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Found 29 results

  1. Corlander commanders took advantage of a string of windy days to drill their artillery units using real world physics. ------------------- OOC: Another in a series of small () builds I have planned using my recent redcoat microfigure creations
  2. On Hussar's Isle, Cocovia, an abandoned watchtower caught the attention of the local authorities, as such an emplacement could bolster the defense of the island. Another landing party was assembled, this time with a detachment of Marines and the newly implemented Naval Engineering Corps. This experimental unit consisted only of officers and midshipman, due to the complexity of their trade. Lieutenant Karlton was, of course, assigned this monotonous task. Karlton was quite displeased, while the other officers got assigned to glorious ship of the lines, he got to be an overseer. The local Marine captain warned him, saying that he shouldn't be too aggressive, most of those officers are better learned and ranked than he was! Karlton, much to his surprise, was given command of HMS Juniper, an unarmed cargo sloop. (I now have a thread with a more refined and licensed HMS Juniper) Once again, he walked across the dock and loaded his vessel, anchored in King's Harbour, and set out to another remote and unnoticeable spit of shore. Once they arrived, a small jolly boat was found and the engineering team surveyed and inspected the condition of the structure. The town's expert mapmaker was also hired and was to work with the engineer's to determine the exact location and feasibility of such an emplacement. A map of the Cocovian locality was provided and the Naval Engineers reviewed the information. I wasn't anything new, but with a better understanding of the structure, they concluded that it was unlikely that the tower would be around for much longer. The Naval Engineer's commander, Captain Vaughn, found from the jolly boat, that the foundation would be terribly waterlogged, and that the water had rendered it unsalvageable. The night grew dark, and Karlton suggested they turn back to port. Karlton pretended that it was that the Admiralty would be dissatisfied if the information were any delayed than necessary, but really it was the tough of an unarmed sloop within the range of hostile guns. It probably wasn't a valid concern, but being an untested junior officer, he only knew the stories. Still, Karlton wondered what lay ahead, surely a Queen's officer in the Royal Corrington Marines had more in store for him than menial chores. Cocovian Watchtower by WanderingSalad Dressing, on Flickr Task 2: "Redcoats Rule" C&C Most Welcome!
  3. Previously, I’ve posted about my experiments in Creating Customized Duplo Figures by re-combining existing figures into new combinations. Recently, while playing Duplos with my sons, we noticed that the official Duplo pirate characters didn’t have a “good guy” royal navy to battle against. So we made one that kind of resembles British Redcoats! By combining the gray tricorn hat from the skipper figure, the red coat from the pirate captain figure, and the gray pants from some knight figures, we came up with a standardized uniform for the sailors. We left one guy with an eyepatch to be the captain of the good guys, and then made some figures with a variety of the faces available. Read more here:
  4. Sebeus I

    A simple matter of math

    The tales all tell about captains brave enough to challenge larger and more heavily armed opponents. And succesfully defeat those opponents by witty tactics and superior maneuvering ... However, those are the tales. When you face reality, reality in the shape of an English frigate facing a French 64 gun battle ship that is, all kinds of heroics are reduced and everything becomes a simple equation taking into account the relevant numbers. A bold move of the English captain but a stupid one, one full broadside of the French 64 was enough to blast him back to reality. A cooperation with Captain Greenhair.
  5. knight_40k

    [MOC] Redcoat Ship

    This Redcoat ship keeps a similar design to my recent Bluecoat MOC but is mostly a MOD of The Brick Bounty. If you have not seen the MOC of my custom Bluecoat Ship click here. I had to rebuild some parts of TBB but I left the cabin alone for the most part. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I hope you like it.
  6. Agent Kallus

    MOC: Tiny bit of a ship

    Yeah nowhere near a whole ship I, don't have the time or space or funds for that at the moment, but I still made this so here it is. More pics on flickr
  7. TheMightyPirate

