3- Batman's cowel is tight so once it's on don't expect to get it off easily. NOW for a test, Without looking at your official Deadpool figure tell me which is the official one, I will reveal it tomorrow Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr I tried this on one person already.... They got it wrong As this picture shows some are very good copies such as DP and venom, Others, well you can see for yourself... Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Most however are completely satisfactory and blend into your lego surroundings nicely, Here are some examples. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr And with minor changes they can look pretty good Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr And now for the conclusion, This could ed the war on fakes forever... let this moment be remembered by AFOLs forever, Now im just dragging this out... PRICE- Ok, so for all 19 of those awesome figures i paid £13.17 including post, Thats under 70p each, Where a normal figure would cost 10x that, Or in a SDCC case 300x that! So i would say these are very good value and provide a reasonable figure for your buck (or pound or yen or euro), so at that price i would grab a few just for the sake of it. 9/10 Quality- Surprisingly these are better than people say, The prints are reasonable, The plastic seems strong and the designs are good, except a couple of slight leg wobbles, Amazingly im going to give these a 6/10 Design, This is difficult seeing as they are all nicked designs, However they have been replicated well (except the FF faces) so i will give this a 7/10 Overall i give these 22/30, These really do fill the hole that lego has dug beneath us so i applaud Decool for there work. The quality is getting quite good now and is constantly improving so these really these will soon be lego standard. If you feel you are missing somthing that these figures provide just get one, Dont look back, its only a few quid after all. One other thing, It is difficult to pass judgment on the figures as a whole, As my GL is great quality, a great figure and looks awesome. However the Decool cap has a poor head design and looks generally bad. Hard to say people... Hard to say... I dont want to say these trump lego as they DO NOT, however they are providing what we want at a price we want so thats good enough for me! If anyone wants extra pics just let me know, Otherwise enjoy your day!
  12. MOC - "Avengers Lend a Hand"

    It had started out as a normal day taking picture for the Daily Bugle in Central Park. But when Doc Ock started photo-bombing the pictures, Peter Parker changed from his photographer's clothes into his Spiderman outfit. Spiderman had things mostly under control, but Doc Ock was proving to be a little harder to capture than normal. Just then the Avengers, on their way back from destroying a group of Skrulls, stopped to see what the fuss was about. "It's okay guys, I got this!" shouted Spiderman as he dodged a flying taxi. "This guys got 8 arms," said Tony Stark, "You only have 2, we'll pitch in and get this villain taken care of in no time!" "Actually, he only has 6 arms, then 2 legs" mumbled Spidy. "You guys won't let me be an Avenger and now you won't even let me take down my own villains! How is a guy supposed to get any respect around here!"
  13. I have started collecting every single minifigures produced by Lego for superheroes theme including the old Batman/Spiderman sets and exclusive minifigures from SDCC and ToyFair, etc. I think I am at around 98% complete. I wondered if anyone has done the same and how do you display them? Any advice on getting hard-to-find minifigures?
  14. Weird JUNIORS pricing?

    Ok so by looking at Junior prices worldwide accidentaly I noticed something rather weird... Just look at this picture and compare prices. Can anyone explain me why there are diference in price of SAME PRICE SETS?
  15. Carnage has broken out of prison and the SHIELD agent is in hot pursuit to recapture him. Place the SHIELD agent in the jet flyer’s cockpit, adjust the wings and soar into the sky. Fire the stud shooters to try and repel Carnage’s tentacular aerial attack! Luckily, Web-Warrior Miles Morales Spider-Man has swung into the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes universe to help contain this creepy super villain. Topple Carnage with super-jumping Spider-Man and save the day! Includes 3 minifigures with a weaponelement and assorted accessory elements: Spider-Man, SHIELD agent and Carnage. FINALLY! After four years of seeing spiderman sets as part of the Marvel Super Heroes, we get a different version of Spiderman! Its been a wait, yet this year we actually get TWO versions. It's nice that Lego have finally addressed the fact that Spiderman is not just one person. But a new Spiderman figure isn't the only highlight of this set. Let's have a look at what else we get. Name : Carnage's SHIELD Sky Attack Piece count: 97 Price:£11.99 First off, the box. It's the standard affair, with an action shot showing off our characters and the build. The back of the box gives a second action shot of the vehicle on the ground, our plucky SHIELD Agent isn't so scared now. It also informs us of the inclusion of a Super Jumper, and a little demonstration of how it works. Down in the bottom right hand corner is an advert for the new Marvel Game. The top of the box gives the standard 1:1 scale for your figure. Inside you get two unnumbered bags, one folded instruction manual and a very small sticker sheet. Parts selection Spare parts The completed build The figures, from left to right, the SHIELD Agent, Spider Man and Carnage. First up, Carnage The printing on this figure is brilliant, and I was happy and surprised to see printing on his arms too. It's a shame that the back printing is covered by the neck bracket. Time for our hero, Spider Man When I saw the preliminary pictures of this set, I wasn't too sure about the figure. Now that I've got him in person, I take it all back. The figure is very faithful to the tv version, for once plain legs and arms are correct. The front and back printing is excellent, including the muscle definition. My only complaint is that Lego still haven't figured out how to print on the entirety of the head, the gap between front and back head printing is a little off-putting, but not horrible. (The only figure that really suffers from lack of side head printing is Nick Fury) Now for the SHIELD Agent Again, he features very nice printing, yet I was disappointed that his arms are plain, why did the arms from Maria Hill not get used. He would look a lot nicer with the SHIELD logo on his arm in my opinion. Lastly, it's the little SHIELD hovercraft. I love this little thing, its 100 times better than the build from Iron Man vs. Ultron. I can imagine having six of these flying around a Helicarrier with Venom and Carnage attacking them all. The small 2x2 round tiles with the fan printing are lovely and I can see those, plus the SHIELD Agent being a good enough reason to pick up multiple copies of this set. The characters have a few flaws but these are personal opinions, and hardly detract from the set at all. I would take this over the larger Spider Man set released this year any day, yet I'm in it for the figures so I'll probably stilled up getting that one too. Hope you've all enjoyed my second review on here, and please feel free to add any additions to this review that you have!
  16. X-Men Team up [Moc]

