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Found 9 results

  1. Hi This is my first post about my first lego set. This is a lego 42006. I made the first model and the next day convert it in a special ecsavator. I use only parts of the set so made this model. It operates very well and wish i had a real bucket for it. I think i made it very good for my first attempt and i like to share it with you.
  2. Hi everyone. This is probably my first successful MOC created after dark ages (couple of others are unsuccessful in progress). We had a small contest for members of our BalticLUG living its early days, the main idea was to create a MOC related to winter, snow and ice. No strict rules, except splitting for active and static MOCs. Since joining EB and looking all those awesome crawlers and TT I wanted to create something you can drive outside. So winter is a perfect time for this as there are no mud or sand, just frozen water. I have created a sporty looking tracker. It is almost a C-model of 42006 set, with just like 4 extra parts and PF stuff. C-model idea comes quickly, once you disassemlbe 42006 set and observe the variety of parts it offers, however it limits the number of functions. Build process was fun and a bit challenging, as a space is a bit of an issue. The final result isn't as much as I expected. While model drives quickly on a carpet and flat surface it didn't perform as good on hard snow (slipping) or a softer one (not much of a torque). Anyway it was fun and no damage has been made, even the baterry box on the bottom didn't have a scratch. Specs: 30 studs in length (including spoiler ) and 20 studs in width 2 PF L-motors, one motor per tracks side PF IR-receiver V2 Standart BB Some more photos Instructions (photo sequence) available for download
  3. I'm wondering if 42006 has the right parts to build the 8043 B-model. I'm not including the PF and two missing LA's or the bucket in this assessment.
  4. An order from Lego came in today, and I equipped my 42006 with 8293 and put two L-motors controlling the treads. Remote Control will come later. My question is: If you turn a PF motor manually, will that damage it?
  5. Recently I had the idea that I can use the camera while building. I decided to make a video with pictures taken during the build. I used the Canon EOS 550D and EOS Utility. First I built 42011. I made about 450 photos. This is the result of this operation: Another set was 42006 Excavator. In this case, I made a 1450 photos. The mistake I made ​​was half the battery. In the film, if you can not see when I take out the battery and Stand the tripod. Photos were taken at night with a fluorescent lamp. A little strange being built with the knowledge that the picture is taken every 5 sec and you have to take your hands :). Significantly increases the time to build if you shoot images. Here is the result: I think to build all the sets in this way. For sure I have to build 42000 and 9396. Here a link to my YouTube channel: Sorry for spelling errors
  6. I recently combined an EV3 with a 42006 Excavator to make it fully remote controllabe. I put together a video of it in action: Here is a blog post I did on it with links to the instructions and EV3 code: It was a lot of fun but figuring out how to build a motor multiplexer small enough to fit in there was tough.
  7. Having seen uefchens kat cleaner, it got me wondering, have any of the resident geniuses on here managed to create any other grabs using the new 42006 claws, or have TLG designed the perfect one?... Your thoughts please :)
  8. Hello Lego Technic Fans I have recently completed this nice model. During construction I had the impression, that Lego is missing a piece: I did attach a picture to show what piece I mean. What do you think? ChrisLegix
  9. I bought the the 42004 backhoe and 42006 Material Handler while I was in town today. For the price (18 uk pounds) the backhoe has allot of useful parts including a medium sized excavator bucket,mini turntable and lots of liftarms.