    Redcoat Ship

    This is a small MOC from a while ago. As you can see it doesn't have any sails because I couldn't find any good parts for that. It has 3 Redcoats and 1 pirate! It has different weapons to example swords etc. This is also my first pirate MOC (I'm 13) but I will do more in the future. Any suggestions? Just tell me in the comments. Have a nice day you bloody pirates, Aye
  8. My oldest son has really gotten into legos like I did as a kid, and we have pulled out all of my old legos from the 80s and 90s which includes a few ships like the 6271 Imperial Flagship, Renegade Runner, and Imperial Trading post. He got into the Pirates of the Caribbean so we have the Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge too. My son told me that he has lots of Pirates, but not enough imperial/British ships to make it a fair fight! We have recently built quite a few custom kits from, so I thought there might be custom ship builders out there or at least instructions to buy. I thought that something like this might be a good solution, but it turned out to be way too big and fragile to be playable, and I wasn't happy with the lack of the tumblehome technique that I saw while browsing these forums. 20150703_111506 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr I found Sebeus's masterpieces to be absolutely perfect and his HMS Marianne has become my goal. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=71195 So I've taken apart the monstrosity I had built, and I'm trying to figure out how to replicate some of these amazing techniques from Sebeus and others. Being completely new to doing this without full instructions, it is a steep learning curve. Sebeus suggested that I make my own thread to get some pointers from the community so I can reach this goal of a playable and sleek Pirate killer. Here are a few pics and some comments on what I'm struggling with. Please feel free to offer critiques of my building work and posting. I am trying to build each section independently and then attach it to the hull. I've had to go back and completely break down sections and build it in place to get things to line up. I'm not entirely settled on what approach will work best for me here. 20150703_210350 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr Tying together these gaps in the structure are really stumping me at the moment. There is a little gap between the sides of the ship and the interior deck and a big section i need to figure out between the very front which ended up at a higher elevation than the rest of the deck. 20150712_191039 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr Overall, I'm liking the shape of the tumblehome but I'm a little worried about there being too much of a gap. 20150712_191030 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr Once again, please help push me in the right direction... I'm a big boy and can handle it, I just want to learn. Thanks, Adam EDIT: Here is the (initial) completed ship! 20150816_163144 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr
  9. Horsecreek

    The Soldiers Outpost

    Recently I finished my rocky island moc. I started building on this moc late 2011. Then I shelfed it. But now it's done and has been on display at LEGO World and Klodsfest (the Danish lugs annual LEGO event) If you haven't build rocks an mountains before you'll be surpriced at how many bricks it takes. Apart from the small DBG baseplate i'm satisfied with the result. More photos at
  10. Sebeus I

    So a guy walks into a bar...

    There was this redcoat that walked into a bar...a bluecoat bar... silly redcoats! ehem... Anyway, this bad joke isn't the real reason why I'm posting this. A while ago things weren't so good at the pirate forum, there was a huge decrease in activity. Captain Braunsfeld was very concerned about that so he sent me several PMs discussing the issue. Now I'm not really the best guy to get things going or organize things and stuff. The best I could come up with was a comic...about the decreased inactivity... Which wouldn'd have helped anyway as there wasn't anyone around to read it. Now the activity here at the pirateforum is flowering, I like this, That comic I made isn't relevant anymore but I still wanted to post it so I came up with this bad joke, This post is the execution of my masterplan . So here's the comic (beware, it will not be continued). Captain Braunsfeld was concerned about the decreasing activity at the pirateforum so he went to see his friend Sebeus... Never, it won't be continued because even I was too inactive at the time to finish this comic . I also want to use this occasion to keep the red VS blue climate alive. Yes!
  11. James Wellington

    [MOC] British Royal Navy Gunboat

    171D Hello all! I said in my last small MOC, I'd probably do another MOC, so I decided to make a ship this time, a Gunboat. It took me almost 4 hours (mostly finding and digging out parts), i'd say remove all the finding time, it took me about 20 minutes to construct, maybe 25 minutes (I did a few designs, and picked the one I liked most). Now, the gunboat itself has 1 small mast, 1 small rotating cannon at the beginning, and 2 swivel guns. The ship can fit about 4-6 minifigures, however I didn't want to take up the whole ship with minifigures, so I manned it with 3 minifigures in the 3 main posts. I myself am pretty proud of my build, I mean, I just built it with limited parts, and the way I thought a gunship should look like. I originally constructed a small grey cannon to go at the front, but it was a little bit too big, so I added a smaller rotating cannon that looks a lot like a swivel gun Alright, let's get started. Gun1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Side view of the ship. Quite small, but it is a Gunboat Gun2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr The bow of the ship. A redcoat manning the frontal cannon, and a Royal Navy gunner manning one of the two swivels. As you can see, I've given those new ugly blasters a use! They make great swivels, firing ones, too. Gun3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Gun4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Overview of the ship. You can see a bit of the crows nest. Gun5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Other side of the ship. It does appear that there is a bit of dirt of that piece. Cleaning time Gun6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A simple, small stern to the gunboat. Gun7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr You can really see everything that's going on in the ship in this pic. Gun8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr At the wheel of the ship, a British Midshipman pilots the small ship. Gun9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lastly a view of the whole ship and the crows nest. Let it sail to bring glory to the Redcoats, and justice to the seas. Hope you've enjoyed! Please tell me what you think of my Gunboat! Have a nice day.
  12. James Wellington