    Something I threw together with my Sentinel It had to be snakes For those interested, here is a video on how to make my Sentinel
  17. Spiderman, Spiderman, Spider Pizza Delivery Man Spins a web, any size. Oh no wait- caught that pie Look out! Here comes the Pizza Delivery Spiderman! More Pics and Info at my website!
  18. Hi. Thought I'd shove up my very first MOC / MOD. It's heavily influenced by the Daily Bugle and I did it as an exercise to see if I was capable of performing the strange mathematics / engineering / voodoo necessary to wrangle a modular out of an existing set. I chose to do a news building first as I have a (hardly updated) blog that mirrors the 'LEGO NEWS' 2x2 tile in terms of design, so making the office in which the blog is written added to the fun. Inside is a bit sparse to be frank - the bottom floor is supposed to be a chilled, corporate looking, swish lobby in which members of the public can grab a coffee and be interviewed for the paper. A flight of stairs leads to the white walled workhouse, in which the poorly paid staff slave away. Overlooking this is a mezzanine level, where the editor in chief gets to bark at his staff from above. A ladder leads from there onto the split level roof, just in case the place bursts into flames or whatnot! (the place is, after all, a hotbed of activity). I did have a better picture of the front of the building but the windows were filthy... lol I'll find some better photos if there's any interest in the project. Overall, it was great fun to do and I'm now hooked on making modulars. PS - hope I've got the posting of images correct in terms of netiquette here... Lego News Building - Front by Nova_Amiko, on Flickr Lego News Building - Rear by Nova_Amiko, on Flickr
  19. So... I like the Lanterns and their power rings. I am also a Marvel fan, in particular, the Xmen and Spiderman. Now, my question to you: What Corps would you place our Marvel Heroes into? Red - Rage Orange - Greed Yellow - Fear Green - Will Blue - Hope Indigo - Compassion Violet - Love For instance: The Hulk - Red power ring. Captain America - Blue power ring. Daredevil - Yellow power ring. Wolverine - Torn here between Red and Yellow... So that is the start, now, what would you guys suggest to continue? Also, I want to see possible customs for this... Green and Yellow are generally easy at present because we already have those bodies... the others can be more awkward, but I think that we do have enough red and blue minifigs that we can make something happen!
  20. How do you take down a superhero? Team up with other supervillains, obviously. The sinister six go after Spider Man when he's most vulnerable, will they catch the spider in his own web or will they be too clustered by their own kind to even make a budge at him? Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Mike Joseph as Spider Man Will Murphy as Kraven the Hunter Josh Lambright as Stan Lee Sean Polite as Black Manta and Lex Luthor Bret Newton as Captain Marvel Coulter Rail as Plastic Man How did Spider Man end up where he is? Check it out in this film: What were Captain Marvel and Plastic man up to? Find out in this film: Thanks for watching!
  21. Displaying your superhero town

    Hey guys, Now that we have 3 years and many many waves of superheroes sets available to us i was wondering how people went about displaying them, personally i have separate little zones for Iron man, Bat-vehicles, Justice league characters, GOTG and my Arkham display, But us for all the oddities and randoms that the SH line gives us i have put them all into one big Town display, How do you guys display all the bits and pieces you have? Jazzenberg by Legocollecter123, on Flickr
  22. Our Marvel Collections

    This thread has been created so that we can show off our collection of Marvel figures and sets. I want to see your collections and anything you have to accentuate them, including custons and 3rd party items! I will kick this off with some of the evil bad guys in the Marvel Universe. Probably the most evil of Marvel baddies!
  23. Future Superhero Set Ideas

    Surprised we didn't have one. Might as well start one. DC Sets: Daily Planet: $50, 500+ Parts TDKR Tumbler: $50, 400+ parts TDKR Bat Pod: $10-$20, 100+ parts TDKR Bat Wing: $75, 600+ parts Anything Arkham City Batman Marvel sets: Iron Man's Lab/House: $50, 500+ parts
  24. First of all, an enormous thank you to my good friend Josh (armoredgear7) for doing a fantastic job editing the photos. This was built after seeing the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. Since it was for Brickworld, big and complex were two adjectives that were prevalent in my mind. The creation includes all three of Spider-man's villains from the movie, Electro, Green Goblin and of course the Rhino, which I posted as a <a href="">teaser</a> earlier this year. Although certainly tough, it was a fun build, and from the compliments I got at both Brickworld and Brickfete, it was apparently a very enjoyable site. The full interview and scope of the build can by seen on my (I apologize, my ego seems to know no bounds :P). The Amazing Spider-man 2, Spider-man and all related names, images, etc. are property of Sony Pictures Entertainment and MARVEL Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved. Logo found here. Thanks for stopping by true believers, and prepare for more stuff soon! Also, thanks to my awesome friends from ToroLUG. I couldn't have done it without you. Maybe next year I'll build something more stable... Available to view on flickr. Excelsior!
  25. "You fight me now?!"

    Hi everyone. I'm normally someone who uses flickr a lot, so if you want to check out my stuff, here's my flickr: This is the Rhino from the recent Spider-man trilogy re-boot, the amazing Spider-man 2.