    [MOC] Supply Lines

    Hello all. Some of you may have seen me around Eurobricks either here or in the Star Wars forums. I started out in Pirates, and I've been really meaning to get some type of MOC out there for some time, because although most of my attention is on Star Wars work and projects right now, I thought I'd just do something small. Please comment and criticize, it shows me if it's good or not, and how to improve for next time . Now, as I said before, this is just a small project. I hope you guys like it. MOC1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Here's a frontal view of the small MOC. Redcoats unloading supplies for the small colony town. MOC2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A view of the side of the dock and showing a bit more of the MOC. MOC 3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr MOC4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Looks like the Redcoats will be bringing a prisoner with them. MOC 5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A look at the townspeople running for their food and supplies. A Royal Navy Midshipman directs the troops where to drop off the supplies. MOC 6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lastly a look at the small cannon post. Even small towns need protection from those Bluecoats and Pirates. Hope you liked it. Please tell me what you think of it, it's not some crazy big MOC that will blow your minds, but I think it's sort of nice.
  13. Matthias

    Comiy "The Alliance"

    Hello everybody, here is my current comic with my hero Redcoatorphan. He was introdruced in my comic „Sightseeing“ http://www.eurobrick...wtopic=81085= He is a bluecoat assistant instructor and he is a orphan. His redcoat parants was killed in a battle and the bluecoat governor became his stepfather. This is his second adventure! I hope you enjoy my comic. PS: Sorry for the threatname, I can´t edit it into "Comic ..."
  14. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    HMS Defiant, 12 guns-brig

    Well, even if isn't 100% complete; I decided to present my flagship today and now. My stock limitation was a permanent problem, but I think that I solved it with my humble methods... First of all, a few pics without crew, to see the details... The bow, notice the owl as figurehead and the bell: Now onboard, the capstan; functional but really fragile... The gun deck, clear and ready for action, with it's 8 guns: The quarterdeck, with the helm, 4 carronades and a small place for the commander to examine maps etc... The masts, the weakness of all my ships, not so pretty as the rest of the ship (probably when I put the sails will be better): Returning to the bow, the anchor, one of my favourite parts, because it's totally improvised: And now, the ship with the crew: The Commodore (myself), examining the map... At the stern, the row boat: "DING-DING, DING-DING, DING!!" _Sail ho! _Full broadside...! _...FIRE! For finish; the HMS Defiant sailing with my other ship (builded just yesterday and finished today), a bombardment ketch provisionally named as HMS Thunderer: That it's all, I hope you liked it. (The HMS Thunderer will be presented soon, but I will wait some days because I usually moddify my ships a bit every day a few days after it's construction (or a few weeks, in the case of the HMS Defiant...). Comments and critics are welcome. Greetings from Spain, Commodore Ariel Brickson.
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    British Bomb Vessels

    [pid][/pid] 155C Hello again, when I read C.S. Foresters Hornblower novels I was intrigued by the bomb vessels he commands during the time of Napoleon's war against Russia. However, I was never sure what they would look like. So, I have made up my mind. And created huge mortars. And very small ships to carry them.... :-) This is probably historical nonsense, but I had a sufficient amount of fun. So, here they are, the pseudo-british bomb vessels: The mortar is probably too massive for such a small ship: .. and where to put the ammunition? I probably chose not to care :-) Take care, till next time, Captain Braunsfeld
  16. Well, here is my final entry. I hope you enjoy it! Even you Bluecoats out there... Many Bluecoats were harmed in the production of this comic!
  17. Behold, my entry for the final round, may the recoats be done for once and for all. Drama, action, comedy, horror, fantasy and even romance, it is there, you just have to look closely . I hope you liked it, I included as many avatars as I could, eventhough they're not really accurate (what's with the grey legs everybody? I don't have grey legs anymore, they're used on my flying dutchman). A special thanks goes to Frank Brick Wright for leading me to the comic software I used here. I loved Duck's entries, that's why he has a more prominent role than other redcoats in the comic, If your avatar isn't in here it's because I didn't have the parts to replicate it, no other reason, if I had the parts I would have included everyone.
  18. Here is my entry to Pure Victory - Redcoat Community. Enjoy! No matter what age it is, Red has always beat Blue. Here is another example.
  19. [pid][/pid]230C And here he is: A Bluecoat in the mud! Nothing more to say about.
  20. Cara: Redcoats, Fear my Brush! Round I entry available here.
  21. I finally had time to make my entry, I had my last exam yesterday . So don't expect too much. It's better than nothing I guess. I didn't have enough time to come up with a decent story, luckely I have a couple of ships I can use, which reminds me that I still have to post some of them. Good luck to the other contestants.
  22. Grimmbeard

    TOR III ENTRY: Redcoat Fishing!

    [pid][/pid] So here's my official entry for round two: Pirates, Redcoat Fishing! Sorry about the cropping issues- Hope it didn't distract from the story Anyway, hope you liked it! C&C Welcome!
  23. [pid][/pid] Bluecoat incompetence:
  24. Capt. Stabbin

    Death of a Bluecoat

    [pid][/pid]229C While this is not a new MOC, I have never posted it here, and thought it worked well with the tournament. A Redcoat patrol encounters a lone Bluecoat.... Thanks for looking! C & C appreciated.